2020-02-28 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about many things whilst he was drinking Vodka.  That’s all kinds of fun, so enjoy.

We didn’t get to all the articles we wanted to but it was damned fun to call the shitters out for what they are.

  • Shaun was arrested yet again
  • The dirty fucking rothschilds
  • Report_ Mansplaining Down But Woman Confusion Up _ The Babylon Bee
  • Rapper Brags On Social Media About All His Money, Accidentally Shows Address, Gets Home Invaded And Murdered Hours Later
  • Christian Pedophile Who Abused 200 Children Stabbed To Death In Prison
  • Teacher of the year suspended for showing students a picture of her fiancée wins $100,000 settlement – CNN
  • Trump has done nothing for America and Lindsey Irate wants him to be his daddy
  • Audio: dirty damon and his real voice
  • Audio:  Nigger paint

And much more as usual….


Pop Smoke or Cock Smoke?

David Carne – AKA dirty damon AKA major hank that cranks dicks

White Pages Info On David Carne (The man that likes to bring peoples children into arguments as an attack)

This Is Most Of My Home Town – Affairs

This is most of my hometown.

I had a disgusting shit bag yesterday telling me of how people around here have low morals, yet he himself has lower morals than a gutter slug.  He uses women for sex and has affairs wherever he can.  I won’t use his name just yet, because some of my friends are associates of his, but you get the idea of what people have become today.

Check out this part of ‘The Last Boy Scout’ and it explains him as the prick hiding in the closet.  Yet, he calls ME the “fuck head”.  I’m not the one having affairs.  In fact, his words were “you’re a fuck head because you don’t have an affair.  That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend.”  Little does he know, that I indeed have a girlfriend and I would never have an affair on her.

This is the state of my current town.  And this is why I am leaving it.  Total scumbags everywhere.  I’ve never come across such a disgusting town and I have lived over most of Australia at one time or another.  The suburb I lived in, in Melbourne was better than this foul place.

It seems having affairs, (both men and women) is the new norm in this day and age.  No wonder there has been an explosion when it comes to STD’s.

80’s Music Stars – Then & Now & Shaun’s Comments

Yep Ladies and Gents.  I found this video on youtube and I commented accordingly.  But jewtube didn’t allow my comments to remain, so it was lucky I copy and pasted the said comments before they had time to delete them.

The comments are very deliberately vulgar, so discretion is advised.  Vulgar people deserve vulgar comments.

Comments are below the video.


Jon Bon Gayvi looked like a faggot back then and still does now.

Madonna always looked like a disgusting skank.

Billy “I wouldn’t” Idol was a one hit wonder.

I loved Guns’N’Roses, but Axl turned into a fat bloated pig that needs makeup.

Elton John is a filthy cum swallowing faggot and NEVER looked good.

Boy George swallowed more cum than Elton John. In fact I think Boy George probably swallowed some of Eltons Cum!

Sting has a fucked up name but he aged pretty well. I hope I age that well. Even though I’m already bald.

Phil Collins was balding before he came out of the womb and he turned into a white gorilla.

Bonnie Tyler got gorgeous when she was older. I would have tapped that. When she was young though, she had hair that would RAPE you!

Bono was always gross. You women that had sex with that thing, indulged in bestiality.

Although I enjoyed the Eurythmics music, those two blokes I am sure were homosexuals. Oh WOT? One of them was a woman? You’re fucking kidding me!

David Bowie was a pin headed faggot and had the looks of a stick man.

Sinead O’Connor looks like Sinead McCarthy. It really is a “WOT THE FUCK IS THAT?” situation.

Gloria Estefan reminds me of the ugly kike that played ‘Baby’ in Dirty Dancing. I wouldn’t fuck that with my enemies dick.

I don’t know who Mick Hucknall is, but it looks like something that it’s mother kicked in the face at birth because it was so ugly.

