2020-03-31 Bonus Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus – Part II

On this bonus edition of TCTA Part II Shaun speaks about:

  • Shaun walks past an elderly Lady in Wangaratta and she says he may catch Corona from her
  • $1,600 fine if caught on the street with more than two people congregation
  • The lines you cannot cross (sticky tape) whilst shopping from bakeries to pharmacies
  • Big tough men that I’ve known all these years and now scared of a simple flu
  • The Indian on the bus making a statement that deserved a punch in the face
  • Some parts of Denmark cannot even leave their house so they can’t go shopping and could starve
  • Audio:  Queensland forcing law enforcement into peoples lives because of a flu
  • JB and Shaun call their Italian friends and the Italians are calling bullshit on on this whole death thing
  • Shaun starts from chapter 4 – Biofeedback – On the alphabet agencies speaking to astral consciousness
  • Varg gets a hiding for his behaviour – White Nationalists do not tolerate their white people getting slaughtered
  • Shocking moment huge line of police officers are forced to disperse girl’s birthday party in LA _ Daily Mail Online

And much more as usual…



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