The Gaming Corner w/ Shaun Surplus & Snake 2018-04-19

**DISCLAIMER —  This edition of the show is primarily about the people of Steam forums, so if you are a person looking for game reviews, don’t listen to this show.**

On this edition of The Gaming Corner Shaun & Snake speak about a great many things when it comes to the dangerous nature of Steam forums and at the last minute they go on to speak about a few games such as The Long Dark and Final Fantasy XV.




TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus and John Percent 2018-04-13

On this Friday 13th edition of TCTA, John and Shaun speak about the air-strikes of Syria ordered by Donald Trump among many other things.  The show speaks for itself.


Kike bitch – Unconstitutional traffic stop.  John and Shaun discuss the below clip during the broadcast…

Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-04-08

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Another false flag in order to keep Trump in Syria (Peter Schaenk stated back in 2005/2006 that Israel will be going after Syria so that they can wipe out Iran and it fell on deaf ears and now, what are we seeing?  Rob ain’t stupid and he see’s what is in front of him.  I hope people listen this time.)
  • Clip:  Watson of Info Wars speaks on how we shouldn’t buy the narrative without looking into it  (Shauns notes:  Watson and Jones both sound like they have a very big penis lodged in their throats.  More so Jones, but what’s worse is that they both try and sound like mainstream media.  The same tones I use to hear on Entertainment Tonight.)
  • Rob touches on the Data collecting by the DHS –  The DHS wants to collect information about those that do broadcasts that influence mainstream media and then plays a clip
  • Clip:  Crazed nigger points gun at unarmed peoples and then pulls fake gun on cops and fuckin BAM BAM BAM!  (Shauns notes:  Wait for it!!!  “Burn dat shit down mofuggah!  Burn dat shit down!”  And the chimpout begins…)
  • Caller: Shaun (That’s me) calls in to make his thoughts known about a couple of issues Rob was discussing
  • Clip:  London is the safest global city in the world – The safest city – It is the safest city – It is, it is…
  • Caller:  Jeff in Idaho speaks about the political correct term “mega ovaries”  to start with and then moves on to talk about the British interference in America.  The British Monarch (hello Australians) and the British Crown – The undermining of the constitution.
  • Breaking news:  Rob speaks about something forwarded to him through Shaun, by John Percent – Syria being bombarded by Israel or the US
  • Clip:  The useful idiot communists (PC retards) speak about how they want to ban assault guns (Shauns notes:  While the drool runs down their mouths)
  • Clip:  Criminals do not follow the law.  The only people that end up with no guns are the people that do the right thing.  The criminals hold onto their guns and then the good people are left disarmed
  • Caller:  Bill talks on how everything Rob has been speaking about tonight is absolutely true and then goes on to discuss what it is Americans should be doing to fight against this corruption
  • Tim in Washington speaks about:  Rob is a guy that is out in the jungle and he understands what a tripwire is

And much more as usual…


Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-04-08

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Regardless of whether Trump is a criminal or not there is without a doubt the opposition are using ridiculous lengths to have him kicked from power
  • A continuous pass is given to Israel even though they commit so many war crimes (Shauns notes:  The Geneva Conventions dictates that there should never be cluster bombs used in civilian areas, yet Israel used these very bombs in the said civilian areas in Lebanon and they were let off without so much as anybody let alone the UN flinching an eyelid…)
  • Pizzagate was a good example of how these creepy groups of people do what they do
  • Did Hilary Clinton have sex with Sasquatch and birth little sacrificial hairy babies?
  • The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) wants to take control of who blogs, reports or even discusses anything that may influence the mainstream media

And more…


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2018-03-25

**  I apologise for missing Rob’s last shows live.  I have been very busy of late and I have also been spending time with a friend in hospital.  Not to mention, my usual daily activities including work and it all adds up.  To the point where even I need to sleep.  Yeah I know right?  The little hyperactive fuck called Shaun, sleep?  Yeah whatever!  Ha!  **

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Little punk David Hogg thinks that he can take those of us on that have called him out as a crisis actor
  • Clip:  Ellen Degenerate induces vomit as she encourages young people to continue the false flag charade
  • Clip:  Communist faggot David Hogg speaks total shit about gun owners being child killers  (Shauns notes:  This little faggot needs his arse handed to him.  If he wants to ban guns, then he shouldn’t whine when somebody crawls through his fucking window to rape his white arse and he has nothing to defend himself with.  Because remember, the criminals don’t care about gun bans.  They will have guns no matter what.  They only people that have guns in a country where guns are banned, are the bad people, because they don’t give a FUCK about your laws.  Hence, why they are labeled criminals.  This little bitch Hogg and his lame fucking brain, makes me sick.)
  • Candidate for Sheriff threatens death to people that do not hand in their guns (Shauns notes:  This is fucking insane.  They call us people that dare to speak about fluoride being a bad thing in your water treatment plants crazy, but a possible Sheriff orders death on people that don’t hand in their guns (1984 anyone?) and nobody cares.  Fuck.  We really are in a sad state of affairs.  People should be screaming from the roof tops about this, but nope, they’d rather waste their time watching shit sucking football games.  Unreal.)
  • Hogg reminds Rob of a kid from Children of the Corn.  (Shauns notes:  Hahahahahah.  Hit the nail on the head.  Some little bastard kid that wants to eat your fucking soul…)
  • Rob grabbed some pro-gun t-shirts – “Don’t like guns?  Don’t buy one!”  (Shauns notes:  I would have though that was obvious, but as Rob knows all too well, people need their government to do their thinking for them.  What’s insulting the most is the fact that these tards that want guns banned, think for a moment that we are ALL unstable maniacs that wish to go on a rampage and massacre huge numbers of people, just because of the unstable few or the paid agents that have done it in the past.  Hogg would have us believe that because Dylann Roof went on a killing spree, that we must also be unstable and want to go on a killing spree.  BULLSHIT!  As we have said for countless years, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”.  The proof is in the pudding isn’t it?  Robert is not a mass killer with a gun.  I am not a mass killer with a gun.  YOU are not a mass killer with a gun.  Just because a retarded fuckwad runs out there to kill a lot of people, does not make the gun guilty and nor does it make stable people such as you and I guilty.  You’re being lied to.)
  • Caller calls in to speak about things that Robert has been talking about and comments on one of the clips
  • Jim in Missouri speaks about the control of spending and knee jerk reactions – And how Trump maybe outwitting those around him by playing the players
  • Rose calls in and speaks about still having hope that Trump will do something for America

And much much more…


JimmyX Soon To Join Shaun On TCTA

That’s right Ladies and Gents.  As many of you know, JimmyX and Shaun use to do their broadcasts on Oracle Broadcasting before it closed it’s doors and many of you may also know that the the two Gents like to get together once in a while to discuss what is happening in the world.  Well, very soon they will be doing just that.

With all that is happening in the world there is no shortage to discuss but often enough both Gentlemen are busy on many levels.  So enjoy it while you can.

Bob may or may not be joining them.  He too has been busy of late and it’s hard to say whether his schedule will fit, but we will see.

The time is set for 8PM EST in the States on Friday 30th and 11AM on Saturday 31st for Australia.  We will send a tweet out a day before the show goes live to remind people.

We hope to see you there.