TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-03-08

On this 4hr edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Bikers-In-Town
  • Ben Daglish – Wikipedia
  • Indians-Taking-Over
  • YouTube-Clip-About-People-About-To-Die
  • Filthy Kike Zuckerberg putting phone numbers out
  • Anger over Facebook’s use of personal phone numbers Download This Show
  • Husband hacks ‘rapist’ to death in South Africa after catching him ‘attacking his pregnant wife’ _ Daily Snail Online
  • Milo-Government-Backs-Down
  • Rose McGowan on #MeToo and how women caused a ‘cultural reset’ The World
  • Primary school AXES anti-homophobia lessons after protests from Muslim parents _ Daily Mail Online
  • House Democrats plan vote to condemn anti-Semitism after Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s latest ‘slur’ _ Daily Snail Online
  • Worst ever immigration minister_ Asylum seekers jet in under Dutton’s nose
  • Why Australia keeps changing prime ministers Politics Explained
  • WA Parliament turns away from Indigenous youth suicide, despite coroner’s urgent plea – ABC News (Australian Bullshit Corporation)
  • Police fury after thug, 18, avoids jail despite being caught carrying a ‘fearsome’ knife _ Daily Snail Online
  • ‘One gun in the hands of every eighth person’_ Number of registered guns in NSW reaches milestone
  • Shaun- & “white boys”
  • The lowdown on the US government shutdown What’s Going On
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TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-03-01

**Disclaimer, disclaimer!  It turns out the 50 Cent death was a hoax…  To my regret, because I still think he’s a piece of shit.  So to be clear, the niggah wasn’t waxed after all…  Thanks to the listener that bought this to my attention…  Apparently, it is in fact Tupac I was thinking of.  Disclaimer over and out…**

On this edition of TCTA, Shauns speaks about:

  • Girl, 5, cuts off her hair while watching Peppa Pig after Momo told her to do it _ Metro News
  • Audio:  Kevin-Trudeau-Kids-Today
  • Mel Gibson Exposes Hollywood as the Hub of Satanic Child Sacrifice
  • Audio:  Mel-Producer-Women-Dead
  • Audio:  Mel-Based-On-Money
  • Audio:  Mel-Sheltzer-Contract
  • Audio:  Mel-Hollyweird
  • Audio:  Mickey Rourke Says Hollywood Tried to Hex Mel Gibson But He’s Got Too Much … TMZ
  • Something is Terribly Wrong With The Children’s Clothing Line Caroline Bosmans – The Vigilant Citizen
  • The Fast and the Furious director accused of molesting transgender daughter when she was a toddler  _ Daily Mail Online
  • Graduate, 25, turned down by the police because he isn’t disabled, gay or black _ Daily Mail Online
  • English woman spared jail for racism after calling PC ‘sheep-shagging c__t’ _ Metro News
  • Audio:  Paul Topete on Colbert Report
  • Woman assaults man wearing ‘MAGA’ hat at Mexican eatery, claims she’s the victim, video shows _ Fox News
  • Full-throttle queens – ABC News (Australian Bullshit Corporation)
  • Chinese-News-Reader-Digital-WTFR Chatroom

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The Right and the Wrong For Children

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I was recently sent an e-mail about something I said on the latest broadcast when it comes to the custody of children. What I was discussing, was when the mother has predominant care for the children, she cannot be the prime decision maker. As the father of the children, I too have a part in the decision-making.

The e-mail goes on to discuss that when either the mother or the father are the predominant parent, that parent maintains the right to make 100% of the decisions for the child or children. I am here to tell you ladies and gentlemen that this is simply not true.

The only time one or the other parent has predominant decision-making for the child or children is if there are court orders put in place. If there is a court order put in place by a judge in family Court, then and only then can the law enforce predominant decision-making by one of the two parents. That of course would be the parent that maintains full custody of the children. But even then, the judge can deem the other parent that does not have full custody, fit to make decisions for the child or children.

So let’s reiterate. Unless the parents go to court to have court orders put in place for the children, and that court order states that one or the other parent does not have decision-making rights, then both parents have equal rights to the decision-making for the said children.

You also have to look at the verbal contracts. You and I may not necessarily call them verbal contracts, we may call them verbal agreements. Meaning, if I and my ex-girlfriend breakup after having children, then we come to a verbal agreement on how we are going to bring these children up as a separated couple. For example, my ex and I verbally agreed that she would have the children predominately, but both of us would have equal rights to the decision making for them. Bear in mind that we do not use terms such as verbal contracts in our daily speech per se, the court does. It recognises our verbal agreements as verbal contracts.

The court takes everything into consideration in both laymen’s terms and law speech. What I mean by law speech, is the speech used in court, by both lawyers and the judge. So when we state in front of the judge that we made a verbal agreement, the judge will see that as a verbal contract. Now when he or she, make their final judgement it will not necessarily depend on that verbal contract, but then again it may. Especially if the parents have never been to court for the children before.

