2019-10-29 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • Kale and Halloween
  • Symbols removed from Tampon packets to suit Transgender
  • Saturated fats is given a lot of blame it doesn’t deserve
  • Some people drink their own wee wee’s ūüėź
  • The lore of the Hamburger – Named in Germany
  • Saponins and what foods contain them
  • The word ‘cunt’ has been perverted and inverted
  • Fake fragrances and such creating fake hormones and emotions
  • Mainstream medicine being used with alternative medicine, a con

And much more!


2019-10-22 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

** DISCLAIMER —¬† We had a couple of technical difficulties during this broadcast but other than that, everything else went smoothly **

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about great range of things such as:

  • A butcher deals in meat that is so called progressive but the people eating it look ill
  • Audio:¬† People refer to themselves as vegans for (((trend))) reasons
  • Foods need to be used properly — What energy is in foods —¬† Categories are not always necessary
  • Audio:¬† Ethical veganism and what it means —¬† There is no logical conversation with these people
  • Vaccines being promoted around every corner — Attractive women selling the idea — Sex sells
  • Different herbs that can help you during this time of year in America
  • The Ayurvedic medical system and it’s constitutions
  • The ills that can come from eating vegetables alone
  • All of these things that go against nature are big time talmudic

And much more!


Tabitha Joins WTFR

That’s right Ladies and Gents.¬† If you didn’t get to hear the latest broadcast then you’re missing out on the reasons as to why Tabitha has moved on over here.¬† In a nutshell, Tabitha was fired by Rengrenade on ridiculous notions.¬† The same ol’ “schtick” when it comes to Degenerade Broadcasting.

Tabitha will be speaking about a great many things and one of those things will be vitally important for many of you.¬† Do you know what that is?¬† I’ll tell you what that is.¬† Your health and wellness.¬† There is nothing better than being healthy but more so having the knowledge to learn how to remain healthy under almost any circumstances.

You will be able to hear White Wellness with Tabitha each Tuesday evening at 8 PM EST in the States which means us Aussies will be able to listen in each 10 AM on every Wednesday, AEST.  Bare in mind that time will change during DST, on the account of both Australia and America.

So don’t miss out.¬† The start date of the show will be on the 24th of September.¬† For Australians that will be the 25th.¬† Yep, that means tomorrow!

As the old saying goes, “Be there or BE SQUARE!”


Q – A Video Not To Be Ignored

Last week on Robert Reyvolts show he played a clip called ‘Q’.¬† He and I are in a bit of a back and forth about it as we speak and I wanted to post the clip here so that people can have a look for themselves.¬† This is not a clip that should be ignored.¬† Take heed.

Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-01-07

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Global awards are on and they are full of creepers
  • Trump looking back at what has been accomplished
  • Should people be in trouble for lack of medical insurance
  • Trumps “Make America Great Again” is just nostalgia -Rosanne is back (Shauns Notes:¬† God fuckin help us.¬† That fat ugly kike was the unfunniest piece of filth I had ever seen.¬† Her fat rolls use to make me gag and so did her so called humour…)
  • Where are these mass amounts of opium going – Big Pharma perhaps – Federal Government working hard to do more damage to marijuana¬† (Shauns notes:¬† Anybody who thinks that Marijuana shouldn’t be legal when you compare it to what alcohol does to the human body or opiates for that matter, is a fucking idiot.¬† With that said, Marijuana should be eaten, not smoked.¬† Smoking hurts the lungs but eating it is fine…)
  • People should be able to put what they want into their bodies in the grand scheme of things (Shauns notes:¬† Sure, just as people should be able to hang out with what race they wish, without ridicule, but that’s not allowed either.¬† So don’t complain when people ridicule you for smoking Marijuana…¬† There will ALWAYS be a professional offendee around the corner for anything that does not match up with the mainstream medias narrative….)

And more…


Shaun Fills In On The Green Pilled Perspective 2017-07-04

On this edition of GPP, Shaun fills in for Gads and speaks about:

  • Wiggery of the worst kind and how it is taught by our systems
  • Shaun’s twittery ignorance makes him fall over himself
  • Aussie emailer cops a hiding for her stupidity
  • ¬†The Cabin in the Woods will soon be available for viewing
  • Living off the land and where to kick-start it all off
  • 4th of July audio clip – Is there really anything to celebrate?

And more…


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

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Shaun’s American Trip Part I

On this episode of Shaun’s American Trip he speaks to Tom, a gentleman that is getting OFF THE GRID! ¬†That’s right, for all you people that have been telling me that it’s just impossible to do so, you can read it and weep!

Part II will be coming soon.