2020-04-24 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • The hippies are keeping quiet at the moment because of fines that come from the evil mild wu-flu
  • Ladies should not shop says Jap Mayor because they take too long
  • Shaun played Barbies and one of his biker (zztop beard style) mates turned up – Not good
  • Comments are more hilarious than the articles when it comes to women shopping
  • Gab and Bitchute and other websites need to get their shit together – Possible controlled opposition
  • Suckdickerberg does/did not pay almost anything to run farcebook
  • Alternative networks begging for sheckles (mr. sheffield) that they do not need to run their radio stations – jew behaviour
  • Shaun always gets shot down by other networks because of what he calls the “magician theory”
  • The truth movement is no longer – We now live in the times of the sullied movement
  • Coloreds get to graduate whilst white people do not – Who are the real ‘prejudiced’ ?
  • You’re not a holohoax survivor so you don’t get money because of Covid-19 but jews do
  • Who was Lev Davidoshitz Bronstein and what part did he play in killing so many White Christians?
  • Where is the movie from jew spielberg when it comes to the deaths of the said Christians?
  • Police helicopter goes after three teens on a rooftop drinking and fine them for breaking Covid laws
  • As Rob was saying on the show recently, this is partly about breaking our spirit
  • Nobody will threaten our families over this bullshit, including our dogs and cats – Get the apple corer ready
  • Only girls that are girls should be able to compete in girls sports – WOT?  Say it ain’t so!!!
  • Boy and Girl Scouts mixing was nothing more nor less than the emasculation of the male species and turning girls into men
  • Covid-19 lethality nowhere as bad as once thought but yet people are still acting like the cowardly lion (we ain’t in Kansas no more Toto)
  • Did Shaun have Covid-19 back in September, given that now (((they))) are saying it started within that month?
  • Calls are cancelled and they ain’t coming back – You all had your chance

And much more…


6 thoughts on “2020-04-24 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Yea I don’t understand why and HOW Bitchute is so fucking slow this day and age, when you have Python libraries that can be used by any competent programmer. Its not the money its the code. Most people have cable or optical fiber or at worst at least 5 Mb speed at worst. The type of lag you get from Bitchute feels like cuntwit coding deliberate or by accident. This is going back to dial up speeds where you have to stare into a blank screen for 20 seconds before anything happens. This is bullshit for 2020. Im learning Python and this type of behaviour is bollocks, especially with the amount of user libraries and information available and I doubt the author of bitchute is a cunthead. It is frustrating because there MUST BE some White nationalist programmer geniuses out there that could set up something like jewtube

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    • I could do it more than likely. (a White Nationalist youtube) And I ain’t bragging. I’m just saying that I could do it, but my enemy is getting the time. You’re right though. Even doing C++ there are enough shared dll’s and include files to last 2 lifetimes to be able to do something better than what shitchute and gab are offering. Even gab should have the cash now to be able to market themselves better, as suckdickerberg did with farcebook. And why haven’t gab and shitchute joined forces? Again, for me it comes back to thinking they are created by the same people in order to control the “other side”. They are the software equvalent to Hal Turner.


      • No I don’t think your bragging at all, I was just making a comment in the sense that there must be more coders; pro programmers out there that are pissed off and can’t ALL be sucking the cock of accepted jew mind control and could be using their skill in some way against this, then again job is the money and that’s what they do it for. I just want more general skilled Whites out there to chip in on pushing back in our favour in whatever way they can.

        It seems there are too few that have this sentiment of not being racially “acknowledged” in a positive affirmative sense like the wogs are all the fucking time. The real core of the porblem are Whites that dont care or even piss in your face about it, like some cunt that told me to fuck off because it doesnt matter about what White is, and “What sort of White?” What a bunch of cunts.

        Oh you’re gonna love this, yesterday and today, the news channel made a very blatant strident point about all the “deaths” on account of the “virus” are primarily shitskins because the angelic heroes are most of the hero front line workers!!! Fuck me, I doubt they would EVE make such a eulogy for Whites!! Yea because most of the shitters that go for these jobs are vetted based on race, which is why you have race tickboxes on your application form: so if you are White you get pushed to the back of the line! Hey if race doesnt matter, why the fuck ask on an application form?!

        On a plus note: the comment section of “a well known English newspaper” YT channel there were so many dissenting and critical voices on this whole Corona Lager Beer situation it made me smile. Hope not quite restored yet, but hope defeinitely not gone!

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      • Yeah, I dont want to think it, but Bitchute could be controlled op. Its not fantastical in the slightest and I have seen something on the net that it could be, but unfortunately we got to use what we can. Im sure people can use vimeo or dailymotion, I bet they could use the hits to compete with jewtube.


  2. Just to be clear Skully Mate, I wasn’t saying that you were accusing me of being a bragger. I was just saying in passing, so that nobody could accuse me of such.

    Your comment here is brilliant. Especially the part where you say, “Yea because most of the shitters that go for these jobs are vetted based on race, which is why you have race tickboxes on your application form: so if you are White you get pushed to the back of the line! Hey if race doesnt matter, why the fuck ask on an application form?!”

    EXACTLY! If race is all the same and it doesn’t matter, why have the fucking tick box?

    Political correctness at it’s strongest stench!


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