TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-02-15

On this 3hr broadcast, Shaun speaks about:

  • Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate – Jewish Telegraphic Agency
  • Audio: Jew student caught painting Swastikas on her own door then claiming Anti-Semitic Attack
  • Jewish man arrested ‘after posting swastikas on doors’ – Telegraph
  • Audio: Jew caught Spraying Swastikas
  • Bogus Hate Crimes_ Trump, Conservatives Blamed by Clueless Leftists _ National Review
  • Anti-vaxxer kids are rebelling against their parents by vaccinating themselves – MarketWatch
  • The dangerous belief that white people are under attack
  • Jacko-Affirmative-Action-WTFR Chatroom
  • Fancy A Movie_ _ TCTA Unleashed _ WTFR
  • Audio: Never-Ending-Story
  • Trafficker of child sex-slaves admits to killing hundreds of children _ Fellowship Of The Minds
  • Shocking Sex Trafficker Interview Ross Kemp Extreme World
  • News-Item-What the planet needs from men

And much more…



Fancy A Movie?

Who wants to watch a movie with me? You? Or perhaps you? What about you up the back there? Come on now don’t be shy!

I’m willing to bet that there were a whole heap of you that put your hand up to watch a movie with me. Which is all well and good, after all I asked the question. However, how would you have answered the question if I replaced the word movie with game? It would sound a bit quaint, because instead of watching the game you would want to play it instead. Or would you?

I’m not the only one when I say that I’m getting sick to death of people telling me that I shouldn’t enjoy gaming. People that just sit there like a veggie and watch a movie are doing exactly that, they are just sitting there watching. Gamers on the other hand are using hand to eye coordination, as well as problem-solving and watching the screen as if they were watching a movie anyway. And let me say that many games these days are very realistic. So it is very much like watching a movie, but you are actually using your brain. These newer games are nothing like Space Invaders or Pac Man. They are graphically superior, often tell excellent stories, keep the mind stimulated and exercise the brain.

There is an element these days with gamers where they play for hours and hours on end and many of the people around them, (most of the time their parents) will be harping at them to get off the computer gaming system. Whether it be a PC, an Xbox, an old Mega Drive or the PlayStation 4, there’s always a parent in the background “Little Johnny/Little Susie, get off that gaming system this instant!” Yet it’s okay for that parent to be sitting around all day watching Oprah or MacGyver or even a DVD of their choice. The double standard never ceases to amaze me.

Another double standard I really enjoy witnessing comes out of the phoners and the Facebookers. These people walk around the streets day in day out with their phones in hand typing to all their Facebook friends, (the baby boomers are the biggest culprits for this) and as soon as they get home they start telling their children or grandchildren off for being on the computer, when the phone is exactly the same thing these days. So you’ll forgive me when I say that when I hear about a baby boomer getting hit by a train because they were too busy with their face in their phone, I have a shit eating grin on my face.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be playing GTA 5, (grand theft auto five) where I have to use all of my fingers on each hand, my brain needs to be sharp as a razor, there is an excellent story involved and everything you can do in life you can do in that game. Yes, you can even blow somebody’s head off after stealing a car and punching their wife in the mouth! It allows you to do things in the game that you’ve sometimes wanted to do in life, but won’t because you don’t want to end up in prison.

I sat by and watched people watching these ridiculous reality shows. The ones that crap me the most are these so-called survival reality TV shows. It’s like watching flies fuck. These people are not at any risk of death. If somebody died on one of those shows, the television network would be sued to hell and back. But people sit around as if it’s the real deal. People on the most part are dramatic dick heads and this is what makes them so easy to program and fool. They’d rather think that these people are actually surviving, because it gives them a talking point on the train to work the next day.

If you really want to exercise the mind, check out some of the survival games that are around now. These games are not easy. They take strategy, intelligence and wit just to name a few things. Rather than just sitting there and letting the mind rot whilst you suck down your aspartame filled Coca-Cola-Zero and eat your artery clogging popcorn. Hand to eye coordination is a must and comes with that wit that I was just discussing. Yeah that’s right, that same hand to eye coordination that you often use on your phone to type to all of your Facebook friends, whilst Mark Zuckerberg maintains the copyright to everything and all of the material that you post on that very website. Yeah, you heard right, if you had have read the terms and conditions when it comes to Facebook (the fine print) it clearly states that the owners of Facebook maintain the right to use your photos, text, audio, and artwork of any type.

