Dinosaur News w/ John Beattie 2017-02-15

On this edition of Dinosaur News John invites Shaun (that’s me in the third person over there) to speak on his “Beattie Boy” meet ups.  Shaun is going out of his way to slowly get the numbers up of LUDUS (Legal Underground Defense Units) so that we can start making a stand.  It starts with 1, then 2, 3 and before you know it, it’s 300, but before any of that can happen, we need the good motivation of Beattie Boy and that’s exactly what we have here on WTFR…


Shaun has been a bit of a slack arse and keeps forgetting to put in the new scripts for the music breaks to be posted here, so give him a nudge or a quick loving punch in the face to get that happening…

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Taking Jacko Out For Valentines – LOL

Yes that’s right Ladies and Gents, Jacko, (AKA Epic in the chatroom) and I met on a Beattie Boy meet up and it was a good time.  It was at the last moment that I realised over our meal that it was valentines day and all I could think, was, ‘ohhhhh, this does not look good.’  You know this movement…  First you’re a jew if you don’t agree and then you’re a faggot jew.  Neither myself or Jacko can win out of this one.  Ha!

No, we ain’t faggots, but we did indeed have a fine talk over some fine food, at a fine pub.  I had a rare steak and Jacko had a rare burger.  And we both had 12 rare beers.  A beer I had never tasted before.  I’m only putting it in this finer detail for the all the pizzagate tards out there.  I know that there is something going on when it comes to pizzagate, I just think that most of the alternative pedia (media) use it as a point of attention for their networks, rather than what it actually is.

The people in Melbourne suck big hairy balls.  BIG HAIRY BALLS!  They are rude, they are robots and they don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves.  And why am I not surprised given the fact that they are all fucking foreigners.  Indians, Asians, Lebs…  And let’s not get started on the jew and degenerate population.  Oh wait, same thing…

Well, I have a noisy Asian in the next room (I am in a hotel) and it sounds like he is being hassled by his mother.  This is going to be fun.  I promise if they annoy me too much, I will press record.  It’s getting to that point now.  I can only handle so much square throat talk before I get stupid.

I will get some footage on the morrow, of what Australian cities look like in this day and age for your viewing pleasure.  Or should I say, your viewing spewing…

Stay well good people and I will of course be back home in time for Beattie Boy’s show on the American Wednesday.



A neo-Nazi sports a Swastika on his boot at a rally at the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City, Missouri, November 9, 2013. The date is the 75th anniversary of Kristallancht, when Nazi Storm Troopers and others killed almost an estimated 91 Jews, destroyed synagogues, Jewish homes and shops and began the process that became the HolocaustREUTERS/Dave Kaup  (UNITED STATES - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS) - RTR3NLCL

Credit Where It’s Due


This was originally put in the Drama Corner but has been copied to the main page because of demand….

There is nothing that shits me more Ladies and Gents than some fucking arsehole that doesn’t give credit where it’s due.  Especially some arsehole that is just in it for the donations, or what I call, the “self welfare” system.

Let’s list some of the greats:

Commander Rockwell

William John Beattie

Edgar J Steele

Eustace Mullins

Peter Schaenk

Jim Traficant

Even John Stadtmiller of RBN…

Somewhere, there has always been some fuck head that thinks he was able to take credit for what these people have said in the past, dozens of times.  And I guess I had more to say because one thing lead to another.  And another….

You know, speaking of Stadtmiller, people can bitch about him as much as they like (I have myself on occasion) but he has stood the test of time and stuck to his guns.  He is rock solid and nobody can refute that.  Give the guy some fuckin credit!

The article that triggered me from the Stormer:  http://www.dailystormer.com/oz-gas-huffing-aboriginals-rightfully-treated-like-animals/

My rant:



Dinosaur News w/ John Beattie 2017-02-08

On this edition of Dinosaur News, the good Beattie boy discusses:

  • Many people slinging off at Trump, but he is doing the work of the pro-white
  • Problem with overpopulation, how non-whites are still out breeding whites
  • The importance of the chatters and how much info they contribute
  • The good things Trump has done just 19 days in his Presidency
  • Recognising young white patriots like Gadsden


Experimenting with new automation, so no break tune listings this week.