Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-05-27

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • It’s Memorial Day in America
  • Thank You Global Zionists for sending us to War, just for your sick gain
  • People are thinking for themselves and they realise this train has gone off the tracks
  • Clip:  Hardcore fight against Child Trafficking & the Military culture Vs Citizen culture
  • Marines still need to think after they dress up into their Military outfits  (Shaun’s notes:  I would say also that the Police Force should live by the same ideal.  After they dress into their Police Uniform, they need to think and decide for themselves whether what they are doing is right for the American/Australian people.)
  • Clip:  The powers that be taking down those that dare to speak out about Child Trafficking – The take down of Robinson
  • Clip:  Forced diversity – You’re forced into living with other races and when you move away, you’re hunted down for being a racist – There is no such thing called “freedom of association” within Western Civilisation  (Shaun’s notes:  Section 8 housing is equivalent to our commission and/or community housing.  And we have the same problems here.  I was a cleaner of commission housing for quite a while after somebody was evicted or left the house.  Ohhhhhh the fun.)
  • Caller Jeff calls into speak about a great many things, including Dirty Bombs and 007 (Shaun’s notes:  Jeff’s Genius never ceases to amaze nor entertain.  His articulation and use of knowledge is 2nd to none.)
  • Caller Chris in Las Vegas speaks about:  The Fixers that fix certain situations (like mafia cleaners) and dirty attorneys  (Chris’ voice reminds me of Reverend Ted Pike.  We had Rev. Pike on RadioX back in 2010 a couple of times.  He knows what is what when it comes to Judaism and it’s corruption.)
  • Derek in Minnesota talks about:  A few things after being a little left behind on Rob’s show, including who ‘Russ’ may be – (Shaun’s notes:  Ha!  Russ and his antics.  You trolls make me laugh.  It’s entertaining to say the least…)
  • Chatty Cathy calls in and speaks about:  Things have calmed down since she has been bullied for what she knows – Cathy plays something for Rob that is a little hard to hear – It’s the ultimate smack down, because she (on the audio) stayed calm in telling the truth
  • Clip:  The Talpiot Program often lied about in the Wikipedia (the same Wikipedia that is run partially by Israel) is explained and what is going on behind it
  • Caller Mark in Philadelphia:  Remington being molested by new jewish ownership – The relation to Trump – The downgrade to weapons  (Shaun’s notes:  This is a good point.  When a population cannot be disarmed, the next best thing to do would be to downgrade the weapons quality.  You could then arm the powers that be with the quality arms and the “plebeians” with the low quality arms.  Very good point.  How quaint, that everything the jews infiltrate becomes of second and third rate crap, whilst they continue to have the utmost of high quality.)
  • Clip:  The little faggot Shaun King needs to be slapped around for the bullcrap he goes on with and many Marines (retired or active) would like to knock this little bitch out
  • Caller Chris calls back in and discusses the Police situation after Rob had spoken about being pulled over and pulling his own weight
  • Caller Mer speaks with Rob about Transhumanism after Rob plays a clip about the subject
  • Clip:  The Trans-Human resistance coming out of Christian communities

And much more as usual…


TCTA 2017-11-15 w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA Shaun speaks about:

  • Kids being forced into sexualisation way too early
  • Grind House and MTV pushing early sexuality
  • Shit head houso neighbour verbally attacks Shaun’s Mother
  • Gay Marriage due to morons that do not tick ‘no’
  • Flamers Vs Homos – Oh fuck, don’t get me started
  • Muslims not welcome in Australia

And much more as usual!


The Charlottesville Breakdown & Puppetry- By John Percent

David Duke & Richard Spencer now getting HUGE mainstream National attention on NBC’s Today Show of all places! This is making them regular household names in America to the viewers, which are in the tens of millions despite what Stormfront said about “nobody watches mainstream news”.  I am calling BULLSHIT on that dumb assertion, I’d bet 8 out of 10 typical white working families have mainstream news on television in the background while they get their kids ready for school so they can get national headlines, local news, weather and traffic reports.

