TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-01-04

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Far-right activists accused of ‘deliberately provoking’ young men at St Kilda Beach – ABC News (Australian Bullshit Corporation)
  • Mom Says 6-Year-Old Son Is Transgender. Dad Disagrees. Now He Might Lose His Son. _ Daily Wire
  • Liberalism Bankrupts the Boy Scouts – The American Spectator
  • National Action couple who named their baby ‘Adolf’ are jailed _ Daily Fail Online
  • The Michelle Obama Transgender Guide (Paperback) – Walfart
  • A couple of emails are read out, including one about Degenerade Broadcasting
  • Shaun speaks about the current events over at St.Kilda Beach

And much more as usual….




TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-07-20

On this 4 hour light hearted edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Australia must soon decide on which side of Donald Trump’s history it stands
  • Is Prosecution Retaliating Against Todd Engel
  • Todd Engel sentenced to federal prison for his part in Bundy standoff
  • Weed ingested is much better for you than smoking it – Eat’em if ya got’em!
  • Pastor claims he carried out ritual murders of over 600 in Ghana
  • Melbourne, Australia_ Africans Commit 128x More Violent Robberies, 68x More House Invasions
  • Kikes say: Rewriting History in Textbooks is on the side of the white man
  • Muh Stolen Generation say Abbo wankers that are lazy petrol sniffing fucks

And we play some music for the chatters, including chatroom requests…


Q – A Video Not To Be Ignored

Last week on Robert Reyvolts show he played a clip called ‘Q’.  He and I are in a bit of a back and forth about it as we speak and I wanted to post the clip here so that people can have a look for themselves.  This is not a clip that should be ignored.  Take heed.

Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-06-24

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Clip:  Leftists throwing hissy fits after learning of Trumps immigration policies
  • Damian in Florida gets Rob’s thoughts on a few things (Shaun’s notes:  I don’t think Damian knew how to ask his question and it was a grind to listen to his call…)
  • Some of us are becoming somewhat pessimistic, so much so that we feel as though we are entering into a deeper idiocracy  (Shaun’s notes:  I think we are…  Idiocracy:  We save the houso’s and the abbo’s from themselves, they out breed us and bam! A world of fuck wits. Yep, that about sums it up for me.  And all the houso’s I know are leftist like tards too.  I was told recently I have “ancient thinking” because I said no to gay marriage.  I said, “I’ll take ancient over degenerate any day Thank You.”)
  • Charlie in California (Commiefornia) speaks about:  Trump is nothing but a New York Liberal – You cannot enter this country unless you have a passport, so they are being let in…
  • Jeff in Idaho breaks down what is taking place in an intellectual fashion as usual
  • The commie thinker can have their information debunked on multiple levels but they cannot fathom nor believe the debunking
  • Sean in California speaks about:  How do we know where Jeff from Idaho is getting his information.  Is Jeff trustable?  (Shaun’s notes:  If I am not mistaken, this Sean from California is the same Sean from California that use to be sucking Renegades (a radio network I use to run) dick.  If I am mistaken, then so be it, but it damned sure sounds like him.  And it would make sense for one of those cretins to want to put somebody like Jeff down.  Or anybody on Rob’s show for that matter.)
  • Dan in Texas says he backs Jeff up whole heartedly after having seen some of the information that Jeff had discussed during his call  (Shaun’s notes:  I agree with Dan all the way.  Jeff has given PLENTY of sources in the past and the present and in everything Jeff says, it’s easy to find sources in a search engine for anybody with half a brain…)
  • Fred in Michigan speaks to Rob about some youtube presentations – This is a world of confusion and people still believe that 9/11 happened the way the media says it did
  • Rob speaks to the things that Fred in Michigan had to say when it comes to 9/11 and then goes on to read a quote from Michael Hoffman
  • Robert in Ohio speaks about how he was thinking back to the campaign Trump had when it comes to building the wall and then moves onto the subject of Flat Earth (Shaun’s notes:  I don’t entertain such nonsense and I think that’s because I am neither a Creationist (especially biblically) nor do I believe in Evolution in the way that Richard Dawkins does…  It creates in me, not just a free thinker, but also the ability to think clearer about science and the like…)
  • Clip:  Vatican Court jailed an Italian priest – Turns out the man was sharing child pornography  (Shaun’s notes:  A priest wanting to have sex with children?  Nooooo.  Say it ain’t so!  People say to me that this has been happening more and more and I almost want to slap them upside the head.  I answer, “No, it has ALWAYS been happening, but it’s only now they are being found out!”  I mean really?  You think this is a “new thing”?)
  • Bruce in Texas talks about the Russian Yandex browser (not sure if he means the search engine instead) to download 9/11 information
  • Derek in Minnesota/Minneapolis speaks about a Turkey Plant where a lot of third world filth work and then moves onto other things…
  • Clip:  Anthony Bourdain had a deep reach all over the world and was darker than we may have known  (Shaun’s notes:  Anthony Bourdain may have been photographed holding a stillborn baby in a jar with a disturbing smile…)
  • Mike calls in and puts in his two cents overall about the show and then speaks somewhat about the planes during 9/11 (Shaun’s notes:  I think there were planes as well, but I don’t think it was the remote controlled planes that bought the towers down.  I think it was the explosives that even the fire brigade spoke of hearing and the planes were used as the Arab patsy.)

