2019-12-01 Edition of Tabi’s Tidbits w/ Tabitha

On this edition of Tabi’s Tidbits, Tabitha reads an article that dates back to 1929, written by Lord Birkenhead, called ‘Save This for Your Children’s Children’.  This is more than well worth a listen. 

Not only does Tabitha enlighten you to what cosmopolitan magazine has now become, but she reads about predictions that would come to light.

You can really hear how cosmopolitan magazine has become absolute horse manure compared to what it once was, but baring in mind  that this article was more than likely written as a blue print.  Just as karl marx (note the low caps) more then likely wrote the communist manifesto as a blue print for the (((powers that be))) pen for hire or not.

Keep an eye out for more of Tabi’s Tidbits but in the meantime, have a listen!




2019-11-29 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:  It’s just one of those shows you have to listen to because of it’s anger.

Ladies, you might want to take a back seat if your constitution is weakened by hearing about Babies dying.  It needs to be spoken about though.


frizzy nigger kills Baby Girl – Rest in Peace Darlin.

2019-11-28 Edition of NWPCU w/ Mike Sledge

**  DISCLAIMER  DISCLAIMER  **  Shaun screwed up and said “Michael Moore” instead of “John Moore”.  His bad.  **  DISCLAIMER over and out!  **

On this edition of News White People Can Use, Mike speaks about:

  • Turkey day and Jive Turkey was a must
  • Ralph Lifshitz changes his name to Ralph Loren
  • After Walt Disney the Seven Dwarf kikes tempted Snow White
  • Debbie Givesome (Gibbson) is a sellout
  • Even Tomahawks are made in China, just like our country flags
  • Audio:  Woman shoots at KFC drive thru because she didn’t get a spork
  • Indians scalp people as the savages they are but people believe they are great  (Shauns notes:  Just like the abbo fucks here)
  • Slaves and where they all came from – You will be very surprised’
  • Weaponised Immigration that comes out of the kike movement to break down Western Civilisation
  • A niggah calls in to Mikes show and has some Turkey love
  • Life is about good times, good Friends, good Family etc.  (Condolences to Mike for his Mother and Father)



2019-11-26 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • The traditional feast when it comes to Thanks Giving dating back to the 17th century
  • The break down of the nuclear family – Could be seeding some kind of discord
  • Tabs talks about food – Food is a good thing to bring people together as well – “A social glue”
  • 1900:  Rice, jelly meat and Veal – 3 Lavish meals a day
  • 1933:  As the decades go by, more use of these processed foods come about
  • Breakfast through the times of America – Get the good quality stuff – Go back in time

  • Deceased Swedes have their savings used to fund tranny story hour for kids
  • San Francisco DA allows homeless and prostitutes to urinate in the streets
  • Tranny burgers are being used to target the White working class
  • Tricking Springs dairy abruptly closes
  • Vegan kill cult part 2 (audio)
  • Food from the first Thanksgiving feast
  • A history of American breakfast 1900-present
  • California bill passed to protect faggots and pedophiles
  • Why charcoal toothpaste is a poor choice
  • The racial crisis in America

An Oldy But A Goldy 2017-01-15

Hey there Ladies and Gents.

Not long after I left rengrenade, I created what was called the Drama Corner to answer to some of the accusations made about me.  Usually accusations by tinea, but in some cases, their arse lickers such as anthony knobbits.

At the time, tinea’s boyfriend (they are not legally married because a jew cannot marry a goy) bile started a rumour that I never bought any content to the table, so of course, their died in the wool bum tongue’rs decided to use that as fodder against me even though I had bought PLENTY of content to the table way before bile had even thought of broadcasting.  bile (note the lower capital letter) didn’t start broadcasting until Oracle and even then he came in late compared to me.  I was broadcasting in 2003 and then started with Oracle in 2008.

Here is an old audio clip I recorded back in 2017, soon after quitting amberade broadcasting.




Tinea Stuffs Up And Again Goes Sock Puppet

Tinea (Sinead McCarthy) Stuffs Up And Again Goes Sock Puppet Mode To Suit Her Multiple Personality Disorder…



I’ve been chosen as the “personal favorite.”

