Jacko’s Lantern – Episode 7 w/ Jacko

On this edition of Jacko’s Lantern, Jacko speaks about:

  • Be a slave – Same thing everyday and we allow our radios to tell us how to think
  • Our foundations have become rotted and destroyed – We need to hack our lives
  • An article states that kids look to be vaccinated – Pure propaganda
  • Living fake lives all the way down to screwing at a reptile brain level – Break the Fake
  • Food has less nutrition these days due to raped soil – Super Super Magic Soil is needed
  • Capitalism is not what we have been told – State sanctioned usury – Video Jacko speaks of
  • Incorporate good food and just improving your life in general into your daily being
  • We are told Ancestral concepts are being attacked and you must understand you are just an idea
  • Who has achieved good habits and what have YOU achieved to incorporate good habits
  • Fear, rants, donations etc, has never helped you – You need to do something for you
  • “What can you actually achieve?  Figure it out and get busy!”
  • We have been living in a police state for long time – It’s already here
  • White Nationalists, what is it you want?  Inheritance or conquest?
  • We have to come together – We have to figure out how to trust each other

And much more!



Big Tough Man – Fuck the Police

A young girl now has a black eye after she was punched in the face by a random man as she cycled home from school. Tia Gash, 9, was left in tears when the man attacked her from behind, knocking her earring out with the force of the punch. Her school condemned the attack and said it was ‘extremely worrying’ as Tia’s family said they hoped the man would by found by police.


Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/31/schoolgirl-punched-face-stranger-cycling-home-school-9073060/?ito=cbshare

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Big tough man huh?  Punching a little girl.  Why don’t you try and pick on me!  You fucking low life!

Ladies and Gents.  This world is in a downward spiral.  When a little girl can be punched in the face whilst she rides home from school, by some random low life third world piece of crap, we know that shit has already hit the fan.  It’s now time to take matters into our own hands.

I’m sick and tired of hearing that the police will protect us and our families when they are doing the totally opposite.  Oh sure, they are quick to pick somebody like me up for using a firearm to protect myself and my kids.  Oh sure they are quick to pick me up for hate speech when I talk truth about those cruds called Abbo’s, Muslims and fucking Jews…  But how much is the bet that they will either spend very little time looking for the cretin that punched the little girl, just as they spent very little time looking for the piece of crap that tried kidnapping my Daughter in Lavington/Albury.  And if they DO pick these pieces of shit up, they will be taken into protective custody.

Enough is enough!  We need people to come forward and describe the piece of shit that hit this little girl in the face and when we find him ourselves, we track him down, we drag him out on the street and we beat the absolute cunt out of him!!!


When the police start protecting the criminals and arresting the innocent, they are then rendered useless to the public and their families.  Our governments do nothing, our local councils do nothing and the so called POLICE do nothing.  We can no longer rely on these people.  They are as good as an accomplice to the criminal themselves.  They pick them up, they protect them, they house them in prison for a year and then let them out to do even worse.  What’s it going to take?  A little girl getting beaten and raped next before the cops do anything?  Oh, that’s right, that happens every day now and the criminal AGAIN gets protected.

NO MORE!  It’s time the people take matters into their own hands.  And just as prohibition created death and destruction within society, so to will the cops that have done not a fucking thing for the innocent, but everything to protect the criminal that beats up our little girls.  We will drag these pieces of shit out on the street and we will do what needs to be done!

Fuck you governments that have created a pussy police force.  Fuck you councils that have bolstered political correctness.  And fuck anybody else, that tells us we cannot protect our families!  Get in the way of me protecting my family and see what happens!!!  We the people will be our own police from here on in.

A word out to the pieces of shit that like to hit little girls.  We will track you down and when we do, your last moments WILL be begging for forgiveness, but not before we make you know what street level plastic surgery entails.  You fucking low life!  You’re done!!!


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-03-22

On this 4 hr edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Shaun speaks with Fredrick C. Blackburn in the first 2 hours….
  • GUN CONTROL – Bruce Willis, Ice T, Sandy Hook victim, Venteran, speak up
  • Kurt Russel on Guns Control – I’ve played this a lot, but it still makes sense
  • STEVEN SEAGAL On Gun Rights! Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

And much more…


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-03-08

On this 4hr edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Bikers-In-Town
  • Ben Daglish – Wikipedia
  • Indians-Taking-Over
  • YouTube-Clip-About-People-About-To-Die
  • Filthy Kike Zuckerberg putting phone numbers out
  • Anger over Facebook’s use of personal phone numbers Download This Show
  • Husband hacks ‘rapist’ to death in South Africa after catching him ‘attacking his pregnant wife’ _ Daily Snail Online
  • Milo-Government-Backs-Down
  • Rose McGowan on #MeToo and how women caused a ‘cultural reset’ The World
  • Primary school AXES anti-homophobia lessons after protests from Muslim parents _ Daily Mail Online
  • House Democrats plan vote to condemn anti-Semitism after Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s latest ‘slur’ _ Daily Snail Online
  • Worst ever immigration minister_ Asylum seekers jet in under Dutton’s nose
  • Why Australia keeps changing prime ministers Politics Explained
  • WA Parliament turns away from Indigenous youth suicide, despite coroner’s urgent plea – ABC News (Australian Bullshit Corporation)
  • Police fury after thug, 18, avoids jail despite being caught carrying a ‘fearsome’ knife _ Daily Snail Online
  • ‘One gun in the hands of every eighth person’_ Number of registered guns in NSW reaches milestone
  • Shaun- whoolisblog.chatango.com & “white boys”
  • The lowdown on the US government shutdown What’s Going On
  • Some music to finish off your day…

And much more as usual…



TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-02-22

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Every-One-Is-A-Fed-Co-Intel
  • Facebook may start removing anti-vaxx posts _ Daily Mail Online
  • Over a Million Children Under the Age of Six Are Taking Psychiatric Drugs in America
  • pedophocracy – Wiktionary
  • Pensioner faces charges for turning Belgium home into the Fuhrer’s Eagle Nest with Nazi banners _ Daily Mail Online
  • Highest crime rates, yet we feed our criminals KFC _ South Africa Today
  • Australian firefighter Troy Thornton dies after lethal injection in Swiss clinic

And much more as usual…





TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-01-11

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Chinese personal shoppers claim ‘biased’ media reports have exposed them to abuse – ABC News (Australian Bullshit Corporation)
  • Boyfriend sets up romantic dinner for his girlfriend at KFC _ Daily Mail Online
  • People who tell us to put our bike helmets on need to just GET FUCKIN FUCKED!  Mind your fucking business!
  • St Kilda Beach far-right rally draws hundreds of Melbourne police, rival protesters – ABC News (Australian Bullshit Corporation)
  • Leftists-Whooli’s Blog
  • Is cash going extinct_ Companies turning backs on notes and coins _ Daily Mail Online
  • The Transgender Agenda – Uncensored Magazine (Thanks to John in NYC for sending some information and clips on this subject)

And much more as usual…





TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-01-04

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Far-right activists accused of ‘deliberately provoking’ young men at St Kilda Beach – ABC News (Australian Bullshit Corporation)
  • Mom Says 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son. _ Daily Wire
  • Liberalism Bankrupts the Boy Scouts – The American Spectator
  • National Action couple who named their baby ‘Adolf’ are jailed _ Daily Fail Online
  • The Michelle Obama Transgender Guide (Paperback) – Walfart
  • A couple of emails are read out, including one about Degenerade Broadcasting
  • Shaun speaks about the current events over at St.Kilda Beach

And much more as usual….