So the next time you start yelling at you children because they have their head in a computer game, take your head out of your arse and think about what you’ve done today! Drop the double standards because it’s getting old.


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2019-02-10 (RBN)

If you want this broadcast commercial free, you need to get a copy from Whooli’s Blog, usually a day after the broadcast.

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • Rob leads the show in with a Avicci’s music against human trafficking
  • Christopher Bollyn maintains that Info Wars is somehow linked to Time Warner  (Shaun’s notes: JimmyX and myself had Christopher on the broadcast back when we were on Oracle Broadcasting)
  • Jeff from Idaho comes onto the show and works his magic (Shaun’s notes: If you have not seen the documentary hidden in plain sight, you need to do so) – Pat Benatar went into a downward spiral after she had tried to expose the human trafficking going on with children
  • The government wanting to go into some form of an emergency situation – Rex 84 etc
  • Christians are now looking at the fact that no matter what happens with Trump, the evil will still prevail
  • The White Pope is signing contracts that are scaring a lot of people – Robert has been speaking about these types of things for many years
  • Due to certain things said, people are looking towards some form of count down to perhaps a cataclysmic event if not just a man-made event (isn’t this the same as what we’ve been seeing for so many years, such as the year 2000 bug, the end of the Earth in 1999 etc, fear porn coming out of the usual suspects, the higher echelons)
  • Many people think that this is a stunt when it comes to Alex Jones since he has been de-platformed
  • You don’t need to like Andrew Anglin, you just need to see the way he takes a stab at people (Shaun’s notes: I am no fan of Andrew Anglin, but he does have a gift for putting it in people’s faces. This does not take away from the fact that he fucked his way across Asia!)
  • Alex Jones talks about how Joe Rogan has been lying, so he’s going to go after him. (Shaun’s notes: Well then Alex Jones should have no problem with people going after HIMSELF since he lies as well. Sometimes Jones doesn’t just lie by omission, he lies blatantly to your face! It’s all about money for Alex Jones.)
  • Shaun’s notes: As a side note, this pathetic Alex Jones, listening to this clip right now shows me what a bullshit artist the bloke really is! He is a performer ladies and gentlemen nothing more nor less! He is theatre!  Did you hear those enchilada filled cheeks flabbering around when he was doing sound FX?  The little fatty can’t hide the fact he is a lumbering hippo.
  • Due to an ordered pullout of Syria there is an Iran buildup on the way – Audio Clip:  Mossad smuggled Iranian nuclear scientist into the UK
  • Audio clip: It is being said that every religion should unite and work together (Shaun’s notes: I call bullshit. This is never going to happen and even if it could it should not. A Christian or a Protestant will never ever be able to get along with the Jew. Unless of course the Christian is a Judaeo-Christian. A traitor to his own. A traitor to his Bible. And I ain’t even religious! The Judaic religion is of the utmost corruption on the face of the planet, so why on earth would any other religion, (even Islam as much as I don’t agree with them) want to get along with such a thing?)
  • Will we end up in the Terminator, Matrix, 1984, Brave New World cocktail?
  • Who made black people this holier than now type of people, where other people cannot dress up like them? (Shaun’s notes: There are plenty of blacks that dress up as white people, especially during Halloween, screaming “I’m a cracker” so on and so forth. Where indeed was it that black people (and jews) were made holier than now, type of people?)
  • Audio clip: Cow farts are evil! Do not allow cows to fart, because they will create global warming! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Do not allow cows to fart! (Shaun’s notes: Jimmy and I reported on this many years ago, back in around 2009. So-called climate scientists were trying to look into ideas where they could grow cow meat instead of breeding them. This way they wouldn’t have a head nor an arse-hole, so they couldn’t be conscious of pain when the meat is cut off them and they couldn’t fart causing cow-fart-warming.)
  • “What’s that smell?”  <<Mooooooooo>>  “Oh shit Bessy! Really?  You just poked a new hole in the Ozone Layer!”
  • Wherever the Fabians are, they try to implement the same crap – Audio clip follows: Women will no longer have to undergo cross-examination if they make the claim that their boyfriend or spouse, husband or otherwise, raped them

And much more as usual!