Rick Astley was sucking Elton off whilst Boy George was sucking Astley off. It was a cum swallow fest. That was their claim to fame. Cum gurgling. Astley looks like one of the Baldwin boys as he got older, so I deem Alex Baldwin a cum gurgler.

Who can refute Ozzy Osbourne? He was a chick magnet.

Cindy Lauper deserved the ‘Slut of the Year’ award. Every year since she was a teen. If you hump Cyndi, it’s guaranteed your dick will fall off and you will have 6 million diseases to come with it.

Really? You included George Michael in this shit? If that’s not a faggoty face, I don’t know what is!

Eddie Van Halen. What kind of name is that? And what’s with that nose? It looks like an Aussie nigger nose! Somebody must have ran his face over with a truck! I must admit though, he does look a little like Tim Robins these days. Besides the nigger nose.

Kim Wilde had nice lips and an OK face. She did not age well however, unless you like prunes.

Rod Stewart always looked like an elderly woman.

OMFG! I use to have a crush on you when I was teenager Samantha and now you’re a fat, fat, fuckin fatty! WTF?! I use to masturbate nightly over you! WOT HAVE YOU DONE?

Janet Jackson – HALF NIGGER! She doesn’t even have the vaginal fortitude to be a full blooded nigger.

Bruce Springsteen is a one hit wonder kike.

Ricky Martin? You included Ricky Martin in this Top Raccoon? I’m starting to think that YOU are a cum gurgler!

Bryan Adams, another one hit wonder that thought he could use his hair to remain young. It’s gross. That hair should be hunted down and scalped, if it becomes legal to do so of course. Seriously, he looks like a skunk with too much moose.

I’d put a bet on Lionel Richie at the horse races, because he really does look like a horse.

Little needs to be said about Mick Jagger. His ultrasound photos showed how ugly he would be.

Paul McCartney starred in Lord of the Rings. His name was Smeagle.

Prince. Thank fuck that thing is dead. Terrible singer and the face of a gutter slug! Not to mention another cum gurgler. He was gurgling Eltons cum, Boy George was gurgling Rick Astleys cum, Rick Astley was swallowing David Bowies cum and the wheels on the cum go round and round.

Who the fuck are Hall and Otes? And how did the nigger become whiter in age?

Susanna Hoffs looks like a kike that was shit out of Israhells arse!

Bananarama are dressed like a bunch of jewess kike slags on the left and look like a bunch of bleach blonde haired bimbos on the right. Not single intelligent thought in their stupid heads. Hang them upside down and shake them and all that will fall out is idiocracy.

OMG! OMFG! I’ve gotta get outta here for a moment to wash my eyes, with bleach! OK, I’m back. For the love of christ, Tina Turner has to be the ugliest chimpanzee I have ever seen! God awful!

Paula Abdul looks like that kike called Sandra Bullock. But how was she even included here? She was and still is, a nobody!

Michael Jackon. 😐

Joan Jett looks like that little cum gurgling punk faggot out of Green Day. Billie “cum gurgling faggot” Armstrong. I beg to differ. I’m betting his real name is Billie “cum gurgling faggot” Armweak.

Knopfler was a shitty guitar player and has an even uglier head. One of my kids once seen him on TV and said he looked like Mr. Potatoe Head.

Steven Tyler. How in fucks name did he create something as beautiful as Liv Tyler? Seriously! That girl was begging for my penis as soon as I hit puberty and I just didn’t see the signs god dammit! We could have had beautiful babies together!

Marie Frediksson always looked like a feminist dyke. Didn’t mind some of the music by Roxette as a teen but she was never something I would have sex with. I think you’d have to lift the balls to get in.

Belinda Carlisle was always a crush of mine and given that she did some heavy duty drug abuse, she’s kept her looks up pretty well, so I will cut her some slack.

Chaka Khan. Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! WOT THE FUCK?

Tears for Fears look like something out of the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds. And everybody in that movie were FUCKING UGLY!

I met Olivia in an elevator once. She was a lovely person in every way at the time. So I can’t say anything bad about her.

