2020-01-31 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Guest MaineRebelWolf

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks with Rebel Wolf about:

  • Dirty Damon / AKA Major Hicks – A sick piece of crap that would see your Grandmother raped in a heartbeat
  • Knowledge speaks but Wisdom listens
  • Alcoholics Vs drunks
  • Tabitha screams about Grenade being with niggers but then wanted niggers on my network – She pretends to be all for Rockwell but then goes against his moral values
  • Haus of Meats – Kosher and Halal bullshit
  • Cannabis Oils that can help us and especially our children
  • Antifa being a protected minority like the LQBTQAS

And much more….


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17 thoughts on “2020-01-31 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Guest MaineRebelWolf

    • I won’t post your last comment. But believe me when I say, you will get to meet up with me you sack of fuck! Can’t wait!

      You’re the type that would defend a pedo just because I doxed the bastard. That cunt threatened rape on some women I know, and said unsightly things about my Daughter. So you’re damned right you will get to meet me you fuckin piece of shit! I’m going to beat the piss out of you and any mates you bring along, one by one!


      • You “know” people all over Europe? Yeah I’m calling bullshit on that douchebag. Internet “friends” are not REAL friends & “knowing” someone is definitely not just talking to them a few times or even staying with them briefly once or twice. When you’ve actually lived in Europe & been active for many years in this thing it’s easy to spot bullshit artists like yourself who don’t really do anything but talk on some shitty little so-called “radio network” on the internet. The ‘net is mostly for catching fools with crap talk spewed out by mental midgets. BITD the NSDAP had to go out in the streets & deal with the same BS being blasted via loudhailers by communist scum. That needs to happen again but nutters like you won’t be part of it as usual. Here’s a thought – come to Europe, meet Europeans who “do” things & who don’t need to just tell everyone about it & “do” something yourself. You may now insert generic rambling about how your insane rants ARE doing something (not) with juvenile expletives every other sentence.


      • I’ll approve this one to make you look like the fucking idiot you are! You obviously don’t listen to the show AT ALL, you silly motherfucker! I’ve done so many fucking street talks, you couldn’t poke a stick at them! I’ve been on TV and done interviews! Fuck wit! I’ve been on stages and spoken in front of REAL people FROM Europe and we have stayed in contact. I speak to people every week FROM Europe over the phone! I traveled all across the States with a person FROM Europe! He has now moved back there. I have a friend down the road that is from the Czec Republic that knows communism all to well. I have German friends in Melbourne, that know communism ALL TOO FUCKING WELL! So, take your head out of your pathetic fucking arse and stick it in a fucking guillotine and do the world a favour, cunt swab! You shit eaters are wasting everybodies time here. This is the last shit kicker comment I am approving. Nice try fuck wit, but no cigar.

        Hope you enjoyed the expletives you wished for.


  1. This isn’t related to this show but one of the previous ones where you said you had a good way of finding the original ip of a proxy user. I have need for that method if you want to disclose it.


