The Less Than 1% Show w/ John

On this edition of LT1%S, John speaks bout:

**DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER – The audio was so bad in this one that I did not even bother engineering in the breaks and such.  The way I do things here at WTFR, is I create templates to work with and if audio sent to me has music and such included, as well as mangled fades and things of that nature, although I more than have the ability to repair the file in it’s terrible state, I just don’t have the time to do it.  If anybody sends me audio in the future, they need to send me clean 15 minute segments (there abouts, they don’t have to be exactly 15 mins) without music.  So in this episode, I slapped it together with the WTFR badges and then did a small amount of audio processing which was hectic enough as it was, because it was in such bad shape.  This is hence why I rather do live shows, because there is almost no processing involved after the show is done.  My audio processing design is all done on the fly whilst the host is live.  What you hear live is how it is recorded and then uploaded.

1- Record your audio in 15 minute segments or as one long audio file (Around 2 hours)

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4- Do NOT add music.  This does not bode well with my templates and breaks at all.

5- I don’t normally do podcasts, (the processing is too much fucking around for the time available to me) so always consider live shows if possible.

If you follow the first 4 at least, that makes my audio processing much easier.

DISCLAIMER over and out!**

  • Shaun is setting himself apart from the previous network
  • We are a bunch of pissed off white people with what is happening
  • Not being apart of Spencers shitty movement – What a movement is
  • John can’t wait 7 days for Reyvolt because so much is happening (Shauns Notes:  John means no insult to Reyvolt here.  What he is saying, is that there is so much happening during the week and people like Reyvolt, me and others just can’t keep up with it all with a once a week show, but we don’t have the time to be doing a show every day…)
  • jews control not only the mainstream media, but also much of the alternative media
  • 1 bitcoin outweighs an ounce of gold and silver is down to 16 dollars an ounce
  • Worries about Syria – Israel goes into Syria and does bombing raids while Russia sits on it’s hands
  • Clip:  Rivero is selling some kind of mainstream mantra
  • Israel is pulling the strings – The implementation of the NWO (JWO)
  • The less the government does the better
  • Contracts are not contracts – No contracts when people violate it (Shauns notes:  I don’t believe in contracts at all.  The closest I come to honoring something like a contract, is a hand shake between myself and other good men / women.)
  • The parasites hijacked a successful white system
  • Clip:  Rivero, situation in Syria – The greater Israel project
  • We have an edge as WTFR, because we don’t broadcast for the sheckles
  • We’ll be damned if our kids will be conscripted to please kikes
  • Clip:  May 16th reads story about Syrian troops moving in and getting ready to take over another city that’s controlled by ISIS
  • Hitler was only a figurehead (Shauns Notes:  I think Hitler was MUCH more than this.  Whilst he was funded by the enemy itself, the plans he had, via his own spiritual understanding within his very conscious existence, ran deep.  He was not just sending his troops here and there in my opinion.  Just as I use farcebook against those that created it, Hitler was using the funds of the enemy to defeat them.  He went the wrong way about it obviously, otherwise the war would have been won against the kike.  Whilst I am not necessarily looking for a Hitler to follow, I do think we need to employ MANY of the ideas that he had in place, because of their successes.)
  • Rescuing white people from South Africa but on the same token, we can only look after our own countries to begin with
  • Lauren Southern and her “special” relationship with Milo the homosexual (Shauns notes:  I call Milo a homogrossual)
  • Boy Scout leaders being pervert homogrossuals and you MUST conform
  • Lauren Southern goes to France – Then she goes to Italy even though these countries are none of her business
  • Rachel Corrie killed by Israel and yet it’s work as usual – Israel still kills Palestinians
  • BUY THE FUCKING MONUMENTS!!!  (Shauns Notes:  A-fucking-Men!)

And more…


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-05-25

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Concert massacre rehearsals and reward $100,000
  • A brief discussion about cutting Brigid loose (I do not expect people to hassle Brigid.  There is no hate held for her at all.  She goes her way, we go ours.  Period.)
  • Spencer gets called a “cunt” by Depeche Mode LOL
  • It’s not allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll jews
  • Daily Stormers fund raising
  • Storm Front and their censorship
  • Networks that say it’s so expensive to run
  • Women in Paris Protest Against Immigrant Men ‘Sexually Harassing’ Them _ Heat Street
  • Emergency line for Ladies coming soon
  • Burrito Bitches, Cheap Labor, and the Cost to White Western Civilization – Shield Maiden’s Lair
  • Michael Fishwick, the grave robbing piece of filth needs to be kicked in the head

And more…


Music played:  Thursday, 25 May 2017

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Above:  Jordan Horner (This face is so fucking punchable)

Random Hours w/ South Oz Man 2017-05-23

On this edition of Random Hours, Oz Man speaks about:

  • Special treatment for the jew compared to that of the goy
  • The menace that jews make on themselves
  • Human rights can only survive by stamping out anti-semitism jews say (Shauns note:  what about stamping out jewish supremacy?)
  • jews telling Europeans what to think and what to do
  • The influence jews have on Internet corporations
  • Decoding Europe’s oldest ethnic minority
  • Criminalizing everything sane and decriminalizing crime is the jew way
  • What sparked WWII?  Do you know?
  • Hitler was a part of the coalition government but was far from being government himself

And more!