The Dangers of Political Correctness

Political correctness. We often discuss it, we often employ it, we even often argue whether it should exist or should not exist. But the one thing we don’t discuss is how dangerous it can be when utilised.

“Hello Gabby how are you going?” “Fine thank you Wendy, how are you?” “Oh I’m good, can’t complain. By the way do you like the dress I’m wearing? Do you think it looks good on me?” Asks Wendy. Wendy is a morbidly obese woman, which is not only horrible to look at (Shaun’s notes: people can pretend that looking at somebody fat is okay, but deep down inside they know different – Some fatties have cute faces, but the body leaves a lot to be desired) but very unhealthy for that morbidly obese person. Gabby, is going to tell Wendy how beautiful she looks in her new dress even though her second belly cannot be hidden no matter what Wendy wears. The only thing being accomplished here, besides making Wendy feel good, is the furthering of a potential heart attack.

Another example perhaps of the stupidity of political correctness.

Recently I was sitting at a friend’s house discussing mental retardation. I was quickly taken to task by my friend’s wife, “they’re mentally challenged”, she snapped. Now, me being me, I quickly snapped back, “oh please, don’t wax politically correct with me! They are mentally retarded and they don’t care what its called.” Most of the time the mentally retarded don’t care either way what it’s labelled, because it means very little to them. You see these terms such as mentally challenged, are only put in place to please you and me, not the retarded person, because again the retarded person does not care and until we placed our sensitive values onto them, they did not even fathom the terms such as mentally challenged. It’s the same as some of the parents out there, that include their sensibilities onto their children. Many of them say that they are doing what’s best for Little Johnny or Little Susie, but they are not. They are simply doing certain things to please themselves and their own insecurities. Is it any wonder that so many of our children these days have ADHD and obsessive compulsive disorder?

This kind of goes along with what I was saying in yesterday’s article about transgender children doesn’t it? The parents in many ways allowing very young children to believe that transgender lifestyles are okay, actually putting their own insecurities onto the child, because the child does not know how to make those types of decisions as yet. Rather than allowing the child to decide for themselves when they get older, (21, 25, 30 years of age) they place their own insecurities on the child at a young age by making that decision for them, whether it be for or against the transgender movement.

In the dictionary the definition of retarded is:



less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.
“the child is badly retarded” · “they’re treated as if they’re mentally retarded” · “perhaps I’m emotionally retarded”


You can clearly see in the definition, it says “less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.” And above that you can see that it also says, “offensive“. Why? Why is this offensive to use a term such as mentally retarded to explain what is wrong with a person? This term did not become offensive until the 90s and isn’t it quaint that this was around the time that political correct madness started taking hold. By the way, before the 90s the term in the dictionary did not contain the word offensive. As I said before, (in fact time and time again) our dictionaries are being rewritten to further an agenda.

If we want to wax intellectual on the subject, mentally challenged is the wrong term to be using for those that were born without certain mental abilities. I professionalise in this because I was bought up with a mentally retarded person. His name was Neil Woods. He had his own language, of which my brother and I had to learn because the rest of the town on the most part had no clue what he was saying. They understood the basics, for instance when he wanted something to eat, but when it came to a full on conversation, most of them had no clue what he was discussing. Whereas my brother and I did understand, because we had learned his language.

Neils Language:

“Sheorge, nah fi’issh.” = Shaun, no we’re finished.
“Boh” = We’re not friends anymore.
“Him, doi doi doi doi” = The police came with their sirens going.
“Him” without the doi doi doi = The police are/were in town.
“Osche” = Food.
“fa’ey lil bardy” = Fucking little bastard.
“Pow” meant he wanted to punch someone in town.

“shishy four” meant 64 but this is what Neil would say when he was adding up. No matter what the sum, he would always mutter the words “shishy four” just to let you know you need to shut the fuck up whilst he adds up his numbers. Etc…

Neil did not care one iota about whether it was called mental retardation or mentally challenged. Number one he couldn’t think the words the way we can and nor could he definitely say it. But the thing to highlight here, is the fact that he just didn’t care. All he cared about was playing like a young boy (he was 21 when we met him but had the mind of something like a five-year-old that couldn’t talk) riding his bike up to the tip with his trailer on the back, (tip to you is landfill) to collect aluminium cans to make some money to go and by some lollies (candy) as any child would. The last thing on his mind was whether we called it mentally retarded or mentally challenged.

