The Final Live Show On WTFR

The final show went well Ladies and Gents, but keep in mind, I (Shaun) was very much straight to the point and letting people have it with both barrels. The bullcrap that comes with alternative radio has lost us the battle at this point and we have to find other ways to deal with it […]


Hey Ladies and Gents. WTFR is shutting down.  I do regret to tell you this, but I have better things to do with my time than deal with White Divide and Conquer. The website will remain up and running for a pre-recorded Candour Hour each week and I will do the occasional TCTA here and […]

The Changing Face of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed

Preparation. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, is going to be changing face. After the latest shenanigans with Charlottesville, a light has been shone upon us as white nationalists that has made it extremely difficult to continue talking about race, Judaism, even religion to a certain degree. At least for some of […]

The Grand Chessboard – By Shaun Surplus

When you’re playing a game of chess ladies and gentlemen, you have to take a look at the whole board. For if you don’t, you’re going to miss a trap that has been set for you to fall in. As you move your knight into position, a lonely Bishop watches from a far. You didn’t […]

Doug Owen Joins WTFR As a Simulcast Show

Hey Ladies and Gents. As many of you know, my live radio adventures all started with Oracle Broadcasting.  Whilst I was actually doing a podcast back in the day, a Gentleman by the nickname of Super Dave heard one of my shows and contacted me about joining him on Oracle.  Super Dave was a part […]

WTFR Schedule

Live shows: TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus broadcasts on Friday night at 10 PM EST for the United States.  For Australia that means, Saturday afternoons at 12 PM unless daylight savings is in place. White Wellness w/ Tabitha broadcasts live at 8 PM EST American time, which is 10 AM Aussie time, unless daylight savings is […]