2019-07-26 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about a lot of things.  The show will speak for itself.  Including where he comments on Alison Chabloz’ latest message to the public about her plight.  Not to mention the positive outcome when it comes to what has been taking place with his Daughter.



Alison Chabloz link above…

2019-07-20 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

Part II of yesterdays broadcast…

** DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER – Although this show has some fun within, there is quite a bit of personal doom and gloom also, so you decide if you want to listen or not – DISCLAIMER over and out! **

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about gutless parents that have no intention of looking after their children, even after their child has been violated!  Disgusting to say the least!  He then moves on to a couple of articles in amidst doing a music show.  John Percent joins him.


2019-07-19 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • 1950 Vs 2019
  • Perversion in schools these days and how parents need to parent again
  • Audio:  Student ejected for telling professor there are only 2 genders
  • Audio:  Disney making The Little Mermaid black
  • Student kicked out of class for saying there are only two genders  _ Daily Mail Online
  • IVF “nigger” babies may soon be compulsory through ‘racial hatred’ laws

And there will be more tomorrow as a part II to this show Ladies and Gents.  I was not able to stick around for as long as I wanted to today/tonight.



2019-07-12 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Audio:  Steak is for Taxpayers
  • Audio:  WHERE ALL THE GOOD MEN WENT Redonkulas.com
  • ‘Flash mob’ of 60 teens loot, damage Pa. Walgreens_ ‘Totally unacceptable’ – pennlive.com
  • Audio:  Something is Wrong with MSNBC 😆
  • Cockroaches are becoming ‘nearly impossible’ to kill
  • Homeowner with AR-15 Repels Four Armed Intrusion Suspects, Killing Two

And much more as usual…



2019-07-05 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun Speaks about:

  • Dick head writes in comments section about how Petrol Sniffing has nothing to do with race/IQ
  • In Alice Springs, glue is the new petrol
  • Muslim Migrant Horrified to Discover He Accidentally Ate Pork For First Time
  • Less than half of US children under 15 are white, census shows
  • Mattel launches a black Barbie in a wheelchair _ Metro News
  • Dalai Lama Criticizes Mass Migration, Says “Keep Europe for Europeans” – Summit News
  • Audio:  White DNA Is An Abomination – Red Ice
  • Audio:  Gay Fighters
  • Child Drag Queen’s Mother Worries About Pedophiles Being Attracted to her Son
  • Living on Aboriginal reserves and stations _ NSW Environment & Heritage

And much more as usual…


We Are All Equal

Yes, yes.  We are all equal Ladies and Gentlemen.  Just ask some of the Boomer cock sucking professional offendees that we now see, within the movement.  (Or what I call the bowel movement these days)  Apparently race and IQ have NOTHING to do with it, when we see bad behaviour coming from the groids.  NOTHING I tell ya.  It’s all because there is NOTHING available to these poor groids.  Well wait a minute.  What’s this?

Oh ignore the fact that these children humping each other have MUCH better clothes than my mother could even come close to affording when I was a child.  I mean look at those shoes, jeans and shirts.  Yeah I can see how impoverished these children are for sure.

This is just one instance out of literally hundreds I can show people and then I am sure they will say, “yeah but the government welfare is why they could afford those clothes. It’s not because they have money.” Exactly and this is because the lazy arse sheboons that pop these niglets out, one after the other, won’t get off their ghetto onions long enough to get even the most basic of jobs.  Even though they have affirmative action to back them up.  Why?  I mean wouldn’t you take advantage of such things?  Oh that’s right, you’d have to have an IQ that would allow those thoughts to come into your mind.  You’d have to have at least some intelligence to understand such benefits that are dealt from affirmative action.  Hell, you’d first have to know how to spell affirmative action.

You see, it matters not to me a single fucking iota, whether or not that these kids are so called poor.  (They wouldn’t know the meaning of the word.)  Every walk of life has it’s ‘poordom” if you will.  But, whether it be that you’ve seen the world with your own eyes or that you have added the statistics up over many years and watched on from the outside in, it’s always the same.  Per-capita it’s always the usual suspects.  It’s ALWAYS those with lower intelligence.  And for those of you with 3 quarters the mental capacity of a white man, it’s easy to see that those lower intelligence type humanoids most commonly come from “other races”.  But hey, it has nothing to do with race and IQ!  Because a Boomer cock twit told me so.  (more than likely a filthy kike)

You see, in poor white neighbourhoods, (of which I lived in on and off in my life) I never once seen groups of white children pretending to fuck each other as we see above.  I’ve never heard from poor white people anywhere in fact that witnessed such things in poor white communities.  Could it be that black people (North American Yard Ape or Aboriginals) are in fact different and are of more an ancient tribal mentality, hence why they act in such strange and disgusting ways?  Hmmmm.

It could be argued that this behaviour was embedded in them when blacks were first bought to America as slaves, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Black Africans, including black South Africans were like this before they came here and are like this today in the same countries, having never left their shores.  We can use what is taking place over in Sudan Darfur for a good example.

I helped Ed Lyon’s of the Persecution Project Foundation, (PPF) back when I was on Oracle and Orion and Ed explained (whilst he was on ground in SA) that the Janjaweed (devils on horseback) are continuously raping, maiming, pillaging their own SA villages.  Ed also told of how these backward peoples do not know how to create water wells themselves so this is why PPF are over there, creating wells for them.  Even AFTER these humanoids have been educated on how to create their own wells, they often still don’t get it.  Non comprende.

