Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-07-23

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Are the powers that be hitting us with psychotronics to make us feel useless and defeated?
  • Chester Bennington article – Another celeb suicide by hanging  (Shauns notes:  I asked Rob before the show if Bennington could possibly be a recent Clinton murder)
  • Robs audio clip was playing funny buggers, so he continues with what is taking place in the news
  • Aussie woman shot in Minneapolis among other things softening people up for what might be to come – The anger becomes the norm which then changes the way we look at somewhere like Palestine
  • People believe that the Military Industrial Complex may want to skirmish with Russia
  • Jeff from Idaho calls in
  • Dave in Nevada calls in to talk about:  Alex Jones interview about pedophile cases in the Vatican
  • Clip:  Apocalyptic Vision for the world – Building reactors on fault lines
  • Clip:  Particle acceleration replacement – Look into CERN’s collider
  • Two competing documents both saying the same things when it comes to mixing races
  • AI and how it plays a part in our world
  • Predictive programming and the Terminator Ideal
  • Clip:  Contradictions when it comes to needing the psychopathic dictators to run our complexes – Among other things
  • Overlapping of criminality between all major parties
  • OJ killed a jew – Alex Jones didn’t want to talk about it – Dennis Hastert – Hastert wants his money back!  He didn’t get what he paid for
  • Clip:  Gavin accused of antisemitism after writing what he hates about jews and doing a video  (Shauns notes:  Gavin is a degenerate pig, no matter what he wrote about kikes)
  • Seismic activity in Yellowstone and solar flares coming off the Sun
  • Clip:  Alan Watner is completely out of control – It’s time to drain the swamp
  • Clip:  North Korea – The US is planning a ban July 27th – Urging all nationals that are in NK to leave
  • Clip:  Update to an eclipse that is approaching – August 21st – Full solar eclipse
  • Rob explains the common numbers and the links – How do they know so many people will turn up to watch this eclipse?
  • Build up of tension between China and India and why
  • Clip:  Flat Earth (Shauns thoughts:  Ohhhhhh the fun…)
  • Clip:  Brother Nethanial talks about Trump and his agenda

And more!


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-20

On this 3 hour edition of TCTA, Shauns speaks about:

  • Poverty or Genetics causing violence
  • “Teen” mob violence terrorizing Kansas City – Narrative Collapse
  • Pork banned in Austrian Kindergartens
  • Sought After – Post says that it has helped men learn to be females
  • Clip:  2017-07-20 09-51-51 John Shaun
  • Clip:  Amusement Park Niggers
  • Clip:  Philippines – Plastic Bottles go Solar
  • Clip:  Car Jacking Niggers
  • Clip:  Black Pigeon Speaks – A shill for the jews

And more…


Thursday, 20 July 2017

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Friday, 21 July 2017

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Dinosaur News w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-19

** CAUTION **  During an audio clip that Shaun played, there was a little bad language.  We also had some audio problems at the start of the show, so there is a little silence, but we did get things ironed out.

On this edition of Dinosaur News, Shaun speaks about the destruction of Europe and how people had better start dropping their delusions.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

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The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-07-18

On this edition of GPP, Gadsden speaks about:

  • The boomer mentality and the acceptance of homosexuality and degeneracy within
  • Doug Owen soon to be a simulcast here on WTFR
  • Sinead of Degenerade Broadcasting blocks Gadsden after he volunteers to help on her show
  • We need to separate ourselves from black music and culture  (Shauns notes:  I am not against listening to blacks sing as long as it ain’t rap crap or hip hop etc…  If a black is in his own country and sends music to white countries to l, I have no problem with that.)
  • “Gay means happyyyyyyyy” – Disgusting homo skank sings for the children
  • Black races don’t want to get rid of whites because they live off whiteys welfare – Yet they treat whites like shit
  • Nature is a man and a woman, not butt sex and scissoring
  • Sodomy is MUCH worse than Islam
  • What happened to our white values given to us by the Gods?
  • It’s so sad that we have to be a certain level of numb to explain what we explain on-air
  • Give me my boomer Big Mac and my Smoke Break – Boomers suck ass
  • Transgender freak men asking to be called a woman otherwise there are consequences
  • WTFR has something for everybody, hence Where Thought is Free Radio
  • Ice is splitting in the Antarctic so climate change is real (Shauns notes:  Nope!  Besides Antarctica being volcanically active which makes ice split naturally, “man made emissions” don’t even reach Antarctica, due to negative feedbacks.  The plankton in the ocean that gobbles up carbon, let alone the other thousands of negative feedbacks deals with it.  Even Al Gore knows that these days after having some of his own acolytes take him to task…  We don’t hear that part on the mainstream media though…)
  • Education is screwed up beyond all recognition – Common Core is nothing but a perversion of education in itself
  • Maybe people would feel a little pain and stand up and fight, had Killary Clinton got into power
  • Medical prices sky rocketing – Losing our jobs – Losing our basic heritage – THANKS JEWS!
  • I’m not always 100% correct but I say it as I see it and I say whats on my mind

And more!