Again that is your insecurity, not his.

But I digress. Above where I started to discuss that if we want to wax intellectual about this subject we have to cover bases from every angle. So let’s do that and give the politically correct a dose of their own medicine.

If you want to talk mentally challenged, then you must be talking about a person that has not experienced a problem before. Because if they had experienced a certain problem before then they have most likely worked out a solution. Example, when we are babies we faced the problem of gravity. We found that our legs don’t quite work just yet so we have to face that problem to find a solution, so that we too can walk just like mummy and daddy.

So, if you’re a person that learned how to walk at age two or three, I’m daring to guess that you can walk pretty well right now, yes? I’m also daring to say, that if a baby was born with only one arm, then by the time they are 20 to 25 (even younger but as an example) they know how to problem solve with that one arm. In fact it’s not even a problem for them because it’s all they’d ever known.

Take a look at a friend of mine that I call the captain. He was hit by polio at age 3 and fast learned that he had to use just one arm. Recently when I received what they think is a pinched nerve, I lost use of my left hand. This created a challenge for me. I looked the captain in the eye and I said “captain, I don’t know how you do it.” He looked back at me with almost a shit eating grin and said “it’s not a challenge to me, because this is all I’ve known. You’re the one who has it hard because this is new to you.”

And right there ladies and gentlemen is my very point. You can’t possibly be mentally challenged unless there is a challenge there. A person that is born with one arm learns to live with one arm and life’s routine is no longer a challenge to them. The same goes for people who are mentally retarded. If they are born retarded they form a routine and don’t see what they do day to day as a challenge. On the other hand if you were not born with that mental retardation and then all of a sudden you have a car accident which retard’s the brain, then learning how to relive because of that new-found retardation, would be a challenge. Only then could you to truly use the term mentally challenged.

Now of course, I’m using the above paragraph to rub it in the faces of the ridiculousness that comes from political correct “retard’s”. Anything can be made to be politically correct as I have clearly illustrated here for you today or tonight. I don’t give a shit at all. If you’re mentally retarded you are mentally retarded, period.

The dangers in all of this are where people put their insecurities onto the mentally retarded. This is where the battle begins. Somebody that contains the insecurities of the argument between mentally challenged and mentally retarded explain this insecurity as best they can to the retarded person and then the retarded person themselves start to take offence to the term. Some retarded people don’t quite grasp that there is anything wrong with them, but when this argument is put forth to them it gets some of them that are only lightly retarded to start contemplating that there may be something wrong with them and this can have dire consequences.

I did a little bit of work for people that were looking after those that had down syndrome. Many of the boys and girls that I met there really did not fathom that there was anything wrong with them. They might have known something on very surface level, but that’s where it stayed. However, when you start introducing these arguments and placing your insecurities onto them you’d be surprised just how riled up they can become. Not just toward you, but also toward each other as a down syndrome community. And an obvious danger which I don’t think I need to mention, (but we are probably dealing with some idiot political correct fools that are reading this) is that it can greatly affect the confidence within that person with down syndrome.

Here is another great danger that comes from political correctness that many people have had to experience all around the world. We’ve all had to come across people with different accents ever since the gates to mass immigration were opened all around white Western civilisation. We found how hard it can be to understand certain accents and how confused people can become very quickly. Well now imagine two doctors in a hospital verbally subscribing some medication whilst another doctor also with an accent is in the room and listening. What happens when a Chinese doctor with an accent verbally subscribes medication for the patient but the Filipino doctor hears that wrong due to the accent difference and gives the wrong medication to the patient, as happened to Peter Shank (radio host) back in 2006. His mother was given the wrong medication due to this very fact and she almost died.

Why did this happen? I’ll tell you why. It happened because a group of political correct retard’s came fourth and said that it is wrong to call out a person that has an accent. So when you or I say to somebody, “you’re going to need to tidy up that accent because it’s going to create confusion here in the hospital and this could get somebody killed.” Automatically, you have the politically correct that were just waiting to pounce, come from the shadows and jump all over you for being so called racist. Rather than trying to find some resolve to a potential death on the operating table, or just simply somebody taking their pills, the politically correct come forth and stifle all of this, which ends up leading to a death that could have been avoided. And that death is just swept under the rug. “There were complications. We are very sorry he or she didn’t make it.” Little to the knowledge of the loved ones left behind those complications could have been avoided but this will never see the light of day, thanks to political correctness gone fucking mad!

