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  • John talks about the new network being a positive thing, just for being in existence.
  • He then goes on to talk about how words were put into his mouth on a previous network.
  • Beattie goes on to discuss, whilst some bombing attacks are indeed rigged, many are not, but the conspiracy movement seems to label everything a false flag.
  • Trump being unpredictable makes it hard to know where he is going to go.
  • Legal underground networks and people meeting

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//  The antifa cowards that pick on women and pensioner aged people

//  Motivating the good white people of Western Civilisation

//  Trump will be attacked by the communist Marxists

//  Being proud of your identity within the white race

//  Willing your property to trustable people

//  WTFR is out of Australia

//  Individual responsibility

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/  Trump has opened doors whether he is authentic or not

//  Storm Front radio making changes & TRS in question

//  WTFR is making history and can only grow further

//  Theresa May changing her tune since Trump

And more…

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  • Legal Underground Defense Units (LUDUS) for protection
  • Messages come in for Beattie in the comments area
  • Trump is doing what we need him to do
  • The Great American Wall is going up

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  • New chatters moving over to WTFR after previous network censorship
  • Using Trump to secure our Legal Underground Defense Units
  • Colored mobs being against Trump is a positive thing for us
  • Isolated people becoming active against invaders
  • Trump is on the front line taking the heat
  • We can do more in the “fight for white”
  • “Remember the Alamo”

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On this edition of Dinosaur News, the good Beattie boy discusses:

  • Many people slinging off at Trump, but he is doing the work of the pro-white
  • Problem with overpopulation, how non-whites are still out breeding whites
  • The importance of the chatters and how much info they contribute
  • The good things Trump has done just 19 days in his Presidency
  • Recognising young white patriots like Gadsden

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On this edition of Dinosaur News John invites Shaun (that’s me in the third person over there) to speak on his “Beattie Boy” meet ups.  Shaun is going out of his way to slowly get the numbers up of LUDUS (Legal Underground Defense Units) so that we can start making a stand.  It starts with 1, then 2, 3 and before you know it, it’s 300, but before any of that can happen, we need the good motivation of Beattie Boy and that’s exactly what we have here on WTFR…

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On this edition of Dinosaur News, Beattie Boy and Surplus speak about:

  • Blacks demand free tuition in Wisconsin
  • Islamaphobia laws coming to Canada
  • The conservative party riding the coattails of Donald Trump
  • Muslim students walk out of Aussie school whilst anthem is sung
  • Islamic children refuse to shake hands with lady teacher

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  • Klaus Fuchs jew sentenced to 14 years for atomic espionage (London) 1950
  • 1970  White government of Rhodesia declares independence from Britain (March 1st also)
  • Trump says threats against Jewish centres could be work of provocateurs, not anti-Semitism
  • After 60 years, street hockey will be legal in Hamilton again
  • Quebec City hospital to once again display controversial crucifix
  • Winning the war and the response coming from the masters of puppets

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  • Illegal immigrants soiling their underwear
  • Commander Rockwell’s 99th Birthday
  • Trump and the doors opened
  • White groups around the world
  • Unvaccinated children unattended

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  • A recap on Hooks the deceiving Liar with a capital L
  • Ed/Jerry Joins us to discuss his past and current work
  • A white girl is raped and slashed like a piece of trash
  • A win against the Trans-gender perverts
  • Saskatchewan wants to extend self defense to property

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  • Lunatic drives over people and kills police officer in possible effort to stifle coming Brexit date
  • “Asylum seekers” (illegal immigrants) being arrested on the borders at double the rate of 2016
  • The proverbial frog in the frying pan being cooked too fast is waking people up
  • A small debate about the Royal Family and possible statements made
  • 90 year old lady raped by 19 year old Moroccan born gang member
  • Street people living in the thick of it know more than their pollies

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  • BREXIT coming to pass on this 29th of March 2017
  • WTFR going to youtube thanks to Shield Maiden
  • Gadsden goes green but we don’t all have to agree
  • Ed/Jerry may be coming back to do a broadcast
  • John’s & Shaun’s towns and how they react
  • Family comes first and the rest are a bonus
  • Pot may be legal in Canada if they get around to it
  • Islamagressive people instead of Islamaphobia

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  • Canadian government looking to fight Internet crime streams
  • Youtube and fair use laws in brief – Referring to radio breaks
  • Israel and it’s role in the Middle East – John and Shaun debate
  • Bannon get’s the arse – Daily Stormer‘s Anglin believes not good
  • Gadsden’s hard work to improve his radio life paying off

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  • That terrible day in Waco – The Clinton government slaughters men, women & children
  • Trump and his position after the Syrian attacks
  • Mass immigration still being dealt with successfully
  • Refugees being smuggled into Canada by white SJW’s
  • LUDU’s getting active on the streets after organising
  • Christians in Sydney Australia being asked to hide crosses
  • Aussie Flags asked not to be flown in Cronulla after riots
  • WTFR now on John Beattie’s WIKI page
  • The youth don’t need to have a doctorate to attend protests
  • Housing with heavy drapes could be illegal immigrants
  • Nazi’s are not the evil people that they are made out to be
  • Titles/names are important from a certain standpoint

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  • The mainstream media’s bias and prejudice toward the good looking (the same media that says we should not be prejudice)
  • The different shows that cater to all here on WTFR
  • Gadsden is one of will power unlike so many others
  • Trump speaks about holocaust memorial day
  • Large variant people human trafficking
  • Baby Boomer’s and their role in our destruction

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  • The flu and the flu vaccine
  • The Boomer show took off
  • LGBTQ Refugees let off the hook
  • Taxes and Gadsdens greed
  • Whites – Irish – British – Heritage

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