Now, although the organizers and various group leaders of the Alt Right on social media, and those that went to the rally are celebrating their “white message” being brought to the national forefront, they are indeed duped morons of the like I’ve never encountered before because the ONLY reason their ‘collective’ is getting mention, and their views, is so the Jewish media can OPENLY assault every last traditional white value, and mainstream social moral contract derived from Christian values that have shaped America’s image of the world!

From here on out, any position or criticism opposing Israeli-led wars, the decline of our NORMAL sexual mores, domestic or foreign policies will ONLY be met with the label of ‘hate’, ‘racist’, ‘Nazi’ or ‘anti-Semite’ PERIOD!!!  ALL of this, thanks to Charlottesville!!! And all of this, thanks to the two operatives used as agents of ZOG to provoke a large population of bored & unemployed white people to react after this government:

1) took us into war after 9/11,

2) exported manufacturing jobs to China,

3) manufactured the housing crisis, and

4) ran this economy into the ground where white kids graduating college with bachelor degrees and student loan debt can look forward to low paying jobs in retail and the service sector (consumption-based)!

Trump, during his campaign, mocked the Obama Administration as one that was outright LYING about their purported near 5% unemployment rate, saying it was realistically in the low 20% range; and yet just yesterday, at his most seemingly heroic press conference lambasting both the Antifa and the Alt Right for violence, he accepted the fictitious near 5% unemployment rate from the end of Obama’s term in office, and boasted that his Administration has brought it even LOWER to America’s unemployment rate down to the LOWEST rate in U.S. history (in just 7 months in office)!

Take NOTE: I have said in the past that Trump is just the character Israel could use to stab America in the back, by making him into a Hitler figure (and this image of flag waving Americans at his campaign style rallies look just like the Nazi parades welcoming Hitler in 1930’s Nazi nationalist Germany); but now that all the wealth is truly gone in America, hard assets are replaced by paper notes, and because the intelligent white people here have once again figured out what Jews do to white prosperous countries, Israel can now pivot over to Russia and Asia, to parasite of course, and goad them into attacking the United States, with other selected countries the Rothchilds banks control, in a World War simply in exchange for having transferred American wealth over to those two regions. Make America Great Again? No, the Israel that owns our two major political parties would NEVER do that, they would however Make America out to be the Germany of World War 3.

As I said on Robert Reyvolt’s August 13th show, before Charlottesville, I was watching Charles Krauthammer on FoxNews thoroughly explain HOW the Special Prosecutor scenario can (or will) be used as a mechanism to bounce Donald Trump from the White House; by over-turning EVERY financial stone in his past to find one single incident of what could be deemed an act of “financial fraud” in a real estate deal or in the construction of one of his many buildings. I was essentially saying “watch this guy, Krauthammer; his time has come ~  he now will be elevated to the Pulitzer Prize status of a prophet for all eternity, as one who reported on, and predicted how the Washington establishment would purge Donald Trump out of power, and when they would do it.”

So, now because of Charlottesville, and Trump’s chronological handling of it, from Saturday’s initial statement where he didn’t name specific groups, to Sunday’s statement where his condemnation of ‘hate & violence’ did finally name or label groups into collectives deemed offensive in mainstream society, now unto Tuesday’s gift of a Press Conference where he included a condemnation of Antifa, essentially saying logically “it takes two to tango”; what Trump has now done is caused ALL the whites involved in the “Battle of Charlottesville” (as Stormfront proudly calls it), from the organizers on down that descended upon Charlottesville after a 6-week buildup; he has caused them to jizz all over themselves as though he just justified and ENDORSED their permitted protest, and he did this in one Press Conference yesterday!

Trump fell right into the wheelhouse of his enemies, as he split hairs over “nice” protesters objecting to the removal of the General Lee statue and the “KKK, hate groups, Nazi’s, and white supremacists”; and he did the same regarding the leftists, saying there was some “nice people” there!  This, my friends, was a masterful Jewish script, and I will tell you why!

Trump is now a HERO to the organizers of the rally, it’s attendees, and other curious whites who were hoping a debate could get started about our nation’s path of changing our demographics; and the media is happy to draw them out, bring them on live national television, and ridicule them as well as turn every last American against them and their viewpoints in an open act of bullying!