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2017-05-21 (RBN)

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Trumps recent activities and speeches in front of Middle Eastern Leaders
  • Clip:  Black Democrat Marxist idiot types talking their usual crap
  • Trump may be playing “Sun Tzu” but having the Kosher party about ain’t helping
  • Clip:  Chemtrailing – Trump signing executive order banning chemtrails
  • Clip:  B2 bombers being recorded doing some chemtrails
  • Getting an angle on your right wing zio and marxist type deals
  • Gordon Duff and Trump being thrown under the bus
  • Clip:  Trumps speech in Saudi Arabia
  • Rob explains how Trump gave up the goods
  • 2 days before Trumps Saudi speech, suspicious activities
  • Clip:  Trump goes off on Hezbollah
  • Clip:  Two anniversaries that could have significance
  • The 5 locations that Trump will be visiting
  • Clip:  The next Bilderberg meeting, it’s location and the threats
  • Comey admits under oath that he was not leaned on
  • Clip:  Mark Dice breaks down the Comey deal
  • Caller Jeff speaks about Anna and her book – pg. 150
  • Dave in Nevada speaks about people not understanding the history of the Catholic Church
  • Clip:  Savage speaking about Trump being influenced by Jesuits (LOFL)
  • Robert Spencer from Jihad watch and the false flag operation
  • Gadsden of WTFR calls in and speaks about the tranny theory
  • Bruce speaks about the murder in Tampa
  • Fred in Michigan speaks on Chris Hinkley and hangs with Rob for the rest of the show
  • Clip:  The Babylonian Zios freaks talking crap as usual
  • The modern day Israelites have direct links to Ancient Israelites

And more…


The Less Than 1% Show w/ John

**  DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER:  The music in this broadcast was changed.  To earn the right to have ones own choice of music in their broadcast, they must do a live show.  Wink wink, nudge nudge John…  **

On this edition of The Less Than 1% Show, John speaks about:

  • Foul language and expressing ourselves the way we see fit
  • Speaking about the news and propaganda in the media
  • The statues came down no matter who turned up
  • Inspiring other white men and women to do something
  • The millions and millions of dollars Christian churches have
  • People can get along and work together as Christians and Atheists
  • John adores David Duke *cough cough* and listens to 40 mins of his show
  • Duke claims Seth Rich was a “good jew” (Shauns note:  Nothing shits me more than these ‘good jewers’.  As long as they wear the title jew there is nothing good about them, period!  I have now lost any small amount of faith I had left in Duke.  It’s as bad as when I seen James Edwards with his arm around Milo…  I once broadcast these men across 107.9 FM but never again…)
  • Millenials buying into the jew degenerate crap injected into their brains
  • Duke could have purchased those monuments
  • People need to call into Storm Front Radio and speak about Duke (Shauns Note:  The same Storm Front that refuses to post Shauns entries on their forum.  A bunch of dress wearing pussies.  Shaun will be speaking about Storm Front on his next show…)
  • John calls Mike Revero and speaks about what is taking place  (Shauns note:  Mike is a flake as far as I am concerned.  He said to John that we shouldn’t assume what Seth’s motivations were, yet goes onto assume that Seth did what he did because he felt the country needed to know.  Talk about a fuckin hypocrite.  “Don’t assume!  Let me assume instead!”  Seth was a jew piece of shit and was trying to make some side cash in my opinion and it backfired.  Good riddance to kike feces!
  • Glen, Alex and the coffins (Shauns note:  I remember seeing the coffins and thinking, ‘fuck Jones, your fat enchilada eating arse is gonna miss out.  You won’t fit in one of those containers jew boy.’  I was quite amused about the irony of the whole situation.  If they remove his fat potato head they MIGHT just squeeze his lard arse in there…)
  • We don’t have an agenda, we’re just common white people
  • The United States are the last stand for white people (Shauns note:  I have been saying, since I started in radio back in 2003, that the United States is Western Civilisations last stand.  Hence, why I fight so strongly, along side my white American Brothers and Sisters.)
  • Trump is reality TV and politics in America has become a sport
  • The Founding Fathers forged a country but the millenials may not inherit it
  • The civil unrest from people like Spencer and Moldilocks
  • Cyclical history (Shauns note:  You’d think we would have learned by now…)
  • The church is going to end up in bed with the State yet again and disarmament will be inevitable
  • We are just people behind a mic poppin off  (Shauns note:  Speak for yourself John, I don’t “pop off”.  I am a Gentleman.  You filthy animal.  😐
  • The sociopaths can lie to your face without conscience
  • Richard Spencer has 60500 followers on twitter but can’t get a bee’s dick worth of those to show up to his get togethers  (Shauns note:  Plus, the hair cuts and condoms would cost too much)
  • Potato head and David Kook might some day go for round two
  • One more shot at David Kook as he begs for money  (Shauns note:  “Write us into your will?”  WTF?  Seriously dude, you’re a millionaire and you want my death money?  FUCK YOU and FUCK YOU again.  David Kook, the cornerstone of “SHOW ME THE MONEYYYYYYYYYYY”….  I’ll leave my money to my Son and Daughter that will fight against Duke, Spencer, Roosh, Milo and Jones, not to mention their partners in crime, the jew.