Some races Ladies and Gents, just don’t have what it takes to possess intelligence and that’s a fact.  To this day, there are races out there that have only the knowledge on how to create leaky mud huts and it has nothing to do with whitey keeping him down, because often whitey has had no contact with many of these peoples.  It also has nothing to do with being poor, because a lot of these races simply don’t even have a currency.

Some years ago, I was asked to do a talk on the 4th world.  Many people understand the first 3 worlds, 1st world nations, 2nd world nations and 3rd worlders, but what they don’t realise is that there is a 4th world.  So I did a talk about that 4th world and most people had no idea it existed.

The 4th world is made up of those humanoids that have not been touched by the outside world.  Black savage tribes that abhor at the sight of us and our technologies.  You can fly over these humanoids with a helicopter and they react either violently or with awe, as if you were a God.  These peoples are of the 4th world.  The 3rd world has at least some form of ‘civilisation’, but these do not.

Some people may look at the picture here and ponder.  Are they poor?  Are they wealthy?  Well, they are neither in the sense that they have no form of currency.  They all work together as a tribe to survive and don’t think anything of it.  It’s just what they do.  They don’t have the intelligence to understand currency and nor is it needed.  But on the other hand, as far as they are concerned, they are rich.  There is no white man there to put the 4th world peoples down and keep them down, so we can’t blame that.  There is no currency or economy to compete with, so we can’t blame that.  No, they just are.  And in their eyes, they are rich with food and rags and straw huts.  So the question is.  Are they living this oh so feral way, because whitey made them poor?  If you said yes, that will be your little secret.

You know, somebody recently said to me in the comments area, that Abbo’s are better off dead after I had said they need to be on their own reserves (and don’t worry I will be visiting this topic this week on the broadcast) but in all honesty, those that are not joining these reserves, need to be slaves.  That’s the only time the black races ever behaved themselves.  They were fed, clothed and looked after to a degree and in return they picked cotton.  The Abbo’s weren’t necessarily cotton pickers over here, but they were used in other ways to repay what white man was doing for their children at the time.  They were often put to work on the railway tracks and such.

So the next time somebody wants to tell you that it has NOTHING to do with Race or IQ or Intelligence, tell them to open their fucking eyes.  Or better still, tell them to get a fucking brain.

Will see you show side on Friday 5th at 10 PM eastern time which is 12 PM Saturday afternoon here in Australia.

Stay well.


Chancellor Merkel Shakes like a Tickle Me Elmo

It was very pleasing to me to see Chancellor Merkel shake vigourously like a tickle me Elmo. She claimed that it was dehydration. Well, I’ve been dehydrated and I didn’t even come close to shaking like that.

This fat jelly doughnut eating kike, has totally destroyed Germany. Somebody probably wrote to her and said that during the event there may be an assassination attempt. If I was told that knowing that I had to turn up to a similar event, I’d be shaking too.

In any case it was very pleasing to me to see the bitch in distress! I loved this moment. Although she might not admit it, I dare say that she will never live this down. I hope to see more of these rulers, including our own Prime Minister go through this kind of distress in the future. Because when the masses finally wake up to what these rulers are doing to us, they will have every merit to start shaking!

Some may argue that even our rulers are governed by a higher order. This could be true, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that our immediate rulers could have acted against that higher-order. They know where their bread is buttered. They have had ample time to act against the said higher-order, but they did nothing. So they are just as complicit as the higher-order itself. And they will be someday trialled as such.

Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, these people of white Western civilisation are no longer leaders, they are rulers. They are ruling over you! Once upon a time we had little government, because that’s all we needed. But now it’s mandatory to vote, to wear a bicycle helmet, to accept third world foreigners, Codex Alimentarius tells us what we can and cannot eat, weed is outlawed, you can’t cross a street without it being called jaywalking, you can’t talk about Jews in negative light even if it’s true, you can’t say the word ‘Nigger’ even though blacks can call themselves Niggers all the time, (and we are all supposedly equal) speech in general is governed etc etc… I could go on and on and on.

Little government was all about making sure people were safe. Making sure that a person wasn’t raped or murdered. Making sure somebody wasn’t speeding down the road at 200 km an hour running over a child after drinking a dozen beers. It was never about telling us what we could and could not say. It was never about telling us what we could and could not eat. It was never about saving us from ourselves by telling us that we need to wear a bicycle helmet. But yet the lemmings and the sheeple just lap up big government as if it is needed. Dumb shits to the last.

When did it become mandatory for me to have to agree with homosexuality? When did it become mandatory for me to agree with transgender? Where did it become mandatory for me to start calling pedophilia, pedosexuality? I must have been asleep when this was legislated. But let me tell you something. All of you people or should I say sheeple, that think that I am going to conform to your fucking nonsense, you are sadly mistaken. You pervert’s, degenerates, morons, useless eaters as a whole, can just go fuck off!

Yeah I know, I know… There will be some people out there that say “these things are not mandatory Shaun”. But I say this to you. It is VERY mandatory, because if I don’t think like these degenerates and morons, I am cast out. I am ridiculed and treated like shit. This is what makes it mandatory. Whilst voting is mandatory via government, the latter, such as using terms like pedosexuality, is mandatory via the morons. The fucking idiots.  Make no mistake free speech is an illusion due to our governments that are governed themselves.

Make perfectly sure that you employ freedom of speech, no matter what these governments tell you. Say what you want when you want to say it. Fuck those that want to ridicule you. They don’t deserve an inch of your time. And if anybody, whether it be your next door neighbour, the guy down the street, the filthy cat having sex outside your window, or the police themselves, tell you to shut your mouth, tell them to go fuck themselves!!!

Again, someday our rulers will be shaking in their boots just as Chancellor Merkel was. Mark my words. Their day is coming!