But, going back to the agenda Krauthammer has laid out that the Washington elite has every intention of removing this guy from the office of President; if you think white people are pissed off now, that the media has gone overboard lumping every last white critic of our foreign and domestic with the “radical fringe right” that protested in Charlotte?, just you wait until they succeed in removing Donald Trump from office, and you’ll see also the ANGER every last white Republican mainstream person that loathed Obama, already enemies of the mainstream media that Trump has been on the warpath against since his campaign stated under the meme of #FakeNews!

Folks, white nationalism is not “on the rise” in America! Israel is making America into the Germany of WW3, as intelligent white people continue to resist with logic, common sense, evidence, proof in actual government documents and bank records, and naming names!  For the past nearly four decades, since Ronald Reagan took office, our political discourse has been mere objections to hypocritical positions on war, government spending, waste, broken campaign promises, flaws in moral character, party-controlled candidates, and solid disagreements on domestic and foreign policy issues.  We debated those peacefully, started up new magazine publications and cranked up conservative talk radio; and this was done primarily by whites so we could have a national political discussion. But it was ALL funded by Jews, and it was a ruse, because, as the chart below shows, since Reagan took office, spending of Federal Reserve Notes and incessant borrowing has skyrocketed to an exponential rate!

Now, seeing this, I can argue that all of this was spent to fund our demise and build a police state!  All the while, the electorate and boomers were busy enjoying the dot com bubble, trading paper, and heaping to themselves untold “riches” and creature comforts; and with this distraction, they STOPPED voting, they stopped watching their government, and when they did vote, they just voted for their wallet!

During this generation, the information got out, bitter people began to rat out their neighbor out of jealousy and spite; and when they learned that it was crony capitalism and bribed politicians to blame for building up and tearing down businesses and towns, the outright hypocrisy and distrust of government steadily drove public approval for our government down to single digit percentages, where it remains right now!

So, you see, Trump was indeed SELECTED; and it goes along with a masterful script to destroy the United States who would be the most difficult hurdle in the ultimate Jewish plan to run the ENTIRE planet from a New World Order headquartered in Jerusalem. Now, in a deliberately calculated and planned out move, that started with Spencer’s FIRST tiki-torch event at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, where the sitting Mayor and local government was also hostile to his views back THEN and yet said NOTHING in Mid-May of 2017, where he also must have paid and fed a bunch of actors to dress like him, wet their hair like him, unto today, where these dummies that have been propagandized by Andrew Anglin and Stormfront to follow Spencer & Duke’s right into this latest rally; we can see that what has been brought to pass in America is this nation’s turning point, where whites will be openly discriminated as a matter of permanent public policy in the exact manner the mainstream news is now gleefully doing it 24/7!

Oh yeah, they were set up folks, in order to bring us here!  But as we’re saying at WTFR, they were set up by their OWN; it’s Judas and his 30 pieces of silver, no new thing under the Sun gang!  You’ve heard the Jew mantra, “every man has his price”! Well, we don’t here at WTFR; and so I will reiterate, this seems to me that this was all just another masterful Jewish script in human history, and again, let me go back to the realistic unemployment numbers of 20% or more – who were these protesters?  They were Stormfront listeners, Twitter fans of PEPE memes, pro-Trump agitators who are relishing in a supposed victory for whites in America, Alex Jones listeners, and Antifa or the violent left (an absolute majority of whom are white)!  They are mostly UNEMPLOYED Millennials – and the fruit of, a culmination of decades of a Fed-based nationalized dumbed-down education, lazy boomer parents, unlimited paper notes that flow from our Treasury to amoral causes and social single-issue lobbyists, community organizers and paid protesters, to churches who babysit kids and do Head Start programs and faith-based initiatives etc.  Federal Reserve Notes have RUINED this country, and there were men in our Congress opposing the creation of that central bank model in that very day; but it always was the 100-year vision of the Jews when they set it up and rammed it through the way they still do with unconstitutional legislation today that either taxes our paycheck BEFORE we see it, or runs our Bill of Rights through the shredder with respect to free speech, gun ownership, searches and seizures, “show me your papers please” and all the rest!

