2020-01-25 Hosts & Lineups

Hello Ladies and Gents.

This is just a message to those that are already asking to be hosts here at WTFR after recent events, but also to let people know what work goes into creating a lineup for new hosts.

Stay cool!



4 thoughts on “2020-01-25 Hosts & Lineups

  1. Understandable, totally. A one man show-and-do entirely, no crews or staff like others. Some see things like this as being a individual doing it all as an easy take-down or silencing.

    Others claiming not to censor do censor and seem to make sure their shows with multiple guests are on ‘the same page.’ Just depends. May take long pauses or scramble words, mumble, to sound correctly and fit in. Not many speak from the gut but sound more like well trained word-smiths or speakers fresh out of college, still in lefty university, … or their training camps. May act or sound like it but are actors and all looking at their scripts if the cameras are on.

    In chats or comments they have their censors too. Plus the commies efforts in screwing things up or posting nastiness, etc. Many so-called WNs today want to be all inclusive including all the SJWs or Antifa types out there??? I wanna hear how those shows turn out or stay focused on S. African white genocide, European or Caucasian issues, heritage, loss of culture, history, or great it would be to keep mixing races, claiming it’s okay, or have their wives or daughters hook up with Big D Bubba fresh out of prison for a good time, discussions, and cocktails. Invite some homos over with their rainbow flags for an orgy too, with some NAACP, La Raza too. Hell, they want to allow for everything and everyone today, be “inclusive,” then claim having concerns about “whitey” then to having no concerns about us at all. Talk about some games.

    MSM does it, others may do it. What happened to the days where people had to show proof to radio stations or hosts about their abilities, some history, long held beliefs or expertise? Like a models portfolio. Word for DJs or for radio positions is slipping my mind right now.

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  2. Sorry to see Mike bug out (again, again) but you are the genuine talent, Shaun. I just wish he’d have stuck around long enough to teach your his Alex Jones impression.


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