And more as usual…


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-05-27

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • It’s Memorial Day in America
  • Thank You Global Zionists for sending us to War, just for your sick gain
  • People are thinking for themselves and they realise this train has gone off the tracks
  • Clip:  Hardcore fight against Child Trafficking & the Military culture Vs Citizen culture
  • Marines still need to think after they dress up into their Military outfits  (Shaun’s notes:  I would say also that the Police Force should live by the same ideal.  After they dress into their Police Uniform, they need to think and decide for themselves whether what they are doing is right for the American/Australian people.)
  • Clip:  The powers that be taking down those that dare to speak out about Child Trafficking – The take down of Robinson
  • Clip:  Forced diversity – You’re forced into living with other races and when you move away, you’re hunted down for being a racist – There is no such thing called “freedom of association” within Western Civilisation  (Shaun’s notes:  Section 8 housing is equivalent to our commission and/or community housing.  And we have the same problems here.  I was a cleaner of commission housing for quite a while after somebody was evicted or left the house.  Ohhhhhh the fun.)
  • Caller Jeff calls into speak about a great many things, including Dirty Bombs and 007 (Shaun’s notes:  Jeff’s Genius never ceases to amaze nor entertain.  His articulation and use of knowledge is 2nd to none.)
  • Caller Chris in Las Vegas speaks about:  The Fixers that fix certain situations (like mafia cleaners) and dirty attorneys  (Chris’ voice reminds me of Reverend Ted Pike.  We had Rev. Pike on RadioX back in 2010 a couple of times.  He knows what is what when it comes to Judaism and it’s corruption.)
  • Derek in Minnesota talks about:  A few things after being a little left behind on Rob’s show, including who ‘Russ’ may be – (Shaun’s notes:  Ha!  Russ and his antics.  You trolls make me laugh.  It’s entertaining to say the least…)
  • Chatty Cathy calls in and speaks about:  Things have calmed down since she has been bullied for what she knows – Cathy plays something for Rob that is a little hard to hear – It’s the ultimate smack down, because she (on the audio) stayed calm in telling the truth
  • Clip:  The Talpiot Program often lied about in the Wikipedia (the same Wikipedia that is run partially by Israel) is explained and what is going on behind it
  • Caller Mark in Philadelphia:  Remington being molested by new jewish ownership – The relation to Trump – The downgrade to weapons  (Shaun’s notes:  This is a good point.  When a population cannot be disarmed, the next best thing to do would be to downgrade the weapons quality.  You could then arm the powers that be with the quality arms and the “plebeians” with the low quality arms.  Very good point.  How quaint, that everything the jews infiltrate becomes of second and third rate crap, whilst they continue to have the utmost of high quality.)
  • Clip:  The little faggot Shaun King needs to be slapped around for the bullcrap he goes on with and many Marines (retired or active) would like to knock this little bitch out
  • Caller Chris calls back in and discusses the Police situation after Rob had spoken about being pulled over and pulling his own weight
  • Caller Mer speaks with Rob about Transhumanism after Rob plays a clip about the subject
  • Clip:  The Trans-Human resistance coming out of Christian communities

And much more as usual…


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-03-11

** Disclaimer disclaimer:  Shaun is not much in agreement with Mr. Friend.  His continuous support for Trump after all of Trumps Israel loving shenanigans and his support for attacks on Iran and Syria are just one of those subjects where Shaun does not at all agree. **

On this edition of Incendiary Radio Reyvolt speaks with John Friend:

  • R.I.P Nick Spero.  Nick unfortunately died prematurely after suffering a pneumonia and having cardiac problems
  • Terms such as Anti-Semitism and Racism are just weaponised terms to shut people up  (Shauns notes:  Yep, I’ve been saying it on-air since 2003.)
  • John says if Hillary was in power we would be seeing the same things we seen with Obama and it was better to have Trump in place  (Shauns notes:  I cannot believe people still see it this way, given that Trump is still sucking the Israeli globalist cock.  None of them are to be trusted at all in my opinion.  JimmyX had the right idea back in 2010 where he said that we need to vote all the incumbents out until there is somebody that will work against the jews and their puppets and start working purely for the people.)
  • Almost all of the planks of the communist manifesto are in place (Shauns notes:  I agree with Rob although I would say that they have been in place for the last 30 years at least, but now more heavily so.  Back in 2010, Will Roberts (he has since passed away) JimmyX and myself spoke about the communist manifesto live on-air when I was in New York and we discussed the planks at great length.  I will find this show and upload it to bolster what has been said here.)
  • Restaurant charging white customers more than black customers because of so called wealth disparity (Shauns notes:  BULLSHIT!  Dat’s wayciss mofuggah!)
  • Clip:  Trump speaks about illegal aliens and how they should have been arrested (Shauns notes:  I have believed for some time now that Trumps fight against illegal aliens is just there to keep him in power so that he may be the new puppet to Israel.)
  • Turning the white majorities into white minorities and bringing white western civilisation to it’s knees
  • Clip:  Google getting into bed with the Pentagon – Google has always been in bed with the alphabet agencies
  • Clip:  Trump will make deals with the devil to stay in office  (Shauns notes:  Noooooo!  Say it ain’t fuckin so!  Of COURSE he will, he’s a politician.  They have all done it so what makes him any different?  Jaysus!) — Mark of the beast to please Trump as well…

And much more…


Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-03-11

On this edition of BLN Doug speaks about:

  • Human kind soon to be able to take flight to Planet Mars
  • Direct democracy could be a way to go (Shauns notes:  True democracy never had/has a representative.  What we have now, where a representative is in place, is not democracy and never has been.  It’s just a typical molestation of words and peoples minds to make them THINK it’s democracy.)
  • More and more people waking up to being spied on, on their “smart” phones
  • Rick in Arizona speaks about how people would survive on Mars outside of terraformation and how it’s all a fraud  (Shauns notes:  Can we even get past the belts?)  Doug later touches on this.
  • Maxine is black and if you call black people dumb, then you are a wayciss.  Don’t be wayciss you evil white Donald Trump, you!

And more….