The Gaming Corner w/ Shaun Surplus & Snake 2018-04-19

**DISCLAIMER —  This edition of the show is primarily about the people of Steam forums, so if you are a person looking for game reviews, don’t listen to this show.**

On this edition of The Gaming Corner Shaun & Snake speak about a great many things when it comes to the dangerous nature of Steam forums and at the last minute they go on to speak about a few games such as The Long Dark and Final Fantasy XV.




TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus and John Percent 2018-04-13

On this Friday 13th edition of TCTA, John and Shaun speak about the air-strikes of Syria ordered by Donald Trump among many other things.  The show speaks for itself.


Kike bitch – Unconstitutional traffic stop.  John and Shaun discuss the below clip during the broadcast…

Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-04-08

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Regardless of whether Trump is a criminal or not there is without a doubt the opposition are using ridiculous lengths to have him kicked from power
  • A continuous pass is given to Israel even though they commit so many war crimes (Shauns notes:  The Geneva Conventions dictates that there should never be cluster bombs used in civilian areas, yet Israel used these very bombs in the said civilian areas in Lebanon and they were let off without so much as anybody let alone the UN flinching an eyelid…)
  • Pizzagate was a good example of how these creepy groups of people do what they do
  • Did Hilary Clinton have sex with Sasquatch and birth little sacrificial hairy babies?
  • The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) wants to take control of who blogs, reports or even discusses anything that may influence the mainstream media

And more…


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-03-13

On this 6 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Glasses high for Nick Spero, of Circus Maximus.  He will be missed but we must celebrate him and his work!
  • Glin the perverted bastard in the local town of Myrtleford blames young kids for sexual activity
  • Israel becoming a ‘refuge for pedophiles,’ warns advocate for child sex abuse victims – Israel News –
  • TRANS-AGE_ Pedophile Charged With Abusing 3 Girls Says He’s A 9-Year-Old Trapped In Man’s Body _ Daily Wire
  • California school science project that connected race and IQ is pulled after complaints _ Fox News
  • Trump Wants Drug Dealers to Get Death Penalty _
  • Alt-Lite YouTuber Brittany Pettibone Banned from the UK _
  • Little Bitch Oompa Loompa Gadsden Clears Air About Recent Events
  • AFL Footy Show – Gay Marriage
  • The Truth about Football and Sports-AlanWatt
  • This TRUTH Actually Aired in 1981 – Why Would the Elites Allow it
  • John Percent sends Shaun some audio and Shaun comments accordingly
  • Shaun plays a call between he and Robert Reyvolt of Incendiary Radio from RBN

And much more as usual…


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-03-11

** Disclaimer disclaimer:  Shaun is not much in agreement with Mr. Friend.  His continuous support for Trump after all of Trumps Israel loving shenanigans and his support for attacks on Iran and Syria are just one of those subjects where Shaun does not at all agree. **

On this edition of Incendiary Radio Reyvolt speaks with John Friend:

  • R.I.P Nick Spero.  Nick unfortunately died prematurely after suffering a pneumonia and having cardiac problems
  • Terms such as Anti-Semitism and Racism are just weaponised terms to shut people up  (Shauns notes:  Yep, I’ve been saying it on-air since 2003.)
  • John says if Hillary was in power we would be seeing the same things we seen with Obama and it was better to have Trump in place  (Shauns notes:  I cannot believe people still see it this way, given that Trump is still sucking the Israeli globalist cock.  None of them are to be trusted at all in my opinion.  JimmyX had the right idea back in 2010 where he said that we need to vote all the incumbents out until there is somebody that will work against the jews and their puppets and start working purely for the people.)
  • Almost all of the planks of the communist manifesto are in place (Shauns notes:  I agree with Rob although I would say that they have been in place for the last 30 years at least, but now more heavily so.  Back in 2010, Will Roberts (he has since passed away) JimmyX and myself spoke about the communist manifesto live on-air when I was in New York and we discussed the planks at great length.  I will find this show and upload it to bolster what has been said here.)
  • Restaurant charging white customers more than black customers because of so called wealth disparity (Shauns notes:  BULLSHIT!  Dat’s wayciss mofuggah!)
  • Clip:  Trump speaks about illegal aliens and how they should have been arrested (Shauns notes:  I have believed for some time now that Trumps fight against illegal aliens is just there to keep him in power so that he may be the new puppet to Israel.)
  • Turning the white majorities into white minorities and bringing white western civilisation to it’s knees
  • Clip:  Google getting into bed with the Pentagon – Google has always been in bed with the alphabet agencies
  • Clip:  Trump will make deals with the devil to stay in office  (Shauns notes:  Noooooo!  Say it ain’t fuckin so!  Of COURSE he will, he’s a politician.  They have all done it so what makes him any different?  Jaysus!) — Mark of the beast to please Trump as well…

And much more…


Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-03-11

On this edition of BLN Doug speaks about:

  • Human kind soon to be able to take flight to Planet Mars
  • Direct democracy could be a way to go (Shauns notes:  True democracy never had/has a representative.  What we have now, where a representative is in place, is not democracy and never has been.  It’s just a typical molestation of words and peoples minds to make them THINK it’s democracy.)
  • More and more people waking up to being spied on, on their “smart” phones
  • Rick in Arizona speaks about how people would survive on Mars outside of terraformation and how it’s all a fraud  (Shauns notes:  Can we even get past the belts?)  Doug later touches on this.
  • Maxine is black and if you call black people dumb, then you are a wayciss.  Don’t be wayciss you evil white Donald Trump, you!

And more….