2020-05-02 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shauns speaks about:

  • Audio:  Mother let two girls out of car before driving into river with kids
  • Audio:  Mother, daughter charged in murder of five family members
  • Audio:  Mom Accused of Murdering Family Gives Bizarre Court Appearance, Smiles at Camera
  • Audio:  Missouri Mother, Daughter Killed Family Members with Anti-Freeze
  • Audio:  A reminder of how I (and you) should not need to be accepted
  • Audio:  A fantasy about living in the woods and become wholesome again
  • Audio:  The New Normal – If This Doesn’t Wake You Up Nothing Will

And much more as usual….


Shaun also speaks to Sinead McCarthy back in 2016 about child molestation and his personal experiences having grown up around it – Click here to listen

Colleen comments on YouTube – Click here to listen


2020-04-24 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • The hippies are keeping quiet at the moment because of fines that come from the evil mild wu-flu
  • Ladies should not shop says Jap Mayor because they take too long
  • Shaun played Barbies and one of his biker (zztop beard style) mates turned up – Not good
  • Comments are more hilarious than the articles when it comes to women shopping
  • Gab and Bitchute and other websites need to get their shit together – Possible controlled opposition
  • Suckdickerberg does/did not pay almost anything to run farcebook
  • Alternative networks begging for sheckles (mr. sheffield) that they do not need to run their radio stations – jew behaviour
  • Shaun always gets shot down by other networks because of what he calls the “magician theory”
  • The truth movement is no longer – We now live in the times of the sullied movement
  • Coloreds get to graduate whilst white people do not – Who are the real ‘prejudiced’ ?
  • You’re not a holohoax survivor so you don’t get money because of Covid-19 but jews do
  • Who was Lev Davidoshitz Bronstein and what part did he play in killing so many White Christians?
  • Where is the movie from jew spielberg when it comes to the deaths of the said Christians?
  • Police helicopter goes after three teens on a rooftop drinking and fine them for breaking Covid laws
  • As Rob was saying on the show recently, this is partly about breaking our spirit
  • Nobody will threaten our families over this bullshit, including our dogs and cats – Get the apple corer ready
  • Only girls that are girls should be able to compete in girls sports – WOT?  Say it ain’t so!!!
  • Boy and Girl Scouts mixing was nothing more nor less than the emasculation of the male species and turning girls into men
  • Covid-19 lethality nowhere as bad as once thought but yet people are still acting like the cowardly lion (we ain’t in Kansas no more Toto)
  • Did Shaun have Covid-19 back in September, given that now (((they))) are saying it started within that month?
  • Calls are cancelled and they ain’t coming back – You all had your chance

And much more…


2020-04-17 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Shaun speaks about wendythedeadhead
  • wendythedeadhead calls in after attempting to insult Shaun’s children in the chatroom
  • The CHINESE are considering buying Virgin Australia after Morrison government refused bail out _ Daily Mail Online
  • Jacinda Ardern is sued amid claims the New Zealand coronavirus lockdown is for political gain _ Daily Mail Online
  • Audio:  Paul Hogan and how things have changed due to feminism
  • Shaun then plays some of his drumming fun including with Bob his neighbour from a couple of years back

And much more as usual…


Shaun Joins Andy & Paul On The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 14 2020, Andy is joined by Paul English and Shaun Surplus for a show entitled, “Things I Trust More Than A Vaccine…”

We discussed: what is being injected to you in a vaccine; how different DNA’s can change your genome; how no amount of mercury in your body is safe; the Gardasil vaccine; the difference between medical academia and medical science; Mad Hatters Disease; the World Health Organization plan to remove family members with Coronavirus from their homes; vaccine pre-programming in the mainstream media; and many other topics.


Shaun’s notes:  I forgot to mention on the show that in the end, Polio ended due to quarantine, not vaccine.  When Polio came about, there was no such vaccine of course and it took a LOT longer to create a vaccine back then, compared to what it does now.  It was only when those affected were quarantined that Polio took a back seat.

Polio was actually transferred through feces.  So if you didn’t wash your hands and you handled a baby, the baby got it.

It’s very funny that history was somewhat rewritten when it comes to Polio, to suit the ‘population control’ agenda.  Most history on disease and vaccine HAS been rewritten.  Thanks to people like Bill Gates and our corrupt governments.

Also, I am often accused of being an “anti-vaxer”.  I’m happy to bare the title, just to entertain those that call me such, but I am not actually an anti-vaxxer.  I am a person that is happy for vaccines, IF THEY FUCKING WORK!  But they don’t.

As Dr. Rebecca Carley once said on her broadcast, “If you want to become immune to that particular flu strain, get sneezed on.”


Andrew’s Website

Paul’s Gab Page

Radio Gab Page

Shaun spoke the link wrong when it comes to chapter 2 of Eleanora McBean’s expose – Here is the correct link http://whale.to/vaccine/sf1.html


2020-04-10 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this 4 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks with Mallificus Sentius, in a pre-rec discussion about Covid and the silly, stupid, RIDICULOUS antics and actions of the lemmings and then moves on to speak about:

  • Landlord accuses bagel shop owner of ‘typical Jewish behaviour’ when she asks for rent break _ Daily Mail Online
  • Pushing World Corner
  • COVID to have a ‘second round’ impact on Aussies _ Daily Mercury
  • Audio:  Girl gets hammered by cops because she sat on a bench in the UK
  • Why Didn’t Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Children_ – US Politics and News
  • California county orders all residents to wear face coverings in public or face $1,000 fine _ Daily Mail Online
  • Mates fined $8k for backyard cricket _ Daily Mercury
  • RAI_O_SUNSHINE buys into the covid-19 fear porn
  • 600 people have died in Iran after drinking neat alcohol to ‘cure’ coronavirus _ Daily Mail Online
  • Masks Compulsory
  • Harris County moves forward with plan to release certain inmates from jail
  • ‘I’ll send you to the grave!’ Duterte orders police & military to SHOOT Covid-19 quarantine violators who ‘cause trouble’ — RT World News
  • Coronavirus travel restrictions announced across WA regions to restrict COVID-19 spread – ABC News
  • Facebook and Nextdoor are flooded with posts from people wanting to barter _ Daily Mail Online
  • Alabama and Massachusetts are giving the addresses of people diagnosed with coronavirus to POLICE _ Daily Mail Online
  • High consequence infectious diseases (HCID) – GOV.UK

And much more as usual…



It’s Time To Wake Up !!!

As you know I have been house searching Ladies and Gents, so I haven’t had a lot of time for live shows.  Or for many shows at all for that matter.  So I put this together for you today.

It’s a mild flu, nothing more nor less, but they were able to place you in a small box in a moments notice.  In the width of a bee’s arsehole.

I do respect all of you that have been by my side for all these years, but it’s about time we open our eyes.  You can call those of us that think for ourselves, “kooks” as much as you like but you can no longer disprove us or refute our information.  And I don’t give a fuck about what it is or where it came from, 5G or an alien virus from planet-X, I only care about what is relevant; how (((they))) are using it against us!

Run along now and wash your hands for the 1500’th time today, pussies.

Seriously, wake the fuck up!


Now for those of you that want to tell me to fuck off, because of my belief systems, due to what I have researched throughout my life, don’t bother.  Just don’t speak to me any longer.  I really don’t give a fuck…

Below is the full discussion on The Ripple Effect of a Cashless Society