2019-10-04 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA Shaun speaks about: Audio:  Mike Sledge Speaks Out On ‘White Man March’ Audio:  Recordings of Antifa faggot that acts like a pig Audio:  The Beast File_ Woolies and Coles (HUNGRY BEAST) Audio:  I want to go vegan again, but the vegans won’t tell me how to do it properly! Vegan […]

Kyle & Sinead of Renegade Beg For Money

Yes, that’s right Ladies and Gents, it was only a matter of time before Degenerade Broadcasting’s numbers plummeted and they started begging for shekels, due to their “Role Play” and “Final Fantasy” type themes.  This is EXACTLY what is taking place as we speak.  A few of us have been chatting about it in the […]