Dirty Kikemon Receives a Phone Call

That’s right Ladies and Gents, with “dirty” people come “dirty” actions, such as beating the fuck out of those that threaten your loved ones.

The police don’t do anything but protect the criminals so we will do the right thing and do their job for them.  Drag the “dirty” bastards out by their hair kicking and screaming and break their fucking mouth!

You threaten my family and/or friends and you’re asking for trouble and by god I will be happy to do time to defend the said family.


A picture of David James Carne AKA Dirty Damon / Major Hicks…  What a PUNCHABLE face he has!

2020-01-31 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Guest MaineRebelWolf

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks with Rebel Wolf about:

  • Dirty Damon / AKA Major Hicks – A sick piece of crap that would see your Grandmother raped in a heartbeat
  • Knowledge speaks but Wisdom listens
  • Alcoholics Vs drunks
  • Tabitha screams about Grenade being with niggers but then wanted niggers on my network – She pretends to be all for Rockwell but then goes against his moral values
  • Haus of Meats – Kosher and Halal bullshit
  • Cannabis Oils that can help us and especially our children
  • Antifa being a protected minority like the LQBTQAS

And much more….


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The Finale For the Traitors as Commander Rockwell Would Put It

Yes that’s right Ladies and Gents.

There has been a LOT of questions and statements made about what has been happening here at WTFR!

Well here comes the FINALE!  After this it’s all done.

Before you listen to this however, remember, I (Shaun) gave Tabishit the option to stay or go.  She chose to go.  And then Mike followed the pheromones.  (In the accent of Homer Simpson…  “Mmmmmm, pheromones!”  )