2020-01-24 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this new 128kbps edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • The difference between free thought and free speech on someones turf
  • Audio:  Fluoride in tap water
  • Audio:  Mrs Marsh – Colgate Fluorigard (Australia) Classic Commercial (1979)
  • Audio:  Fluoride Australia stop using it now, Today Tonight Show
  • Audio:  Australian Government To Pass Fluoride Bill
  • Audio:  Chlorine in drinking water is bad for you
  • Audio:  Dangers of Chlorine
  • Snoopy vomited aliens

And much more as usual!



Having Time To Ponder 2020-01-23

Hey Ladies and Gents.

I’m not going to rehash over everything that has happened, but after the initial war takes place, you have time to ponder what was in your face.  Kind of like the aftermath of shell shock.  You look back and say to yourself, “what the fuck just happened?”

Well, after receiving a call on the call-in line today, (yes you can call after hours and I will pick up if I am in studio) I was asked a question and I would rather speak about this call here and now, instead of on the show, because I am not going to soil the show with all this crap.

So have a listen and make of it what you will.



A Comment From Carmen

Ladies and Gents, a person called Carmen makes a great comment about all the bullshit going on here at WTFR at the moment.

Glad you kept your common sense. Too many Whites have bought into this new age shakra bs. Its a terrible distraction. This new age bs is all over youtube. It’s right up there with the silliness of satanism, veganism, flat earther bs, Madam Blavatsky and co lol. I’m rather disappointed in Mike though. Maybe he listened to too many of David in Texas shows lol. If it’s not christianity, it’s new age bs. Always a distraction for Whites looking for answers. Jews are still laughing all the way to the bank.

By the way, Robert Reyvolt over at RBN said a similar thing to me.  “New age Hindu Poison” and I whole heartedly agree.