  2. I was your best guest host. I gave out real warnings and useful information for idiot white people, who never listen about the fucking jews and the astonishingly high death rate by Jewish medicine. Yet nobody gets it. Nobody sees it as the National Emergency, that it is. Mike is white trash. He is unprofessional and has personal problems. The fact is he betrayed you. He’s not your brother. He put a woman you can’t trust, before you. That shows a weakness on your part. I don’t mind chasing pussy like 007, but I don’t fall in love with crazy women.
    If you are serious you need to step up your game. You can drink if you want to. But a large part of the European races problem is they are alcoholic and cannot address the issues. Like my idiot alcoholic brother with his problems too numerous to mention here other than he’s possessed by demons is the only way I can explain it. He’s a smart man but he doesn’t have the balls to take certain stands. It makes him weak. He has two children but he’s not being the father he should be because he too is also chasing pussy. Because he is so weak, he ends up losing his money to these crazy women who are basically prostitutes. We are at War, I don’t go into battle drunk.
    By the way my court case, the judge couldn’t wait to get me out of the courtroom. No fines no nothing . One cop who was processing me told me he never seen a judge treat anybody like the way he treated me. That’s because I have egal Mojo and I scare the living shit out of people. I’m self-taught in martial arts. Judo since 10. Boxing since Rocky came out. Kickboxing after that. Close combat after that. All the while running and lifting weights. It’s one thing to be trained as a martial artist, it’s another thing to be trained as a martial artists and play speed metal hardcore drums for hours. You probably don’t want to fight me with the 77 inch wingspan. I walk into the courtroom in my mind “God, I will burn your house down” . I’m also not polite. Now I just go for the throat. I’m not really racist I just fucking hate everybody. The truth is in New York my black friends treated me better than my own family and white so-called friends. I cannot dismiss this. Not saying we don’t have problems with the Negroes (which I think is a funnier word than nigger). They don’t even like their own community. I know a black woman she will only date white dudes she doesn’t like black men. But I digress…
    I was man enough to apologize to you. I was always respectful to you. I’m only here to bring information to the world that people can use. My advice is stay with guest hosts. Doing an hour show every week takes a lot of time and energy. Most of your hosts didn’t really say anything that I didn’t already know. I like Mike because he was Jew wise when he focused. But I had to sit through a lot of bullshit too. My good friends I can count on one hand. It’s a fucked-up world out there.
    Watch your back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maxx, I could have just as easily put this comment in the spam box, but you have made some good points here and I will focus on them as best I can, because I think you are genuine and authentic in what you believe.



  3. financial support can make or break a group, thats why white nationalists have such a hard time developing any real long term group representing our interests, that and the constant attacks we face both externally and internally as well as breaking down the constant kosher conditioning. but we have made some headway in waking our people up and our numbers grow daily. we need to make real efforts in putting aside our petty differences and focus on the task of freeing our nations of this jewish curse once and for all and project a greater more prosperous vision of our independent segregated future

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    • ‘we need to make real efforts in putting aside our petty differences & focus on the task’ real words. that would be the breakthrough of all times.


  4. Hello Sir, Sean O’Neill.
    I am a long time renegade listener and I would like to see the big picture concerning all of these networks. I would like to hear/read your opinion stating it as simple at possible, so even new listeners will understand. What pros and cons do each of them have etc. Especially regarding Renegade Broadcasting and American National Radio Network. Would it be possible for you to make some sort of list, explaining why listeners should/should not follow these hosts? I am not here to troll or anything like that, I would just like to see clearly potential mistakes, among the other hosts. Simply to learn

    Also are there any other platforms you can recommend?

    In general I like listening to multiple hosts, with different personalities, and i like the straight forwardness of your shows. I also see your point regarding having lower races on white podcasts networks etc. What is your opinion about nordicism?

    I look forward to your answer, and thank you in advance.

    Best Regards
    L.G. Andersen, Denmark.


    • Denmark my arse. And no, I will not explain anything to you, because I owe you nothing. Not to mention, you spelled my name wrong. That’s a crime in itself cock sucker. Eat me! And yes, I love burning bridges when they need to be burned, so FUCK OFF!

      Note how I allowed your stupid comment to go through. You’re PURE entertainment slime bag! LOL.


  5. regarding a working WN vision,
    if we can’t put our personalities and it’s endless ‘i am right’ arguments aside
    at every turn on the road we will face the possibility
    of creating an unrepairable rift between our folk.
    No one will ever be intellectually swayed by the ‘i am right you fucking moron’
    just as any unproven hypothesis such as ‘flat earth’ if left un-debated will divide,
    any extreme personality will extremely divide opinions.


    • I hear what you’re saying Karl, but (((they))) aren’t our folk. (((They))) meaning people like dirty damon. He has NO intention of working with us. Only against us.


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