The Candour Hour w/ Shaun Surplus 2017-07-24

** WARNING!  WARNING!  Children and/or women that are sensitive to brutal and all around gross material, should NOT listen to this broadcast.  This show WILL leave you gasping.  ** On this episode of The Candour Hour, Shaun reads and comments about the Mau Mau Oaths.  A truly terrifying look into the oaths taken by the […]

The Grand Chessboard – By Shaun Surplus

When you’re playing a game of chess ladies and gentlemen, you have to take a look at the whole board. For if you don’t, you’re going to miss a trap that has been set for you to fall in. As you move your knight into position, a lonely Bishop watches from a far. You didn’t […]

Doug Owen Joins WTFR As a Simulcast Show

Hey Ladies and Gents. As many of you know, my live radio adventures all started with Oracle Broadcasting.  Whilst I was actually doing a podcast back in the day, a Gentleman by the nickname of Super Dave heard one of my shows and contacted me about joining him on Oracle.  Super Dave was a part […]

WTFR Schedule

American EST… Live Shows **Live shows override replays** 20:00 – Mondays – The Candour Hour w/ Shaun Surplus 22:00 – Tuesdays – The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 18:00 – Wednesdays – Dinosaur News w/ John Beattie & Shaun Surplus 22:00 – Thursdays – Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed w/ Shaun Surplus 22:00 – Sundays – Black […]