Don’t you think it’s time that we start saying things as we see them? If a lady is fat tell her she’s fat. Perhaps she will then get off her fat arse and lose some weight which would mean that you helped save her life.

We all want to be nice to each other, but we are nicing ourselves to death. Too many times have I heard Mavis down the street say something along the lines of, “oh did you hear, Valerie down the street died. She had a heart attack!” Yet it was the same old Mrs Mavis that told Valerie all of her young life that she looked beautiful in that dress and never once told her that she was fat.

Political correctness kills and at very least stifles resolve. So you go right ahead and be politically correct if you want, me however, I’m going to say it as I see it and if you don’t like that, tough shit!

Later tards!


Where Did It Come From

Where did it come from?

Where indeed did transgender come from? A lot of people like to talk about transgender and whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but they seldom speak about where it all began.

An article by Bartholomew written back in November 21, 2016 goes into great detail as to where transgender may have come from.

Taking excerpts from an uncensored magazine, issue 49: September to December 2017, you will get a greater understanding as to where gender identity comes from.

The modern progressive will promote the idea that we have to tolerate everyone. This is increasingly harmful to people with mental illness. One group in specific, in many cases, are the transgendered. Anyone that promotes a different solution to the issues is labelled a bigot, a transphobe without listening to their arguments or objective medical information.

The concept of gender identity is: what you think you are socially is more important than what you are from a standpoint which balances social and personal views. One problem stems from this idea is the belief that there are no meaningful differences between the terms “sex” and “gender”. The idea started with a sexologist in 1955 named John money. He proposed that if a boy were raised as a girl they would fundamentally be female, and that there are no intrinsic differences between the sexes contrary to biology.

“Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: ‘XY’ and ‘XX’ are genetic markers of male and female, respectively – not genetic markers of disorder. The norm for human design is to be conceived either male or female. Human sexuality is binary by design with the obvious purpose being the reproduction and flourishing of our species. This principle is self-evident. The exceedingly rare disorders of sex development (DSDs) including but not limited to testicular feminisation and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, are all medically identifiable deviations from the sexual binary norm, and are rightly recognised as disorders of human design. Individuals with DSDs do not constitute a third sex.” – The American College of paediatricians

He could not shill his ideas to anyone until he found a boy by the name of David Reimer. Shortly after birth, Reimer had lost his genitalia following an accident during his foreskin removal surgery. (Shaun’s notes: another reason not to have your foreskin removed) he decided to swoop in and perform some “progressive” human social experimentation on this helpless child who had just been mutilated. He had Reimer’s testicles also removed, and constructed an artificial vagina for him.

This is how sick and twisted society has become. We hear about Dr Mengele during the Second World War and what atrocities he may have committed, but where do we hear of the atrocities to come out of these sick people such as this so-called sexologist named John money? Nowhere to be seen. You will damn sure see the mainstream media talking about the atrocities of World War II and the oh so evil Nazis, but have you ever heard of the name John money? You haven’t. Selective programming you see? And you have to ask yourself why.

Money would later talk about his experiment as successful, despite David never having identified as a woman, and would later recall the visits with Money as traumatic.

“Rates of suicide are 20 times greater among adults who use cross sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, even in Sweden which is among the most LGBTQ – AF – firming countries. What compassionate and reasonable person would condemn young children to this fate knowing that after puberty as many as 88% of girls and 98% of boys will eventually accept reality and achieve a state of mental and physical health?”–identity–concept–came–from–a-pedophile–and–human–experimenter/

This link does not seem to be active any longer. But if you need proof that the article did actually exist, you can write me at this e-mail address: and I will send you a photo of the magazine I’m reading this from, itself.

One of the things that shits me the most is the child abuse movement. The child abuse movement will come at you for smacking a child, overfeeding a child, scolding a child in public etc, but yet we have all these stupid parents that condone having sex with another man’s anus. Or for that matter having sex with a woman’s anus, which in itself is degeneracy. They also condone their kids at 10, 11, 12 years of age and even younger in some cases to want to change sex, not even fathoming for a moment what this is going to do to the child’s mind as they grow older. They just simply say “no that’s fine little Johnny”, or “that’s fine little Suzie, go right ahead and be the opposite sex.” And all the while the child has no idea what sex really is as yet. It doesn’t matter if they are six, seven, eight, nine or ten, their minds have not yet developed enough to understand truly what sex is both physically and mentally. And I’m not just talking about the act of sex, I’m talking about sex in gender.

