2020-05-15 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Race mixing is bad enough but what’s worse are those that make excuses for them
  • Half cast children have no idea what they are and are often confused and the parents are to blame, but will never admit it
  • White Nationalists do not accept race mixing – Infiltrators are not accepted
  • Parents of half-cast babies need to be held accountable for what they have done – Shaun’s sister included
  • Girls that get themselves into trouble with black men (usually out of spite) need to get their shit together
  • Richard Spencer says we should be forced to get a Covid vaccine – Shaun and John said he was an agent years ago
  • People really need to think about what decisions they make before they secure them – Rethink everything
  • It’s not about assessing the situation it’s about knowing HOW to assess the situation
  • We’re in the fast lane and people don’t get time to stand back and think things out
  • Audio:  Treating men with female hormones in an attempt to save them from the oh so FEARSOME Covid-Insane virus
  • Shaun has seen a person that goes through a sex change and it’s gross
  • Religion needs to take a back seat – especially whilst this battle is going on
  • Major Hicks more than likely confessed to sucking another mans penis
  • Gaming – The kikes have their tentacles have their greasy hands in gaming as well – Catriona / Carona – Zireael / Izraele – Coen / Cohen
  • The social order is already here you blind fucking maggot – Let’s hope the useless eaters walk out in front of a bus
  • kikes faced so much crap in 2019 and they are still wondering why – Maybe they ain’t as intelligent as they think if they can’t see why

And much more as usual…


JB corrects Shaun on the post made in the chatroom about the fudged numbers – Shaun got it wrong as he was reading it out:

JB:  “im no math wizz but 594,000 jobs lost is a 1% increase in unemployment
according to gov and news, then a 10% increase would be 5,940,000 and a
100% increase would be 59,400,000 right? funny then when our total
population here is only around 25,000,000. seems they are fudging
figures again”


2 thoughts on “2020-05-15 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. strange version of reality we’re presented;
    Martian: (excited voice) wassup homey !
    Earthling: (very somber and british voice)
    ‘98 old people have died from a flue, so we closed the country we closed our economy we even closed our relating, so you can fuckoff too’

    Btw JB
    % of the working force, that’s how they calculate.


  2. The problem is that the kike has plastered over the SHAME of race mixing. Through the devil’s wankbox (TV) they have slowly tried to palm off wogs with whites all the fucking time on TV so as to normalize it. There needs to be an awakening of a fundamental shame of lying with something outside our race.


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