8 thoughts on “Grenade Be Gone Agin Mofuggahs

    • Then you’re fucking blind. Number one Whooli’s chat is not a forum. It’s a chatroom…
      Number two the tcta chatroom is not a forum either. Try again cock smoker. You punks have nothing else….


      • You didn’t ask a question, you made a statement disguised as a question. You little antifa bitches never learn. I’m smarter than you.

        As for being alone…. I still have my core audience, even after tabinut and Mike left. Just over 1200 listeners over the last 3 days ain’t too shabby fuck tard.

        Now, kindly fuck off back to tabi’s hideout. Nobody here gives a fuck about what you have to say.


      • Actually I stopped listening to them too, and renegade, because all of you just whine all the time. The only reason anyone is listening to you is because it’s hilarious. Look at the posts you are making. You got all this new equipment so you could make 5 minute broadcasts of you whining? I guess it is pretty entertaining, just not in the way you think.


      • Nice try Larry Fuckshishand. If you haven’t noticed, the main “whining” only goes to the website, it does not reach the stream or 107.9 FM, 1650 AM as the main broadcast does. That’s because the “whining” is pure entertainment compared to the more serious stuff I discuss on the broadcast. Now, a question for you. Why are you still here again? LOL. For a person that hates it all so much, you seem to be spending an awful lot of time listening and reading.

        Tell me “Larry”, what is it you do in your spare time exactly?


  1. no way Sinead will be back. she crossed the line on her last podcast and will get sued for slander.
    even though she tried to get all (literally ALL) of her stuff off their website and the www,
    many people still have that broadcast though, so no, she won’t be back.
    announcing her departure Kyle sounded like he just had been
    talking to his daddy’s lawyer for 5 hours.
    That war is won, done & dusted.
    I reckon K.Hunt will now try to sell Mike Sledge back the Renegade network
    he stole from him in the first place !
    (also, veganism & flat earth: try that shit living in Alaska)

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