The Finale For the Traitors as Commander Rockwell Would Put It

Yes that’s right Ladies and Gents.

There has been a LOT of questions and statements made about what has been happening here at WTFR!

Well here comes the FINALE!  After this it’s all done.

Before you listen to this however, remember, I (Shaun) gave Tabishit the option to stay or go.  She chose to go.  And then Mike followed the pheromones.  (In the accent of Homer Simpson…  “Mmmmmm, pheromones!”  )




9 thoughts on “The Finale For the Traitors as Commander Rockwell Would Put It

  1. They’ll dismiss the fact you gave them choices, They made them.

    Crawl through broken glass? Funny stuff, old shit, but still funny. Water off the ducks back and I do feel the love. Gee they think of me. The name Set Free comes from being ‘set free’ from not fearing my mortality. Free, totally free, from intimidation, labels, gossip, any attacks, any kind of activist, SJWs, or Marx-feminist vagina hat wearing freak BS or threats. That includes from countless keyboard commandos or real life. From mommies basement, hubby’s mansion, to DC.

    IMHO? Not a battle, a mere common conflict, a win for exposing a bunch of clowns and enemies. With a whole bunch of them in need of being exposed, being two-faced, out for shekels (especially while being wealthy already), wanting whites to contribute more just like Jew’s news and mainstream demands now, shekels for news, or some Alt News sites demand, for deceitful editing, games, to supporting all others we are up against. Sounds Jewish to me. Make those shekels before the collapse? Back to them claiming to wanting Antifa types, Jooz, those from “good Jewish” news platforms, NAACP to Aztlan types on their programs to discuss matters, etc. Really now. What new news or information does any of them have for any of us except the normal malarkey with some white-washing and role playing with the females in tow or pushed out in front to play? We supposed to listen to the old whine or victim status storied? Some claiming to be “ ethnicity listed as Caucasian,” “conservative,” “Judeo Christian,’ etc., but they’ve had 70 yrs with their own platforms blah blah blah, reveals some news, but not much about some realities while their tribes infiltrated the country. While really needful community to national news goes unreported, ignored, not wanted discussed even if known of.

    What are they all doing to network with others locally or in their state? Nothing. They just want a paying, sucking up, on-line community of players, activist, infiltrators, and jokers. Most being green as grass and still wet behind the ears from birth… but they know it all and haven’t experienced shit in reality. Especially many females today who have that ‘unity ‘hear us roar’ mindset and screw the rest, wrong or right, ‘on the same page’ like communist, communitarians, Bolshevik’s, ingrained motto.

    We are losing, have lost many rights, free speech about gone, government totally controlled and all those freaks want to be inclusive, give voice to all others, attack other whites at any costs, and still want to play games? They easily expose themselves but few notice. The ass-holes better listen well to that dude in Montana, let it sink in, ponder how serious it all is plus everything else… being thrown out this year…then spout. Let’s see what changes. Cause no matter what it is for, the good, or for Europeans, white race, it’s been infiltrated, created mis-trust, great dis-cord, divisions, or totally ruined. Events to save a nation also infiltrated, ruined.

    Not to forget there are reasons why the activist, governments, other females, etc., use women and children to socially engineer, suck in to their own agendas, to brain-wash to using emotional tactics on, to be used as un-thinking hyper emotional, knee-jerking useful idiots. With the male pussy monsters not far behind sniffing around to please.

    Besides the clowns and white knights to defend the traitors or agents, today not having lost that “noble” mindset, such things as truth, true unity, a country’s national security/well being, some sacrifice too and a big deal. All about gone too.

    We need out own “whistle-blowers” since there aren’t many in government or news coming out with real news or leaks. Support the freaks with silence? Hmm, kinda like the hubbies or whatever that support their nut-cake girl-friends/wives or the lezzies supporting their own too. Knowing full well they need medicated, not safe around children, or need institutionalized, not their asses kissed or for a easy lay let alone be in view of kids doing their games and raging. They could be closed door dominatrix types whose BFF and such enjoy then wanting to push their powers of control or dominating others on the world. Tie em all up sweethearts and good luck with getting us all to kiss your feet, or whatever.

    In closing my book one more issue is at hand and epidemic in the crazy USA. All those with mental disorders like Borderline Personality Disorders, Bi-polar.. untreated. Those real control freaks, pathological narcissist which are many today, some claim by entire generations wanting instant gratification or total control over all others regardless of who’s home it is. Those with some BPD issues just love to upset, hurt and harm all others. Seen plenty of them, known many, in and out of institutions in my avocations. They love their games, expert manipulators, play scorned, the victims, deceivers, fooling the most professional out there too. They get super pissed if ignored or their game or whims are played along with. They are everywhere, everywhere, every profession to the streets. Pure fact. Those “marches” are probably about full of them since they can’t explain why out there, spout the same crap chants as others, flamboyant, man haters at heart, love being centers of attraction, pretending to be something they are not, etc. Just like those sick hookers and filth in Hollywood making big money for being crazy, very loose, or loony tunes. Maybe screwing themselves to the top then complain about sex abuse wanting more money and attention. Fun times in Bolshevik America.

