It’s Time To Wake Up !!!

As you know I have been house searching Ladies and Gents, so I haven’t had a lot of time for live shows.  Or for many shows at all for that matter.  So I put this together for you today.

It’s a mild flu, nothing more nor less, but they were able to place you in a small box in a moments notice.  In the width of a bee’s arsehole.

I do respect all of you that have been by my side for all these years, but it’s about time we open our eyes.  You can call those of us that think for ourselves, “kooks” as much as you like but you can no longer disprove us or refute our information.  And I don’t give a fuck about what it is or where it came from, 5G or an alien virus from planet-X, I only care about what is relevant; how (((they))) are using it against us!

Run along now and wash your hands for the 1500’th time today, pussies.

Seriously, wake the fuck up!


Now for those of you that want to tell me to fuck off, because of my belief systems, due to what I have researched throughout my life, don’t bother.  Just don’t speak to me any longer.  I really don’t give a fuck…

Below is the full discussion on The Ripple Effect of a Cashless Society


2020-03-31 Bonus Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus – Part II

On this bonus edition of TCTA Part II Shaun speaks about:

  • Shaun walks past an elderly Lady in Wangaratta and she says he may catch Corona from her
  • $1,600 fine if caught on the street with more than two people congregation
  • The lines you cannot cross (sticky tape) whilst shopping from bakeries to pharmacies
  • Big tough men that I’ve known all these years and now scared of a simple flu
  • The Indian on the bus making a statement that deserved a punch in the face
  • Some parts of Denmark cannot even leave their house so they can’t go shopping and could starve
  • Audio:  Queensland forcing law enforcement into peoples lives because of a flu
  • JB and Shaun call their Italian friends and the Italians are calling bullshit on on this whole death thing
  • Shaun starts from chapter 4 – Biofeedback – On the alphabet agencies speaking to astral consciousness
  • Varg gets a hiding for his behaviour – White Nationalists do not tolerate their white people getting slaughtered
  • Shocking moment huge line of police officers are forced to disperse girl’s birthday party in LA _ Daily Mail Online

And much more as usual…



2020-03-29 Bonus Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus – Part I

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks further on:

  • Induced States of Consciousness Vs Reality Continued
  • Corona Virus and Hazmat Suits – War of the Worlds
  • It’s not the government that is the worry, it’s the unstable minds of the people

And his regular tangents.

Part two will be in the making on the morrow…



2020-03-27 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & JB

** DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER – Bad language does ensue **

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, JB & Shaun speak about:

  • My my my Corona – Chris Mann
  • Thanks to OB and Cam for keeping my radio alive
  • New number for Australia 039-005-6381
  • Hospital interactions
  • The nurses and their generosity
  • The fat lady up stairs
  • Discussions with nurses and docs about “The Virus”
  • Daily Fail speaking about people saying the virus is fake
  • The utter lies coming from the media and the government about the virus
  • ABC specifically saying this virus is more potent than the regular flu strains
  • Morrison says that the hoarding must stop even though he spread the fear
  • The spraying of people at the main entrance of the hospital
  • A girl tells her husband that he touched a door and he could be infected
  • Somebody coughs and people run for cover
  • A nice old lady speaks with Shaun about what is really happening – Shaun gives her a copy of Hidden Government
  • A fat dude lets off a fart that could change the way you walk and Shaun has to vacate – This fart killed Covid-19
  • People called us kooks for speaking about the coming economic collapse but here it comes
  • Douche Bagg-o on youtube doesn’t want a gun because they be too dangerous – Does not believe in defending his family

And much more….


2020-03-06 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Boomer sheep taken by marketing – Look disgusting
  • Corona is coming to get you!  It is going to eat your eyeballs and suck out your brain!
  • Jury hears accounts of alleged racist attacks as federal hate crimes trial begins in Portland — Portland — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
  • Once Australia gave sanctuary, now it hands out notices to quit _ The Independent
  • 10 Facts Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaccinations • Children’s Health Defense
  • Rabbi Fears Genetic Studies Will Show That ‘Jews Carry Genes That Are Polluting The World’
  • American supermarket shelves are stripped bare in coronavirus panic _ Daily Mail Online
  • Report_ Mansplaining Down But Woman Confusion Up _ The Babylon Bee
  • Turkey to ‘open the gates’ and allow millions of migrants unrestricted passage into Europe – Voice of Europe
  • George Clooney’s coffee beans ‘are picked by child labourers’ — Long Room
  • CNN report describes a baby who survives an abortion as a ‘fetus that was born’ – Liberty Unyielding
  • Audio:  Movies suck these days because the kikes can’t come up with something original
  • Audio:  Alex Linder and immigration

And much more as usual…



2020-02-21 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed Shaun talks about:

  • Jewish Girl caught painting 卐 on her own door then claims Anti-Semitic Attack in order to demonise Nazi’s and gain victim status
  • Rabbi Dovid Weiss Zionism has created ‘rivers of blood’ Talk to Al Jazeera
  • Orthodox Jews stage anti-Zionist protest
  • 03-F-Jewish Group calls for police to target Australian Nationalists
  • Retards and Down Syndrome people that need to be kept separate



2020-01-14 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • 09 White countries pushing for veganism
  • True Blue Aussies chant “drag queens are not for kids” after a disgusting drag queen goes to a library to promote pervert faggotry to young children
  • Tabs joins the dots between (((climate change))) and (((tranny meat)))
  • Mastic oil comes from a tree that has a resin that is not edible
  • Shaun joins Tabs for a small time to speak about Misanthropes Vs psychotics
  • Tranny pork is coming to a town near YOU!
  • Diet has become very inverted – Especially since WWII
  • Audio:  Vegan Diet Dangers
  • Audio:  Vegan ANTI-HUMAN Compilation
  • Audio:  Bad Vegan Advice Compilation
  • Audio:  University students in hot water for publicly shaming drag queen

And much more!