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

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Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt of RBN 2017-07-16

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Getting to the point where the Lemming class is affecting us
  • Clip:  Smart device breaks up dispute by calling cops on you
  • DHS – General John Kelly – Connections to Rome (Romeland Security)
  • Clip:  Facial recognition technology – Walmart cameras (Shauns notes:  They were also talking about facial recognition via cameras on train stations, buses etc…  Then posting your face on Facebook matched up to your account.  “Shaun was on this train station today….”  And people over here were cheering for it.  Twits!)
  • Acid being thrown at people on the streets of London – This should be an executable offense (Shauns notes:  I agree.  These bastards need to be shot or hung.)
  • Nefarious characters and articles covering them bringing 9/11 back to the surface – Is it coincidence?
  • 3 suspicious white vans that relate to what took place during 9/11
  • Clip:  Brad Sherman – Impeachment on President Trump
  • 5th column news article could be a psyop – Young people waking up and knowing that there is something up
  • Black Panthers don’t think they are penetrated by feds – Of course they are
  • Clip:  Colonising Mars with company SpaceX
  • Rob believes this is desensitsation on the population
  • Deray from Black Lives Matter – The face of it all playing his shenanigans
  • Clip:  White girl from Evergreen College
  • If anybody has a right to bitch it’s the Palestinians but at the same time we have to keep an eye on the Marxist umbrella
  • Article about the autopsy of Finicum
  • Clip:  Antifa thugs and their ilk – The actions taken and societal failures that come from within
  • Unite the right in Charlottesville – All kinds of characters will turn up on August 12
  • If communism fully takes over – There are going to be group after group of the SJW useless eaters that will be terminated – Then comes the real vision of the Noahide System
  • Rob believes that there is alot of demonic activity but on a different plain to those that are thinking of possession
  • Clip:  Advanced AI created to fight against hackers (Shauns notes:  He would mean crackers.  Hackers hack at a keyboard to code.  Crackers crack that code.  Far be it from me to wax intellectually PC on that, but I am a computer nerd and I was a cracker for a while…  Did I just say that out loud?)
  • MIT research – Global warming is complete nonsense
  • Rob will see us on the other side…. Wait a minute….  😐
  • Clip:  Guilted into the old mantra that 3rd worlders will do the job that we whites won’t
  • These 3rd world people come across and get tax free work and then the benefits as well
  • Clips about the Clinton death list:  Peter Smith – Bulldog on Hilary Clinton emails found dead in hotel room – “No foul play whatsoevaaaahhhhhhhh!” (Shauns notes:  Go figure…)
  • Clip:  King tears CNN reporter to pieces – Planned Parenthood should cough up the cash and so should those receiving food stamps
  • The people that are breeding out of control are getting free everything whilst you battle to make ends meet as white people
  • Clip:  Fukushima to release radioactive material into the ocean and the effects it will have on people
  • Clip:  One of the new guys from Infowars break a story and Rob has Mr. Producer play it
  • Clip:  Good behaviour points – Government getting into your life – if you’re a good boy and girl you will be accepted

And more…


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-13

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Deryn Hinch and his antics and how Aussies are fooled
  • Sinead McCarthy and her mental illness
  • Neil Patrick Harris Slams James Woods After ‘Utterly Ignorant and Classless’ Tweet About Young Boy
  • Clip:  Woman assaulted police horse in Harrisburg
  • Clip:  Niggers cringe at Chinese eating dog
  • Clip:  The Rape of Cologne – ‘They called us bitches and whores’ – Lest we forget
  • Clip:  Australia-China Relations_ Three Things to Know
  • Clip:  Chinese FM_ China and Australia should promote partnership
  • Clip:  Clive Palmer attacks Chinese business interests in Australia
  • Clip:  Chinese Buyers Take Over Aussie Housing Market
  • Clip:  Chinese selling dog meat in restaurant
  • Clip:  Kate Wilson gets hiccups but keeps going

And more…


Thursday, 13 July 2017

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Friday, 14 July 2017

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Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-07-11

On this edition of the GPP, Gadsden speaks about:

  • Shaun filled in last week – Gadsden only just approves
  • Gads and Shaun offered to help Sinead out, but she attacks
  • We stick by each other at WTFR through thick and thin
  • Individualism and Gadsdens belief system on it all
  • Why are there fatties and STD carriers being looked after
  • Kid rapists need to kill themselves – Children are suffering
  • Gads exposes an Alt-Righter – You will have to listen to know who
  • Feminists are not the ones running all banks – They are just pigs  (Shauns notes:  Sinead couldn’t run a fucking bank if she tried.  She’d need something other than air in her head first.  Especially being a feminist and all)
  • No matter what, we have a deep down desire to heal our nations
  • Just being White, Divine, Superior is what makes us good people – Not pagan, not Christian, just being White  (Shauns notes:  Amen.)
  • Faceberg deleting 66k posts because they are labeled “hate”
  • Mud babies need to be aborted within White Western Civilisation
  • Any mother that is doing drugs whilst pregnant should burn in hell

And more….


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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