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      • a WTF Haiku:

        ” i told you so bro ,
        get a job then buy a car
        finally get laid ! ”

        There is happiness to be found in relating.
        Really there is.


      • I just bought my Son a car not long back. My kids come first.

        As for getting laid, I will, don’t worry. I have a beautiful Girl on my arm in the States. Hence why I am saving for her to come here or me to go there. So don’t worry your “Richard Cranium”.


    • Wow that’s a great comment. While reading the first few sentences I thought yes – we have been conditioned by our enemies to be scared, cowed and silent. When we should be no such way. Our people have lead the way with amazing advances like the internal combustion engine, rocketry, planes, transistors and telecommunications – Tim Berners Lee pioneer of the internet, before that discovery and usage of electromagnetic spectrum radio and tv. Basic things such as the light globe and the harnessing of electricity would be impossible without our creative European races.

      We live in fear but we are the creators and progeny of our amazing people.

      Time to stand up and shut down the parasite money masters and all who follow and work for them. It won’t be easy but freedom never is.


    • Also set free, here is an example of how far gone some places in Australia are.

      This is video of a man being arrested for wearing an Australian flag on Australia day. As you can see, the police arrested him because the people the cops work for hate Australia. I don’t believe the cops hate Australia but they are cowards.

      We are going to have to create our own parallel society that functions to protect Whites from what is coming.

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      • Shows the signs of the times. Not much difference between our countries. Also how things have been for over forty, fifty, years and much longer I know of. Just like the phony Alt-right crap and being “inclusive,” “tolerant.” No lines to be drawn in the sand or else be attacked by idiots. Maybe drawing crowds of Antifa, SJWs, forming their own little core groups to show support and bitch about censoring since they didn’t get their way. Or prove what one stupid Phd announced once that we were all black, no such thing as being totally white way back when. (??)

        Being all inclusive online is not much different than wanting to be all inclusive to appease every anti-White group out there in real life. This video just shows it again and how bad it is out here. It’s all been tried before and failed. I had old Yucktube videos and news about Whites trying to discuss our culture and issues with the likes of Panthers, NAACP jokers, da Jooz, Nation of Islam to Israeli loving types of black Semites, supposedly claiming to be the first indigenous people of Israel or Palestine. LOL All this shit started back in “92” when computers hit the scene in mass. Then whites want to be “all inclusive” or constantly battle or divide over who or what is “Aryan?” Still?! Oh, we all came from one little black pygmy whore in Africa then crossing the land masses and seas to create us of various types and colors. lol Oh anyone can be White and be real Americans. Or be hated for not praying to Brahma, Freya, Thor to Zeus. WTF. But the jokers are well supported, well paid activist, chaos freaks, and the propagandist must keep it all going.

        Proud boys, with a small b, didn’t show much unity or protest when the guy was getting arrested did they? They got fear nothing much else like some spine or sacrifices. Nothing new but they’d be locking me up too in my more healthy days and that is no bullshit. Same with all the passers-by not wanting to get involved. Noticed some “inclusiveness” in that group too. Did this hit national TV over there? Bet not. Whitey doesn’t mob up and defend like most all other ethnicities do for sure for right or wrong. Others do it to let rapist, molesters, murderers go free. Whitey won’t do it much for their own flags and country?

        This shit gave me a flashback from years back driving by a Irish Pride festival day, Paddy’s day. Had to pull over for a better look. More homos, coons, gooks, Cubans, etc., out there wearing their big “Kiss me I’m Irish” buttons making jest about the whole thing, waving their own flags, along with illegals with all theirs. Commie and college rags reported ‘oh what a lovely day.’ “We are all one.” Media being sure to show the garbage heads wearing their kiss me badges and white women obliging them all with sloppy smooches. Swapping spit with total strangers would be bad enough. Barf.

        Then most think our own cops or military wouldn’t fire on us to serve the masters? To keep their jobs, power positions, to protect their own, to feed their own families, etc. Best think again. We are disposable very easily replaced. Country by country, community by community we are going down. Reports out being the UK is losing, England like America is FUBAR, Sweden etc., nationalism is lost, FUBAR. While the communist and traitors play on.


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