So here we have, a whole heap of people out there that like to write to me once in a blue moon, and say things like “you’re a horrible person Shaun, because you speak of racist things. You are an anti-semite.” Yet they can freely say that it’s okay to have sex with a man’s anus or a woman’s anus, and they think I’m the crazy one?!

Let’s take a look at the definition of anti-semitism for a moment. From the Wikipedia (which is totally inaccurate on the definition of anti-Semitism) it says:

“anti-Semitism is hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. A person who holds such positions is called an anti-Semite.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Semitic peoples are those of the Arab lands as a whole. Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon among other places in the Middle East. Anybody that spoke the Semitic languages.

From the contradictory Wikipedia a conflicting article entitled Semitic people:

SemitesSemitic people or Semitic cultures (from the biblical “Shem“, Hebrewשם‎) was a term for an ethnic, cultural or racial group who speak or spoke the Semitic languages.[2][3][4][5]

First used in the 1770s by members of the Göttingen School of History, the terminology was derived from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Book of Genesis,[6] together with the parallel terms Hamites and Japhetites. The terminology is now largely obsolete outside linguistics.[7][8][9] However, in archaeology, the term is sometimes used informally as “a kind of shorthand” for ancient Semitic-speaking peoples.[9]

So how can we trust anything from the Wikipedia given that it contradicts itself around so many corners? How can we trust what it has to say about transgender people, given that it does not even consider the highest suicide rate that comes from within?

So many people these days like to quote the Wikipedia but they have no idea that the Wikipedia in itself is written by you and I, and lets face it you and I are not scholars on the subject. I’m not saying that we are not intelligent enough to become scholars, by all means not at all, but what I am saying is that we are not scholars at the present time. Or it least in most of us are not.

It should be duly noted that John money was also a paedophile himself. From the Wikipedia:

John Money was critical in debates on chronophilias, especially pedophilia. He stated that both sexual researchers and the public do not make distinctions between affectional pedophilia and sadistic pedophilia. Money asserted that affectional pedophilia was about love and not sex.

If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who’s intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual … then I would not call it pathological in any way.[24][25]

Money held the view that affectional pedophilia is caused by a surplus of parental love that became erotic, and is not a behavioral disorder. Rather, he took the position that heterosexuality is another example of a societal and therefore superficial, ideological concept.[24][25]

It should also be noted that young Reimer later committed suicide.  Again, from the Wikipedia:

John William Money (8 July 1921 – 7 July 2006) was a psychologistsexologist and author, specializing in research into sexual identity and biology of gender. He was one of the first scientists to study the psychology of sexual fluidity and how the societal constructs of “gender” affect an individual. Recent academic studies have criticized Money’s work in many respects, particularly in regards to his involvement with the sex-reassignment of David Reimer[1] and his eventual suicide. Money’s writing has been translated into many languages, and includes around 2,000 articles, books, chapters and reviews. He received around 65 honors, awards, and degrees in his lifetime.[2]

So all of you transgender people that are doing what you are doing just because it’s made out to be the new cool, you might want to think about where all of this gender identity stuff began. To all of you that are apparently, allegedly, authentic transgender (Shaun’s notes: if you can use authentic and transgender in the same sentence whilst keeping a straight face) you too might want to look into the origins of gender identity and perhaps get a hold of some cognitive thinking therapy, to change the way you think so that you are not a part of this oh so degenerate behaviour and movement.

To all of the youth out there, especially the millennial’s, I know it brings you attention when you identify as the opposite sex to what you are, but this will not bring you anything besides bad pleasures as time goes on and as you age. Take a look at the suicide statistics and ask yourself why this is, when it comes to homosexuality and the transgender movement. Try to think ahead instead of thinking just for the moment. Look at the grand chessboard in front of you and consider your every move, knowing full well that if you miss a move or a trap somewhere along the line, your king is going to be in threat. YOU are your own king. Do not end up in checkmate. Don’t bend for a friend!