As of today, Wednesday, where David Duke and Richard Spencer are being made household names 24/7 on the very relevant, culture-shaping, state propaganda arm known as the MSM, I want you to know what I have seen since the Press Conference Tuesday afternoon!  The narrative for the rest of the afternoon and evening was, from his biggest media cheerleader FoxNews no less, that he UNDID his previous condemnation of the “far right” groups in Charlottesville.  They also insinuated that he dog-whistled directly to Richard Spencer, as he made reference to some of the ‘nice’ people that were there at the statue on Friday night!

See, it seems on Friday night, Spencer led his second tiki-torch parade, just like the one in May, with the same costumed group of wet-haired fashy-looking queers; you remember, the one where he had that stoic image of himself taken for marketing purposes!

Anyway, back to Krauthammer for a second, the guy I said to watch; the guy reading the pre-script for Trump’s expulsion from Washington DC so we can get Netanyahu’s favorite Zionist son Mike Pence to finish off Assad and start on Iran to put the Greater Israel Project back on course (that will draw out a firestorm of criticism from the white American public who hasn’t been buying the narrative that the greatest military force in on the planet has been unable to contain, destroy, and fully cut off all funding of a bunch of psychotic rag-tag sand-niggers with a 7th Century mindset since 9/11) ~ Krauthammer said on Tuesday night, that Trump’s even-handed criticism of the Charlottesville manufactured meelee  was a “moral disgrace”! And, to stay on point here, Krauthammer could have used any other collective terms or labels to describe the ‘right’ side of the Charlottesville protest, but he didn’t!  He specifically chose to use the word “Nazi” repeatedly, and “anti-Semitic”, which to me signals that holocaust denial laws are also right around the corner as we have been warning our audience about for years.  I mean, I get it, a lot of the groups advertising the Charlottesville event and present critics of Trump are anti-Jew and anti-Israel, and they most certainly succeeded in drowning out those who merely care about preserving the history of the Confederacy or simply want Trump to get that wall built on our border with Mexico; but in all seriousness, these Benedict Arnold’s, by taking the spotlight away from real domestic and foreign policy concern to a place that says “all critics of this sitting American AIPAC-OWNED government are anti-Semites and Nazi’s”!

Holocaust denial laws, you think it can’t happen here, with a 1st Amendment? BULLSHIT, wake up! These Stormfront morons, rally leaders, attendees and even FoxNews types keep bitching that the cops didn’t “follow the constitution” and provide safety to the citizens of Charlottesville by doing their duty to keep order or whatever! Now, the Alt Right leaders even are pleased that the American Communists Lawyers Union (ACLU) is carrying their water regarding the police standing down! Look gang, as I have articulated before from a position of real life experience, the police in every city in America, despite that city’s display of left-leaning or right-leaning politics or party loyalty, unconstitutionally apply the Transportation Code meant to regulate commercial activity on the roads (to help fund road repairs/upkeep) to people traveling in their private capacity every goddamn day, in a huge revenue-generating scam; where they are trained to escalate the situation so that you incriminate yourself and heap fines upon your own head!  Shit, watch that LIVE PD show on the A&E network, and watch every cop conduct a traffic stop; they have every intention of escalating the situation to an incarceration and a confiscation of one’s property at best, but at minimum, they’re gonna get the city paid for their time, so the bankrupted city can pay them for their time – get it!? These guys are too dumb to realize that these states, cities, and municipalities will be renege on their pension promises; maybe THIS is a reason why cops won’t put themselves in harm’s way at a manufactured rally, because the city might not pay for their hospitalization and disability if they end up partially blind like Baked Alaska!

Well, as we have all been forewarned, such is the price of ignorance in a white country, especially one where our history is so readily available to be read, understood, and taught to our children and succeeding generations – but – the love of money is the root of all evil, and since the Jews creation of an infinite credit system whereby they confiscated our hard assets and real money for paper notes, which afford those with the lowest IQ, and the worst work ethic on the planet, to acquire untold access to creature comforts, this is exactly what you get! – an amoral nation, now in the Jewish crosshairs, ripe for occupation, enslavement, or outright genocide in the same manner they punished Germany for it’s resistance!