When I was discussing on the recent broadcast, that it was in fact against the law for my son to be vaccinated without my consent, I meant it in the literal sense of the verbal contract between the mother and myself. The mother and myself have never been to court for our children. We felt, that it wouldn’t just be bad for us, but that it would be bad especially for the children and this is the most important thing that so many people fail to realise or simply forget.

Given that there is no contract put in place by the family court, there is nothing saying that I do not maintain the right to make decisions for the children. In fact due to the verbal contract between the mother and myself, there is everything that says I have absolute equal right to take part in the decision making for our children.

So you see, you have to get to know the way the court system works. There are many court systems, but in this case it is family Court that I had to get to know.

Now I understand, that there will be many men that e-mail me after reading this article. They will be questioning me as to why I didn’t go for predominant custody, when the mother and I were making the verbal contract. It’s very simple. Her and I get along quite well. Well enough anyway, that it was made easy for me to make what I think was the right decision.

As a father I wanted what was best for the children, and I believe that in the early stages of bringing up children, they need the maternal instinct rather than that the paternal instinct. And to this day I think I made the right decision. I get to see my kids whenever I want to, as I said on the broadcast. The mother of my children and I get along well enough, that if I was to say to her, “I want to have the kids tomorrow because I’ve got something important for them to see or do”, she would be the first one to bring them to my house or to allow me to go and pick them up.

The decision made for the vaccination was illegal. Albeit that her and I get along quite well, there are certain things that are done that go against our verbal agreement. I am dead against vaccination and needed to be contacted when this was going to take place, (the school where the vaccine was administered, is in fact just as much complicit) so that I could be a part of that decision. I was not. In the eyes of the court the verbal contract was broken. Unless of course the mother was to lie about the verbal contract in the first place, at which point the court would become the decision maker about whether or not both parents will have equal rights to make the decisions for the said children from the time of judgment and an order put in place.

Also, whilst our government is pushing to have mandatory/compulsory vaccines for children in every way it can, many judges around our country still maintain that it should be a parent’s choice. (Although this is changing) The court’s main concern is whether the parents can cognitively and cogently decision-make between each other, in the best interest of the children. If they cannot, then it will go to Council as to who is more suited to the decision-making of the children.

In the meantime however, the decision-making between the mother and myself needed to be exactly that. Especially as far as I’m concerned, was such an important decision when it comes to the health of our children.

If you have any further questions or queries, you can contact me at and I will do my best to answer your questions and/or queries.


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-02-22

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Every-One-Is-A-Fed-Co-Intel
  • Facebook may start removing anti-vaxx posts _ Daily Mail Online
  • Over a Million Children Under the Age of Six Are Taking Psychiatric Drugs in America
  • pedophocracy – Wiktionary
  • Pensioner faces charges for turning Belgium home into the Fuhrer’s Eagle Nest with Nazi banners _ Daily Mail Online
  • Highest crime rates, yet we feed our criminals KFC _ South Africa Today
  • Australian firefighter Troy Thornton dies after lethal injection in Swiss clinic

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TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2018-07-20

On this 4 hour light hearted edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Australia must soon decide on which side of Donald Trump’s history it stands
  • Is Prosecution Retaliating Against Todd Engel
  • Todd Engel sentenced to federal prison for his part in Bundy standoff
  • Weed ingested is much better for you than smoking it – Eat’em if ya got’em!
  • Pastor claims he carried out ritual murders of over 600 in Ghana
  • Melbourne, Australia_ Africans Commit 128x More Violent Robberies, 68x More House Invasions
  • Kikes say: Rewriting History in Textbooks is on the side of the white man
  • Muh Stolen Generation say Abbo wankers that are lazy petrol sniffing fucks

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A Baby Born – Home & Hospital

I was in a conversation with a gentleman just yesterday Ladies and Gents and one of the comments that was made, was that “the world is becoming overpopulated since hospitals for childbirth were introduced”.

First and foremost, that would depend on what part of the world.  If we take a look at just how vast Australia is, (roughly the same size as the United States into Canada) we can clearly see that 24 million people is not really an overpopulation of the country.  And albeit people will tell you that much of Australia is uninhabitable due to how much desert we have here, more and more technology to be able to run converted salt to fresh water into more remote areas are being worked on every day.  Technology such as electrodialysis.  Not to mention, due the changing cycles (it’s totally natural I assure you and has nothing to do with Al Gores global warming fantasies) the desert since 2005 has been getting more rain that it ever has before and scientists say that there is a possibility that these areas will become green again.

China, on the other hand is clearly suffering overpopulation and whilst many people think it cruel for it’s dictator to limit how many children a family has, just a week in Beijing is enough to change anybodies mind.  If you thought you understood sustainable developments “stack’em and pack’em” housing in Melbourne or Sydney, think again.  The bee hive affect is well and alive in Beijing or even different parts of Thailand.

Having said this, does this mean that the world is becoming overpopulated as a whole?  Yes, but I blame this a hell of a lot less on more babies surviving because of hospitals than what I do the introduction of this false “diversity” (which is really a polar opposite to what we are told it is) and multiracialism that has been forced down our throats.  We have more people coming in from all around the world than ever before and it’s soon to be outweighing the number of births that take place in the country, by people that were born here themselves.  But alas, we are becoming an overpopulated world nonetheless.

