Shaun Speaks About a Comment Made By Colleen The Tard

That’s right Ladies and Gents, Colleen fights back after a show Shaun had done, but the only weapon she had was ‘all kinds of dumb fuckery’…  Take a listen for yourself.


At 7 mins 35 secs – These are the kinds of unstable minds Colleen is protecting…

9 thoughts on “Shaun Speaks About a Comment Made By Colleen The Tard

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  2. Other news today: the official numbers is 264.000 covid19 global deaths. Global yearly flue deaths: 1.2 million. Let that sink in. That’s 0.000033 chance you have of dying of covid19 according to the official numbers.

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    • No matter what you say to people they always have an excuse as to why we should all be VERY afraid. And henceforth that we just need to get use to the “new normal” and the “new great depression” on our doorstep.

      I always knew that people have been dumbed down to the point of becoming useless eaters, but this takes the cake. People are dumber than I ever imagined they could be.

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    • Yes but come on, flu isn’t scary because its a generic phenomenon, Yea forget about the numbers we have State implemented propaganda and social control measures to ween in slowly over time to the malleable plebian morons, OY fucking VEY. Cockrona is the vey!


  3. Not sure if you are aware of this but it England we now have “happy clap like spackers for the NHS day” every week where the meat drones all shuffle outside to clap to nobody on the nothing basis that the NHS are the “heroes” in this. Jesus fucking christ. They also made a BIG FAT noise on TV about the holy negroes and shitskins being the poor viktumz in all of this because being all kind hearted magical fairies, were the most prolific race floating about, SAVING LIIIIIVEZ, in this most apocalyptic time. Daytime TV here is utter cancer, utter shit infested pus dribbling cancer.

    I only know this because of the random times I sit with my folx when this bollocks is playing. None of us buy into this ballsack dogshit, but the way the TV amps up all of this crap…. And of course no mention of good ol’ Whitey in all of this. No, its wall to wall groidery being rammed down your throat, but no special happy clap for Whitey in any way.


    • As I’ve always said, I’m happy to go back to Ireland, (even though I was born in Australia) since the abbos want that, but in that case we are taking all our white inventions with us, including trains, planes and automobiles. Oh and the clothes that the abbos are so quick to wear.


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