2020-03-13 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about:

  • Shaun is a year closer to death – 45 fucking years old <——– OLD FART
  • Sitting in the pub and missing out on toilet paper
  • 2 hours worth of Corona Virus would really make a statement – Would be like watching flies fuck though
  • Maidz makes a great point about how easy people are programmed – Sheeple at best
  • If Shaun travels to the States on Friday the 13th it might end up his death day instead of his birthday
  • Mel Gibson cops out on his White Western European People – His father would be ashamed
  • Skully comments on one of the latest shows when it comes to the re-racing of movies
  • People fighting like savages over toilet roll and it’s all based on media hype
  • Tommy Robinson’s 8 year old Daughter is molested by a piece of crap muslim and the cops arrest Tommy instead
  • People keep listening to their mainstream media and this is why they are so easily programmed
  • wendy the cock-head wanted Shaun to insult her so he did – What a great treat for Shaun’s birthday – Thanks wendy
  • People tried their best to bring down WTFR but it was FAR from successful
  • Audio:  Shaun plays a clip where Rosh Jeeves ( LOL ) insults Oracle Broadcasting hosts
  • kyle and sinead MAY be divorcing – Who knows?  It’s speculation of course – Let’s see if they discuss this on their show
  • Mundine makes the DISGRACEFUL claim that Corona is a just a way to force mass vaccinations
  • Shaun plays some music for his “deathday” (birthday)

And much more as usual…



11 thoughts on “2020-03-13 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. – my hair started greying at 30. First the chin hair. Luckily it’s greying in an asymptotic curve so by the time I’m 50 I should still have a few red pubes.
    – you’re optimistic, I only expect to live to 80 so I’m halfway dead.
    – that’s why I don’t celebrate birthdays. After 18 you are basically in slow convalescence.
    – corona virus is bullshit but if it isn’t it reminds me of a solar corona, hopefully cleansing all the evil bastards with its solar rays.
    – had the same thought about robots being programmed by the people who run the media buying toilet rolls.
    – at the same time the fake or real virus made me realise how enslaved we are. Most of us have no ability to produce our own food water or power.
    – if you want to stockpile get solar panels and a water generator. 1 tonne of rice. You can always shit in your garden and wash your arse.
    – it’s the Jews but not all Jews. But it’s still the Jews.
    – I love Mel Gibson he helped got big balls but he’s a sellout but the best of the rich sellouts. He made some good movies don’t deny. Apocolypto and Braveheart nice. Though sadly nothing about Jew bankers. At least he got arrested drinking talking about Jews so that’s a plus.

    Nice show so far thanks.


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