From we see some of the problems that come with anal sex that usually trails transgender human beings. A lot of people think that anal sex just comes down to homosexuality, but this is quite simply not the case. Quite often with transgender males especially that are transitioning into becoming female indulge in anal sex, at least until they end up with female genitalia.


The tissue and skin around the anus acts as a protective barrier for the bottom half of your digestive tract. However, the tissue inside the anus is thinner, delicate, and more likely to tear and bleed as a result of penetration. This increases the likelihood of passing infections, viruses, or bacteria between partners. Even two partners who don’t have any sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can still pass bacteria between each other through these tears in the skin.

This is just one of the many complications you can have with anal sex. All the while we must keep in mind that the above website also says that you will not have any trouble as time goes on with being able to hold on to your poop. This is a blatantly false statement and the reason I say this is because I’ve spoken to multiple nurses on this very subject and they themselves have had to fit colostomy bags to many homosexuals and many other people that indulge in anal sex as heterosexuals. And I for one do not think they are lying or inaccurate, given that they have been nurses almost all of their lives.

Never forget that a lot of these websites that you read on the web these days are written by quacks. These are not doctors, nor are they nurses and those that are doctors and/or nurses on the Web need to be researched in every way shape and form so we know how long they have been doctors and how long they have been nurses. Many of these younger doctors that range between age 25 to 35 are wet behind the ear big Pharma lackeys that have been trained to further an agenda through propaganda even when they often don’t know that this is what they are doing.

So how do we feel now that we all know that the study of gender identity was founded by a paedophile? How many of you parents will now go out and explain to your children that changing their gender identity is born out of a paedophile’s mind? Given that paedophilia is now being made out to be normal, (Shaun’s notes: I did a show about this just recently as to how the powers that be are saying that paedophilia is a sexual orientation rather than a perversion) by people in high places.

I’m daring to say that many of you adults out there will not change your mind because you’ve been bought up through the perversion and degeneracy that comes out of your television’s, magazine’s, the Internet etc… To be curious however, I wonder just how many of you will actually go out there and change your way of thinking? It takes a strong mind and will that cannot be broken to do such a thing. As the saying goes from a doctor him or herself, “it’s very easy to kill somebody; try saving somebody instead, that’s a challenge”. How hard will it be for you to change the way you think? How hard a challenge will it be to change your own paradigm?

You take care of yourselves. And your anus!


TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus 2019-02-08

On this edition of TCTA Shaun speaks about:

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And much more as usual…


The Feminist Versus the Feminine

Recently ladies and gentlemen, a friend of mine has been going through quite a bit of hell. His kids have been taken away from him by a feminist bitch. Now, there is a big difference between feminine and feminist. The feminine always tend to allow the children to see their father after a breakup. The feminist, with all the power that she can muster from the government will make perfectly sure that the man of the family, (or the once man of the family) will not get to see his children. She is nothing more nor less than a piece of crap.

The man I am discussing is excellent with his kids in every way shape and form. His ex-girlfriend is the poster child or the epitome of the feminist that will use her children as pawns on the chess board. She will use the children to get back at him in any way that she can, for anything he may have done wrong in the relationship. But nothing more than what she has done wrong in the relationship also.

There is no doubt about the fact that women have many more rights than men when it comes to custody of the children. Not even feminists can refute this, given that time and time again they are being awarded the children without justification. A court, even today here in 2019 will often only look at the fact that the person being awarded has a vagina between her legs. Rather than looking into the facts behind the relationship that was, the court automatically turns to the idea of maternal instinct. Even if the said feminist is on heavy drugs, whether they be legal or illegal, the court will often award the children to the mother.

Countless times have we seen that some mothers are not only unfit to look after their own children let alone other peoples, but also have killed their children either directly or indirectly through incompetence or mental instabilities. And who exactly did the court have to answer to? Nobody.

What surprises me the most about all of this however, is not so much a feminist mother that will not allow this gentleman to see his two girls. What surprises me, is all of those people around him and his ex-girlfriend that just cannot keep their noses out of their business. This particular gentleman and his ex-girlfriend need to be left alone so that they can work all of this out by themselves.

Everybody around this couple seem to think that they have all the answers when it comes to what she is thinking and what he is thinking. But they do not have the answers! The only people that can answer these questions are my friend and his ex-girlfriend. Until then it’s speculation and assumption. And remember what makes up the word “assume”. A S S U M E. Arse, you, me. It makes an arse out of you and me.