As a quick aside, if anyone had heard, one individual (the guy from Merck pharmaceuticals) had pulled out of the President’s manufacturing council because he seemingly objected to Trump’s lack of specificity in his Saturday condemnation of the meelee; and, as of yesterday’s Press Conference, in seems a total of 4 representatives now, from 4 huge corporations, had now abandoned Trump in just 48 hours! So, Trump said it was because they were putting profits over principle and national loyalty, but we know the script, and we know damn well that they know their future profits are directly tied to political correctness, and their association with this SELECTED President who is now the toxic lightning rod for our racial division; the President who was brought upon us just to give whites a false sense of hope, now slated to be ripped from office in an unfair and hypocritical political witch hunt, because that’s how Jews operate!  Guilt by association for them, and guilt by association for us!  Mark my words kids, ANY criticism, of any government ~ any criticism or objection to ANY domestic or foreign policy position, at any level, from local to Federal, from here on out, by a person with skin lighter than you name it, will be met with a PUBLIC tar and feathering by the media, and the dumbed-down and empowered masses of ALL non-whites.  We will be assaulted by every last American whose job is contingent on adherence to political correctness, and we will be insulted and ridiculed and spit upon by the dumbass white college kids whose admissions are tied to the same agenda. Purportedly educated, of all races, and free to roam socially-engineered morons who carry the torch of political correctness, will charge us with a barrage of slurs, specifically “Nazi” and “anti-Semite” at the top, which also now means, that the adjectives, and labels of other catch-all collectives such as “Alt Right, white supremacist, racist, bigot, homophobe, KKK” or lesser essentially mean the same!

As Shaun said, any white person with two brain cells knocking together, would be WISE to withdraw, and go into hiding; because this event in Charlottesville has made safe travel and employment for whites dangerous now, and through it’s media arm the government is announcing its release of the their lynch mobs who are already on their payroll against us who would dare to think, speak, and make the same arguments our Founders made against such waste, fraud, abuse, and the elevation of fools to academia, government, and security positions over us!!!

On the one hand, the PTB do need us to continue to be innovative, productive, and participating (leading) the economy, so there will be white advocates for whites in business; but, as we know, they have already capitulated to the system, and they wouldn’t be working if they didn’t; because the one thing Jews have NEVER been willing to tolerate, is our refusal to bend the knee to them, just like the story of Nebuchadnezzar – and that is the ultimate crime. Of course, all of this is now naturally understood by me, and can be expressed easily by me now, because it parallels my recent newfound understanding of the Bible through Christian Identity types who were forerunners of our movement, like Rockwell and others.  It is simple to me to say that the murder of Christ by the State that was orchestrated by the Jews, and it my worldview at present that the early centuries of historic Christianity that called out the Jew was were leaders among the people in various white western societies as they advanced through time.  But, as the story goes, the parasites infiltrated their lands, and their governments as is well documented, and they made it dangerous to read out the tenets of Christianity publicly at various times when they managed NOT to be found out, and when they escaped expulsion!

Where white western society is right now, the only reason whites are either oblivious to, or willing to tolerating this scum, is through the funny money system!  The fact is, Jews have made it financially advantageous to omit those critical truths about them by buying up our Christian colleges, seminaries, splitting the Catholic church and manipulating councils, up through today’s era where America has accepted that Christian clergy MUST marry gays, employ gays and pedophiles, and this is primarily being led by the masses, or, the untold millions of Christian Americans who are flocking to this 2 decade old phenomenon known as mega-churches!  Lazy, dumb Christian Americans spend all their free time there now, primarily to network for business contacts, and selfishly to enjoy the creature comforts and cleanest restrooms in town; all the while never having their character, morals, vices, politics, and OPEN hypocrisy challenged by the “clergy” of snake-oil salesman!

