Shaun Speaks To a Comment Made

Yep Ladies and Gents, there are cock-nibblers all over the world and the person that made this comment, definitely nibbles cock.

Some of you may say, “why did you even approve his comment Shaun?”  Fair question.  It’s because some comments are so idiotic, that you just need to let them destroy themselves.  “Let them dig their own grave” as it goes.

I didn’t get into the family that I have living in Ireland, because they don’t want to be known of course, given the fuck-tardery that comes from the now, (bowle)movement.

Time to get into the dumb fuckery.


Aleksander says:

You “know” people all over Europe? Yeah I’m calling bullshit on that douchebag. Internet “friends” are not REAL friends & “knowing” someone is definitely not just talking to them a few times or even staying with them briefly once or twice. When you’ve actually lived in Europe & been active for many years in this thing it’s easy to spot bullshit artists like yourself who don’t really do anything but talk on some shitty little so-called “radio network” on the internet. The ‘net is mostly for catching fools with crap talk spewed out by mental midgets. BITD the NSDAP had to go out in the streets & deal with the same BS being blasted via loudhailers by communist scum. That needs to happen again but nutters like you won’t be part of it as usual. Here’s a thought – come to Europe, meet Europeans who “do” things & who don’t need to just tell everyone about it & “do” something yourself. You may now insert generic rambling about how your insane rants ARE doing something (not) with juvenile expletives every other sentence.

Surplus says:

I’ll approve this one to make you look like the fucking idiot you are! You obviously don’t listen to the show AT ALL, you silly motherfucker! I’ve done so many fucking street talks, you couldn’t poke a stick at them! I’ve been on TV and done interviews! Fuck wit! I’ve been on stages and spoken in front of REAL people FROM Europe and we have stayed in contact. I speak to people every week FROM Europe over the phone! I traveled all across the States with a person FROM Europe! He has now moved back there. I have a friend down the road that is from the Czec Republic that knows communism all to well. I have German friends in Melbourne, that know communism ALL TOO FUCKING WELL! So, take your head out of your pathetic fucking arse and stick it in a fucking guillotine and do the world a favour, cunt swab! You shit eaters are wasting everybodies time here. This is the last shit kicker comment I am approving. Nice try fuck wit, but no cigar.

Hope you enjoyed the expletives you wished for.


2 thoughts on “Shaun Speaks To a Comment Made

  1. I concur bro :o)
    By the way I have to replace the fence in my back garden now that storm Dennis has just past over here IN CORNWALL, SOUTH WEST UK.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!
    (not funny about the fence though)

    Liked by 1 person

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