A breakup is hard enough as it is, without people interfering. What’s worse, is when people start guessing about what happened in the relationship and why each party is reacting the way it is. There have been accusations left right and centre about him and left right and centre about her but more so, him. Why? Because he is male. Plain and simply.

We are living in a feminist world, not a feminine one. Albeit that there is an argument getting around about how men have become emasculated and women have become the balls of the family, this is not what I’m talking about when I say a feminine world. What I’m saying, is that we are in a world that is dwindling when it comes to the feminine in women or young lady’s. I’m not discussing the men here when it comes to the feminine.

Men these days definitely do need to become masculine again. Through brainwashing on our televisions and from Edward Bernay’s feminist movement they have indeed become emasculated. However this is not what I’m discussing at this point in time. I am discussing how the feminine have become a feminist en masse. And this needs to change before men will ever have any rights to gain custody of their children when justified.

One of the biggest concerns I have with this issue, outside of the court problem, is the fact that his ex-girlfriend can make up any story she wants and everybody that happens to be female around her believe everything that comes out of her dirty mouth. She accused him of beating her, molesting one of the children, being overall abusive (even though she was the same) etc etc, and all of these feminist fuck heads around her believe every one of these lies. Some of them however, don’t necessarily believe what she is saying but because they too are feminists and mentally ill, they simply agree with everything that she is saying. I don’t know what is more sick. The fact that some of them agree because they are feminists, or those that agree because they believe her bullshit.

Anybody that knows this gentleman knows what he is capable of and what he is not capable of. He is very well known around the community as are his daughters and his ex-girlfriend. There are visitors that continually come and go from his household, so a big chunk of this small town understands his good and his bad points. As do they understand her good and bad points.

I’m 43 years of age about to turn 44. I’ve met both the feminine and the feminist. There is a clear difference between the two for anybody with half a brain.

The feminine are very fair people. Again I’m speaking about the female feminine, not the emasculated men. For example the mother of my children is predominantly feminine, nowhere near as much feminist. There is some feminism there because of the times we are living in, but little compared to that of her feminine content if you will. And it’s indicative of the fact that she allows me to see my children whenever I like. If I was to call her tomorrow and ask her if I could have the children because I have something important to show them or there is some type of event that I think that they can benefit from, she would be the first person to bring them to my home or to allow me to go and pick them up.

Feminists are a plight on this planet and have proven this time and time again with their illogical so-called reasoning and nonsense. But what is truly dangerous is when children are bought into the argument. “Take away a man’s children and you’ve left him truly with nothing left to live for.” –Anonymous. What’s worse though, is when the children are used as pawns to get back at the ex-spouse. And this predominantly comes out of the feminist movement, rather than coming from the man. We see it every day, and it cannot be refuted.  It needs to stop! This goes beyond child abuse when the children have been living with their mother and father for so many years, then all of a sudden they’re cut off from their father. Their little minds don’t understand what we understand as adults. They should not be bought into the adult politics of the breakup or adult politics in any way shape or form for that matter. They need to be children and to be children they need both their mother and their father, period!

To all of you feminist bitches out there that keep your children away from their father out of sheer revenge, shame on you and you will be judged some day on that very notion. It may not be by God, it may not be by a court, but sooner or later grief will come to visit you in one way or another! Mark my words you evil whores.

My message today is not just going out to the whores that use their children as pawns against the children’s father. This message also goes out to all of those backseat drivers to this breakup. Those who are so quick to talk behind my friends back without so much as going to his face and speaking to him about why it is that he’s making the decisions that he is making.

If this keeps up, where people continuously interfere and make assumptions rather than going to my friend’s face, I am going to start naming them to my said friend. They can deal with him directly! It really is sad, that these people that called him a friend speak behind his back so willingly but are too gutless to go to his face and ask questions that need to be answered. Sad indeed!

This system is in need of important change. We need to take our world back so that we can recreate the feminine and masculine the way it once was and worked. And I believe we need to start by squashing the feminist! Let’s start with those feminists that take the children away from their father without merit, without justification! Then we will move on to those that stick their noses into other people’s business, creating rumour that is detrimental to any re-formation of the relationship.

Use your brain people. Think!