So, historically once again, whites are on the eve of another round of wars between brothers, brought about by the Jews!  Will it start with a civil one in America?, will it be an international one?, will they kick them both off at the same time?  At this point, as much as I tried to direct our anger at the State, arguing that the electoral process Stormfront advocated for David Duke’s last Senate campaign was used to put in leftist, monument-removing regimes in power over various southern cities, could be used to REVERSE this trend; rather than directing our anger at the non-whites who are simply content earning low-wages in America rather than under some despot somewhere else, or the lay-about worthless trash presently living quite comfortable on a government paycheck, I unfortunately now have to warn you, that our first battles will be against the whites who call themselves Christians ~ those who don’t know their bibles at all who occupy a pew week-in and week-out in the mega-churches and the compromised churches who have forsaken the values and standards of old, those whites who listen to their leadership, don’t self-educate, because they think listening to conservative talk radio all day is the equivalent of a truthful Master’s level world history class, the FoxNews junkies, and those who support Trump and pretend their was no racial considerations when he was selected to be the President after Obama by the powers that be who were hellbent on bringing about this civil unrest!

You see, I remember just a few short months ago, how we raised our concerns and thought that Black Lives Matter rallies and the burning of their poor unproductive neighborhoods was going to bring about the civil war, but look, it’s actually the white Alt Right vs. the white Antifa leftist-trained college-educated trust-fund baby crowd that are warring in the streets; and now it’ll also be the white Christians very soon that will be fighting other whites, the ones who coddle and willingly erode our white demographics even further by promoting race-mixing under the guise of their Jewish-authored false Christianity, promoting mass immigration, sympathy for Islam ALL for a government paycheck because our economy is in the shitter.  What comes into the collection plate every Sunday can no longer pay the bills at the church or religious private schools, and so once again, the church married the state for reasons of survival; they signed their 501c3’s, and the ZOG’s have them right where they want them, dependent, manipulating culture, and as willing agents to eventually rat out their congregations for their thought crimes, so they can disarm us!  These morons, these idiots who turned a deaf ear to our pleadings, and reason, these are the ones unfortunately that we who are truly patriotic, steadfast, and morally sound will have to fight FIRST!!!

Wow….just wow.  I’m a little bit taken back here, not surprised because Shaun and I saw it coming, but, because virtually overnight, it’s here!  It started at Charlottesville – and now – its on, we won’t be going back!  At this point I am compelled to continue to rail against the Stormfront hosts who continually agitate for more rallies, are still promoting Duke and Spencer, and are selling t-shirts now promoting their personal PRIDE and satisfaction in the Charlottesville event.  I am moved to contribute to WTFR, Shaun’s separation from the former network was warranted, as we see thing getting more and more serious, we have said there’s no time to play games with the listeners!  I want our reputation to remain sound, as a wholly separated outlet who is promoting growth, maturity, and self-education for the safety of what is left of our race on the eve of this announcement by State media in white countries that white genocide is now becoming an openly government-endorsed public policy.

In closing, I am compelled to direct you to the audio intro of my network show “The Less Than 1% Show“; where the audio says “what do kings and emperors fear?  the people, when they rise up like one man, like ONE man!” – well, I can tell you, the people, the white people in America, have NOT risen up like one man!  They have yet to rise up like a formidable foe against the Zionist Occupied Government.  White Americans, proud of their heritage, steadfast in their determination to punish career criminals, stop degeneracy, and the corruption of our children’s minds did not “rise up” and put the ACTOR Donald J.Trump in power; this has been a big ruse all along to make the world believe we did!  This is how they tie him to the right-wing side of the event in Charlottesville; and even though many there have come to their senses that Trump must obey the ZOG plans, or end up like JFK, they’re still dumb enough to ride his coat tails, welcome his tacit support as the media is reporting ad nauseum that he does ~ but we’ve never bought into any of it.  No doubt, we enjoyed seeing snowflakes get their existence shaken, but Trump is not our guy, anymore than anything America’s two major political parties could generate because they’re just bought-and-paid-for puppets for Jewish supremacy, fodder for world domination, as low and as stupid as the LGBTQ that the Jews will swiftly kill after their used to eradicate biblical literacy and any individual with the moral fortitude to oppose them from the face of the Earth.

The sound critics of sitting governments in white western countries KNOW the history of the Jews being expelled from country after country, over two hundred times; and they are due for an expulsion once again from our lands.  We’ve made the case and we have presented the evidence, and it is overwhelming! What those in power at present fear is that we, this single minority group who has this knowledge, will convince the mainstream white Christian patriotic crowd to join us, and so they must destroy us by throwing them at us.  Anyone, I mean anyone can be reasonably convinced that Building 7 was a controlled demolition in a matter of seconds, yet only FEAR, capitulation to political correctness keeps them from joining us in this necessary movement, rooted in morality and justice, in order to preserve and enjoy what we have built!