Debbie Gibson. I didn’t meet her personally but a friend of mine from a town called Balldale did. He said that she was mighty nice. She looks OK too.

Richard Marx was a one album wonder. Besides Hazard which resuscitated him for a small time. He’s aged pretty well but looks like the vampire out of the original movie Fright Night.

Adam Ant. Who and WOT the fuck?

Ray Parker nigger.

Who the fuck is Rick Springfield?

Who the fuck is Corey Hart?

Nobody can refute the music of the Great Stevie Nicks. But unfortunately, now she looks like one of those ventriloquist puppets and with that weird smile on her face, it indeed looks like somebody has their hand up her arse!

Peter who?

Simon Le Gone?

Debbie Harry. Blondie. Never had anything against her. She was adopted and raise in New jewsy. (Jersey) Did some OK stuff, but as she got older, she formed the head of a basset hound.

Lars Ulbitch is a disgusting kabbahlist just like Madonna that would eat a baby over a sacrifice in a heart beats notice. This little bitch needs his face kicked in so that we can wipe the ugly of his head to replace it with MEGA UGLY!

Never heard of Johnny Marr.

Never heard of Morrissey.

Never heard of Annabella Lwin.

David Lee Roth is probably one of the ugliest aged prunes I’ve ever seen. He looked like a faggot little bitch when he was younger too. More than likely another cum gurgler. He was gurgling Eltons cum, Boy George was gurgling Rick Astleys cum, Rick Astley was swallowing David Bowies, David Bowie was gurglings Roths cum and the wheels on the cum go round and round.

Pat Benatar was pretty awesome, but now she looks like an old version of Kelly Osbourne.

Who’s John Taylor?

Who and WOT is Sheila E? That thing looks like it hit every branch of the UGLY tree when it fell! Seriously! That is one ugly fuckin thing!

Who’s Natalie Merchant?

The End.

KFC Stacker Not So Stacked

Yep Ladies and Gents.  The KFC Stacker ad didn’t go as well as planned.  Have a listen and then have a look at the video and the likes and dislikes in the picture below.

Oh and by the way, how quaint that they have disabled the comments area.  Hahahahahahah!  I wonder why?

Disgusting!  Bestiality all the way in this grandstand.  I hope her father slaps her face for doing this ad.


2019-10-22 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

** DISCLAIMER —  We had a couple of technical difficulties during this broadcast but other than that, everything else went smoothly **

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about great range of things such as:

  • A butcher deals in meat that is so called progressive but the people eating it look ill
  • Audio:  People refer to themselves as vegans for (((trend))) reasons
  • Foods need to be used properly — What energy is in foods —  Categories are not always necessary
  • Audio:  Ethical veganism and what it means —  There is no logical conversation with these people
  • Vaccines being promoted around every corner — Attractive women selling the idea — Sex sells
  • Different herbs that can help you during this time of year in America
  • The Ayurvedic medical system and it’s constitutions
  • The ills that can come from eating vegetables alone
  • All of these things that go against nature are big time talmudic

And much more!


2019-07-20 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

Part II of yesterdays broadcast…

** DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER – Although this show has some fun within, there is quite a bit of personal doom and gloom also, so you decide if you want to listen or not – DISCLAIMER over and out! **

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about gutless parents that have no intention of looking after their children, even after their child has been violated!  Disgusting to say the least!  He then moves on to a couple of articles in amidst doing a music show.  John Percent joins him.


2019-07-19 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • 1950 Vs 2019
  • Perversion in schools these days and how parents need to parent again
  • Audio:  Student ejected for telling professor there are only 2 genders
  • Audio:  Disney making The Little Mermaid black
  • Student kicked out of class for saying there are only two genders  _ Daily Mail Online
  • IVF “nigger” babies may soon be compulsory through ‘racial hatred’ laws

And there will be more tomorrow as a part II to this show Ladies and Gents.  I was not able to stick around for as long as I wanted to today/tonight.