A great show indeed and episode 3 coming soon.



TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-05-18

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • What is work?  Patrick Jordan’s comments and Shaun’s thoughts
  • Facebook and what the TCTA group stands for
  • Shaun welcomes a new host to the table
  • The Amish way of life and how it could work in our favour
  • Contracts and how you do not have to be a part of it
  • Anna gets torn a new arse by Galloway and Shaun breaks it down
  • Ches sends Shaun some information about the Sioux Falls SD multicultural centre

And more….


Music breaks played:  2017-05-18

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The Less Than 1% Show w/ John 2017-05-17

On this premier edition of The Less Than 1% Show, John speaks about:

*DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER – WTFR does not necessarily agree with everything that John says on this broadcast – DISCLAIMER over and out**

*WARNING!  When John says goodbye, he is not actually finished on the show.  Keep listening for bonus segments…  The show ends when you hear the WTFR badge…*

  • An explanation as to who John is as a person and his beliefs
  • Verbalizing Twitter and naming the show Less Than 1%
  • Churches have become absolutely useless – Refugees welcome
  • Richard Spencer the trust fund baby and his lunacy – Rich(tard) boy actor, nothing more
  • BLM act like savages but Whites did not become the same savages
  • Alt-Right bullshit and passing the Milo phase (Shauns note:  I notice many people saying that Spencer explained his mistakes with figuratively holding hands with Milo…  Yeah, because he noticed he was losing followers and henceforth money, otherwise he would still be holding hands with the degenerate faggot)
  • We are chasing our tails and the people at the top are still in power
  • What does the letter B in LGBT imply?
  • Emailers identifying themselves (Shauns note:  To clarify, I was not talking about John, because I knew of his dilemma)
  • John is not fucking Gandhi OK?  But he DOES get himself blocked by celebrity wanna’bes….
  • More infighting, more infighting!  (Shauns note:  The previous network are their own downfall, we don’t need to in-fight with them any longer, but this is not to say I don’t feel other peoples stress.  We still get emails about these people to this day.)
  • Reported no-go zones where police will not enter – Muslim filth making your world better
  • David Duke, Richard Spencer and “saving the monuments” and those things these people refuse to talk about
  • Populism always wins in a democratic society but in the pecking order you lose
  • Chick triggered by Trump bumper sticker becomes savage and pulls knife
  • @WTFRAMERICA is Johns twitter account and you should see his time line
  • John invites Shaun to bring people on the show from Twitter (Shauns notes:  I may, I may not.  A lot of that type thing can be a waste of time, because the Alt-Kike ain’t going to change any time soon.  Would make for great radio though.  But the end question is, “does it help progress White Western Civilisation?”  I’m not sure.)
  • Saturday May 13th, James Edwards, Political Cesspool promotes protests (Shauns note:  We use to cover James over at 1650 AM for years and I covered him on 107.9 FM for a time until we found him in bed with Milo.  Figuratively speaking of course.  This is what happens when you are “sleeping with the enemy”. )
  • Mike Hill speaks about former military and former law enforcement in the groups
  • “Whatever, they are fuckin statues!”  (Shauns note:  It’s more than that.  It’s what the statue stands for.  It’s not about the stone.  What the statue stands for is what helps man keep going to fight for White Western Civilisation.  This is not to say we need to be out there like morons looking like a bunch of thug dick heads.)
  • Emissions and other bullshit regulations that fuck us out of our wallets to the point we can’t afford to live properly
  • John breaks the “gray hair in the grill” law and gets fucked hypothetically (Shauns note:  What the fuck did he think?  Didn’t he KNOW about the GRAY HAIR LAW???  Pffft…  Wait until they introduce him to the PUBIC HAIR LAW!!!  Oy VEY!!!)

And more…