This is where we are at, and Shaun and I are pretty certain that blood is about to be spilled in the streets very soon – but – as in history past, as the maxim says “hard lessons learned are never forgotten”; and at some point the war and devastation, and the visual absorption of overwhelming property destruction and human suffering will reach a point where those rebuffing us now will be convinced that we were right!  And so, our position is on record, in audio and on our websites at present; and this call for separation, and seriousness is our answer to the stupidity, the set up, known as Charlottesville!

We do not seek to be martyrs, we, as always, seek to be left alone in our pursuits by our governments; like ANY man before us, of any race, of any culture, to live, work, prosper, raise up a seed line, and then exit the planet leaving behind our family name for posterity’s sake – unfortunately, only one race on the face of the planet will never allow this to happen without interference and criminal behavior, and this is cyclical in history. To me, it is prophecy in the Bible, and it is has once again arrived here at this generations front door, there’s no avoiding it now; we just have to be smart about how we are to weather the storm.

From our perspective (and I think Shaun agrees), let it be known, these evil bastards used Richard Spencer and David Duke as tools to make it look like we started it; and FoxNews is running with that specific narrative, that whites started it!  Not only that, they’re playing along and saying openly that and Trump is their guy (Duke & Spencer)!!! Shaun and I, others at this network, never had any intention of starting any shit with respect to any race wars! We were going to weave our way through the matrix, balance family life with the realization of today’s economy, globalism, and paper notes, all while hoping to scale back ZOG policies and intrusions into our personal lives, or set up shop outside the camp in our own *new* communities – but these governments have now brought this our way, and they have openly declared that the majority of dumb white people need to shut the intelligent white people up if they want to keep their creature comforts and continue to enjoy their other various sports and vices; and they did this by using the tools known as David Duke and Richard Spencer in this era of high unemployment that they also brought about on purpose.

And so, if Shaun chooses to keep the network and webpage up, I think it is our duty to call out every last asshole or celeb personality in the movement that has, or is still encouraging us to go on offense against the wrong enemy, or join forces with those that the mainstream billion dollar media industry is giving national fame to!  Again, these clowns are celebrating this, seeing David Duke and Richard Spencer Tweets on mainstream NATIONAL morning news programs, and seeing the names on the flyers being broadcast as well; they think they’ve arrived, but, they don’t speak for us whites, never have and never will! So, because of their actions, and the script coming to fruition before our very eyes now, I’m afraid this shit is coming to visit every one of us at our front door because they have always had the tools to dox us all who stand in bold reasoned objection to the bankruptcy, destruction, manipulation, and deceit by which they loot our prosperous white western countries. And for posterity’s sake, I cannot abdicate my responsibility to warn those who would listen as I have done here, so I wrote you this article. But, as Shaun mentioned, a withdrawal, an extremely vigilant defensive position to just blend into society and wait until we’re called to battle instead of carrying on as we did before lamenting our demise and the policies of government that lead us on the path to degeneracy and despotism, is prudent; and there is no shame in keeping one’s self out of harm’s way giving the gravity of the danger we now face!

FUCK YOU David Duke and Richard Spencer, and your followers and promoters! I could only hope that I am present in the room when you two traitors are dealt with properly for your fraud and deceit,  due to your love of money and fame!

TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-06

Extra Random Hour bonus…

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Hugh Jackman on Aboriginal Communities
  • Drunk Aboriginals Attack Film Crew
  • WiFi Radiation – Dangers of WiFi – See It Measured – How To Re-mediate WiFi Radiation
  • Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health – Barrie Trower
  • Why die for Wi-Fi_ My child did… _ Stop Smart Meters Australia
  • Abbos attacking our White communities

And more…



Thursday, 6 July 2017

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Friday, 7 July 2017

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TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Robert Reyvolt 2017-06-29

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks with Robert Reyvolt of Incendiary Radio (RBN) in the first hour and then goes on to speak about:

  • Robert Reyvolt joins us to speak about Christianity & Atheism
  • Young girl getting raped as somebody takes photo
  • Morgan Freeman and racism – Just stop talking about it
  • Clint Eastwood being a pussy – Ellen Dominates the bitch
  • Axl Rose motivates us to go out and get what we want
  • Kyle & Sinead of Degenerade begging for money

And more…


Thursday, 29 June 2017

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TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-06-08

On this edition of TCTA, Shauns speaks about:

  • * Is Monarchy needed?
  • * Cops monitoring social media
    – Read the comments Jimmy sent – on desktop
    – My Daughter almost kidnapped at gunpoint and the cops here pull me over for a helmet
    – You bring them in here, now YOU deal with them – Problem is, it’s US that have to deal with them
  • * Yeah kikes believe that children are sexual and try attracting adults. The psychology behind that is so full of shit it’s not even
    – Freud and child sexuality – Article
    – Kids are curious about things that they shouldn’t do. They hear you say to them, that nobody should touch your pee pee, so they
    explore that. What do they do when you ask them not to take a cookie from the cookie jar…
  • * I would go as far as saying, that burning at the stake for pedophiles is not out of the question.
    – Hang murderers and rapists, but burn pedos at the steak.
  • * Random hours
    – There are two scripts. Hour 1 and hour 2. Two separate. There is not a 2 hour. That way, if the random hour host wants an hour but
    later decide they want two, I load the second hour that does not have the disclaimer or intro again.
    – If I forget to put in the 2nd hour then blah blah blah…
  • * Heineken beer calls for world without borders (Shauns notes:  Boycott this beer for their perverse bullshit)
  • * Every Auschwitz canard in 82 seconds

And more…


Thursday, 8 June 2017

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The Less Than 1% Show w/ John 2017-05-30

On this edition of LT1%S, John speaks about:

  • Zionist Christians getting people geared up for world crusade against Islam
  • What war is going to have to be won at the local level?
  • Open carry is the solution to any potential “jihadists”
  • Fox News – Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran – Terrorists coming out of Iran
  • Alex Jones has house wives come to his website because the husbands do nothing
  • Trump is looking to win, not be the President of the States necessarily
  • Richard Spencer the so called “white supremacist” summons a black for help
  • Sand-Niggers pulled off 9/11 …  You know they did, come on.  It’s obvious.  (Shauns notes:  “pass me those box cutters and while you’re at it, put your tongue on this 9 volt battery, it’s fun…”
  • Lauren Southern’s attempts to do anything are futile (Shauns notes:  Southern didn’t have any intentions to change anything.  She just enjoyed sucking some dick to get the free trip, after jumping on a bandwagon….)
  • John mentioned 6000 website visitors (Shauns notes:  No, we’re not that lucky yet.  LOL.  600 a day roughly.  We’ve only been here for about 4 months, if that.)
  • Facebook allows all kinds of degeneracy, but when you point out how bad immigration legitimately is, you get bagged and tagged…
  • America is slated to be the Germany of WWIII
  • We have competition as a network and what reach do we all have as networks?  (Shauns notes:  I ain’t in competition with any other networks.  I have a message to send and I created WTFR to get that message out there, so that my kids will have a better future.  If I was in competition, I wouldn’t work so hard to have Reyvolts show running, given that he is on RBN.  I think us networks at this point need to work together.  Even Stadtmiller (RBN founder) these days, seems easier going with us different networks working together, than he use to when he first started.  This is a positive sign for the future of our kids and this is all I give a shit about.)
  • Sick and tired of Seth Rich (Shauns notes:  Agreed whole heartedly.  Seth was nothing but a nobody jew.  One of the Protocols expendable jews.  Just because he was on the Clinton hit list does not make him a “good jew”.  A kike is a kike and he was a kike.
  • Duke sits down with a black as did Spencer (Shauns notes:  Yeah, and they continuously claim to be White Nationalists and White Supremacists – As a White Nationalist alone, I do NOT need help from blacks to advance my race.  Duke and Spencer are traitors to the White race.)
  • Mike Revero chickens out – Bok bokbokbok bok bok bok bok…

And more…