The whole reason I am writing this is because I made mention of how so many women are now going to hospitals to have babies, yet for centuries women had babies in their homes.  In fact many people don’t realise that hospital births did not really take off until as late as the early 1900’s.  That’s really not that long ago.  Yep, women with the help of midwives a lot of the time, especially affluent women were still having babies at home until the early 1900’s and some of them STILL are.

The success rate of a baby being born was seldom to do with a hospital vs home birth.  Midwives were very well educated people and even before the time of midwives, birth was mostly successful.  “But Shaun, what if the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the babies neck, is the midwife trained for that?”  Yes.  They were trained not to care.  Never in history has an umbilical cord been a risk for baby to lose oxygen so there was no reason to be alarmed.  This is a well known myth in this day and age and was even known back then.  The baby does not breath air through it’s nose, mouth and lungs.  There is no oxygen in the uterus, only liquid.  The oxygen for baby is delivered to him/her through two veins from the umbilical cord.  The bloods and sugars delivered to baby are what contain the oxygen, so although baby does not breath per se he/she is getting all of the oxygen needed until delivered into the open world.  Remember, it’s the oxygen in our blood cells that keep us alive.  Breathing for us is what delivers the oxygen to our blood, whereas for baby, the umbilical cord does it instead.  So yes, things such as umbilical cords were not a worry during the times of home birth.

Stillborns (and I don’t mean death by complication) and miscarries to this day are still happening.  Nobody has the answers and if a nurse or doctor tell you they know why it happens, they are lying.  Whilst the medical mafia do have theories about what may be killing these babies in the womb, they do not yet have absolutes, the same goes for cot-death.  And the amount of babies that were stillborn back in the 1800’s is only less, because there were less women having babies back then.  And bare in mind, genetics too can play a part in who will have a stillborn or miscarry a child.  That’s another study in itself.

There is no evidence to suggest that there were more miscarries and stillborns during home pregnancies and births than in hospitals.  Unless of course you speak to those at the top of the medical pyramid, that have every reason to want you to believe otherwise.  Money money money.  When they hand you a document trying to prove themselves, be sure to take a look at when it was written and by whom it was wrote.

Since education was found to be more useful than any tool used in hospital, more and more women have been going back to home birth.  It’s not only natural, but it’s healthier.  Any doctor or nurse worth their weight in gold will tell you that a hospital is a very unhealthy place.  For oh so obvious reasons that you would think a person with even half a brain would know.  Bacteria from the sick, disease, flu, sometimes feces in the open air etc etc…

You see, once-upon-a-time the main killer of babies during birth, either hospital or home had more to do with hygiene, whether it be midwife or nurse.  However, now that we know more about hygiene and bacteria and how to deal with and/or prevent all of this, both the hospital and home have larger success rates in birth.  Back in the early 1900’s we suffered the same problems between hospital or home births and those problems were all caused by little education.  And the only reason we are being over populated in certain countries (besides the evident injection of 3rd world peoples) is because the success rate of births on both fronts, hospital AND home, are increasingly successful.

Hospital has been given WAY too much credit however, when it comes to the success of having babies.  Home births, for many a decade were put to the wayside until recently.  The reason the hospitals were given so much credit was based more so on false statistics.  When the medical mafia released it’s stats on how many more babies were being born, they conveniently left out details such as to numbers.  For instance, that the per capita numbers of course grew as we had more women having babies.  You’ll seldom see them use per capita math, because that doesn’t suit their bank account.

Another reason hospitals were given more credit than they deserve, was because when the medical mafia write their journals, they of course have an agenda at hand.  That agenda is to convince YOU that it’s unsafe to medicate yourself and to convince YOU that it’s unsafe to have a baby at home.  Why?  Well I thought that was obvious.  Because, it’s your money that pays his/her wage.  Does a bicycle store repairman tell you to fix your own bike?

In any case, the idea that the hospital has been behind this sudden success is a myth.  Birth has always been successful both in and out of hospital and people did not start having more babies because of hospitals.  Back in the 1800’s the average household had 8-12 children.  Whilst there were not as many women on the earth back then, populations were still growing fast enough because of the numbers of babies being born.  Among other cultures outside of our own, some polygamous families had 15-20 babies.  One male, three females and 15-20 babies.  Is it any wonder us whites are being out bred by the third worlders in our own country?

The bigger problem I see at the moment, is that we whites are a mere 8.85% around the globe, down from 27% in the late 40’s and early 50’s.  See the movie Idiocracy as to why.  When you’re adding up your statistics, whether they be from The Bureau of Statistics or stats that come out of the UN or the media, be sure that they have not added Hispanics in as whites as they typically do.  In some countries Arab’s are added to statistics as Asians.  And although it’s not an easy task, be vigilant and I am sure you will come to the same conclusion that I have and 8.85% is a VERY SCARY FIGURE!

My advice?  Go back to home birth.  Have 6 kids.  Ladies, become a mother of the household for your children whilst your bloke brings back the dough.

Ah.  The thought of a healthy family coming back.  Just puts a smile on my face.

Have a great day.