Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen 2017-09-10

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Hurricane Irma heads for Florida
  • Hurricane Harvey invites a decent response from people
  • Even black people were helping those with rebel flags during storm
  • Looters going after shoe stores and electronics out of Irma
  • The militarization of the American police force
  • 9/11 changed Doug’s life and probably changed many of yours also
  • New explosive law suit – Dry run for 9/11 – Saudi Arabia
  • American flags made by China (Shauns Notes:  Same thing here in Australia)
  • 9/11 in five minutes by James Corbett
  • Caller Joel:  How much do we believe from an obvious lying government?
  • Electronic enslavement – Is the Internet one of those things leading us into the past?
  • Caller Rick:  There could have been an empty tower – It would explain so much
  • The Dreamers Act – It should be easy enough to find something manageable


Above, link to James Corbett 9/11 in 5 minutes


TCTA Music Show 2017-09-07

Shaun holds a music show and vents about his $200.00 fine, for not wearing a helmet.  Although this show went on for quite a many hours more, it has been cut down to two hours, not just because Shaun ended up so wasted he couldn’t talk properly, but because the show went on for way too long.  Something like 7 hours.

Kick back with your favourite beverage and enjoy.


The Less Than 1% Show w/ John Percent 2017-09-06

John and Shaun speak about a many things including the alt-right, Renegade, Charlottesville and everything wrong with the world today.


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

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John Percent – Debut Live Show This Evening 2017-09-06

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  John Percent has officially joined WTFR as a live radio broadcaster.  Whilst we regretfully lost John Beattie as a host, I am positive that Mr. Percent is going to bring both an informative and entertaining show each week, here to the network.

John and I (Shaun) have known each other for a few good years now.  The crazy yankee bastard has been following me around the alternative radio networks since around 2014 and we fast realised how much we have in common.  And we hold onto one of those friendships you can call home.  He and I can be screaming at each other one minute and having a beer with one another the next.  The kind of friendship that everybody should be able to have, but these days can’t.  Well, unless you’re special.  John and I are special.  Ha!  And so are you!  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing.  We would instead be off playing working like slave bitches and playing video games during our time off!  Oh, wait…..

Anyway, we’re glad you’re joining us and we hope you enjoy the new show.  I will be joining John, because he wants me there.  Because I’m special.  So BE THERE, or BE SQUARE!!!!

The Less Than One Percent Show, live debut this evening at 10 PM EST for the United States, 12 PM AEST for Australia.

Don’t miss it!


The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-09-05

On this edition of TGPP, Gadsden speaks about:

  • A public apology to John Beattie for comments misconstrued
  • jew funded sports keeping people busy are different to school sports
  • Bitcoin is not yet to be trusted and people use it at their own risk
  • Mass movements will not work – you just tell the truth and don’t sugarcoat
  • Kicking out (((Loki’s children))) won’t work, you need a permanent solution to stop the rodents
  • Chairman of Barilla Pasta takes a stand against homosexual degeneracy and says gays can eat another brand
  • Rothschild media outlet says there will be a global currency in 2018
  • Nationalized Healthcare would work in a society free from degenerate behavior such as Obesity and Homosexuality
  • Trump sends Feds to confiscate guns in Chicago, Trump will screw up gun rights in the future
  • Muslim thugs get away with rape and assault, yet elderly ladies get jail time for questioning holohoax


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

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23:30:40 bump Gadsden\Out\Johnny Rebel – It’s The Attitude, Stupid!.wav
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The Candour Hour – Ep07 – A Powerful Letter & White Dispossession

On this episode of The Candour Hour, Shaun reads a letter from Ian. W. Fotheringham and then moves onto an article entitled Education and White Dispossession: Miseducation in the National Curriculum, by Matthew Roberts…


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-09-03

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Black Sky Hazards – The role they play and the relation to recent storms such as Harvey
  • Clip:  People believing eclipse’s are synthetic due to other events being synthetic
  • Some people saying that Russia is starting weather wars against the States
  • We’ve been brainwashed into forgetting even recent history
  • Clip:  Youtuber takes a look at the pattern of the storm and how it may become a Cat. 5
  • Osteen accused of not opening Church doors to flood victims
  • Clip:  Trump speaks about Sheriff Joe being unfairly treated (Jacko’s chatroom notes:  haha – heard this one about Sheriff Joe. He rips the press hard.)
  • A lot of the people at the top of the Charlottesville rally are operatives
  • Clip:  Controversial new movie about 9/11 – Sheen under attack about “9/11 conspiracy”
  • Sick of all these people trying to play it safe so they call Antifa Nazis
  • Clip:  Joe Scarborough – Antifa are the fascists in their actions
  • Clip:  Mark Levin – Pelosy finally comes out and says that Antifa needs to be dealt with
  • Rob talk about where some of these alt talking heads stand, such as Jones front man Paul Watson
  • Clip:  I want to believe that Americans can find common ground and come together
  • Clip:  Antifa had no legal right to assemble and the mainstream media has blood on it’s hands
  • Clip:  A VISA tracking system will be in place says Trump
  • All of this technology that can cause a heart attack or blank your brain
  • You have to decide if all this is synthetic or a real battle and you need to take these people out of power
  • Clip:  The Internet and the future – Christopher Green – Youtube, Google and what we are witnessing
  • Jacko in the chatroom states:  “it sounds like AJ calling for his CIA relatives to kill Robinson” and I (Shaun) agree with that.  Rob speaks to this and doesn’t totally agree
  • Clip:  Alex Jones’ 3rd hour – August 29th – Dead judge in Brazil and how the web all comes together