“Call in!” “Call in!!!” – Spoken in the imperative. Equivalent to: “Jump through hoop!” Jump through hoop!!!”

I don’t respond well to commands, and find myself needing to be accountable to no one but myself, for in that I am hard-pressed to do the right thing. Also asserting my right to privacy. None know all the deeds of another, be it their failures or their victories, or their activism beyond commenting. I read coercion as a toxic stew feigning encouragement.

Ad homs: Often born of frustration and usually the refuge of the intellectually bankrupt. Fight with facts and beg me not to take advantage of your weaknesses.

Seems it’s up to each to find his or her own way forward. Good dramas will breed perpetual sequels. Is there any alive who are without dirty laundry? I think not. So I will attempt to rescue myself from this battle, employ mental Aikido. When punch comes, I will try not to be there for it, but if I am not able to avoid it, I will use its impact to propel myself into a defensive move, and try to come out unscathed from all the blows and slings and arrows launched from insatiable revenge.

But more than that, is owning that I do not believe anyone here (on either continent) is inherently evil but are rather coming from a place of needing to distribute his or her truth. Mistakes were certainly made, but they do not need to be the compelling point to sell the necessity of staying in the ring beyond 12 rounds, that is, of course, unless one is gettin’ off on torture that is not overridden by one’s need to put one’s time and energy into efforts that address the urgency of life today and its many challenges, warnings, stresses, vulnerabilities, THWARTED POTENTIAL.

I certainly feel done with the tug-of-war, and can only hope I will resist all urges within myself to comment further on it. Crazy and New-Age as this may sound, I’m gonna try to see the good in all concerned and receive what I can from what they offer of value. None is without value.

And then!


Surplus (<-a fake name), has given so many ”sock puppet” names to Sinead. He changes the name he gives her every week! LOL
All of his accusations, he himself is guilty of!
The amount of projecting this guy does is 10/10.

Who in their right mind would call in to talk to someone so vile and obnoxious, who they already disagree with?
What would be the point? It’s obvious he would just lose his marbles, either mute or straight up hang up on you when confronted with any of the 6 million issues someone can have with him.
I find no value in listening to degenerates on air, other than just using the information to become more alert and aware of their tactics, witness just how low things can go, and file the experience away for later when the lesson’s learned via witnessing can be put to use for good, or preventative measures.

All anyone has to do is listen to him and draw their own conclusions, the guy is not only noxious, but psychotic.
When I listen to him (which is never more than 10 minutes, 30 max) I can’t help shake the impression that this is what unresolved childhood trauma sounds like, possibly on meth, in an effort to cover up the pain.
He did come out and address my concern, but I can’t say I find a two minute chuckle fest explanation very convincing.

For the record, I don’t mean to create a conspiracy, or use the idea of Shaun being on meth as an ‘ad hom’ attack, I just can’t deny my observations when listening to former meth addicts describe their behaviors while on the drug.
When I hear what little I do of his broadcast’s, the way he describes his lifestyle and patterns, and just his general character on the show, it reminds me of the addict.

It doesn’t matter either way, since it’s pretty clear where the Men and the boys stand (proverbially speaking).

P.S. Kyle you need to invest in a new dryer, one that does not eat so many single socks. This way, Sinead will have more time to spend where she belongs, in the kitchen(!!!), instead of fabricating all of these sock puppets for children’s theater.

Bare in mind people, a nickname is not a sock puppet name.  A sock puppet name is one that is used to deceive people into thinking you are somebody else.  A nickname is something used to label somebody, but everybody knows who you are.  Big difference.  Tinea fucked up when she was writing as amber.  She was trying to make it look like a sock puppet name, but everybody knows who Surplus is.

Dumb bitch!



2019-11-22 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Audio:  Australia’s aborigines fall through the cracks – 21 Nov 2008
  • Audio:  Australian Aborigines Ravaged By Alcohol
  • Shaun is apparently a Meth Addict and Tabs is funded big time
  • Mike Sledge calls in and talks with Shaun about the “other” network
  • Grenade (Tinea) is outed by one of her pet antifa

And much more…