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On this Friday the 13th edition of Live Wire, South Oz Man debuts:

//  Degenerates using our Sons and Daughters toilets being policy

//  Up and coming shows to look forward to on Live Wire

//  Friday the 13th and where it may have formed

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//  The creatures at the top of the pyramid such as the United Nations running the JWO

//  White men cannot indulge in chivalry very easily anymore

//  People being polluted by what they see on their televisions

//  The manipulation of the outlook toward white man

//  The Kalergi Plan and Practical Idealism

//  Fighting techniques for self defense

//  Birds of a feather flocking together

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South Oz Man takes the bible to pieces, so that people can know what the heck is really going on and why, in this world…

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**Excuse the 12 secs silence at the start of the file good Ladies and Gents**

On this edition of Live Wire, Oz man speaks further about contradictory and hypocritical bible verses…

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Today/Tonight South Oz Man talks more about the bible contradictions.  He then moves on to speak about some recent life stories.

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On this edition of Live Wire Oz and Crystal talk about how fluoridation and other chemicals in the water are affecting the brains of people world wide.  They also speak about the fact it can affect the education of children, where they once understood the constitution, but do not now.  Could this be a dumbing down?

Foods pumped up with antibiotics…

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On this edition of Live Wire, South Oz Man continues his talk on fluoridation.  A very important topic that people need to know.

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  • If we are going to fight for the moral high ground we need to act on it
  • Manus Island boy may have been molested by Afghan savage
  • Brisbane amputee cannot get disability pension in Australia
  • California gunman and shootings that may be hoaxes but may not

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