Having Time To Ponder 2020-01-23

Hey Ladies and Gents.

I’m not going to rehash over everything that has happened, but after the initial war takes place, you have time to ponder what was in your face.  Kind of like the aftermath of shell shock.  You look back and say to yourself, “what the fuck just happened?”

Well, after receiving a call on the call-in line today, (yes you can call after hours and I will pick up if I am in studio) I was asked a question and I would rather speak about this call here and now, instead of on the show, because I am not going to soil the show with all this crap.

So have a listen and make of it what you will.



7 thoughts on “Having Time To Ponder 2020-01-23

  1. I don’t know the inside info about who meeting who or how known. I did have those thoughts of having nefarious plans run by.

    It’s odd that some same issues have been discussed, mentioned, on live broadcasts from others, commonly, recently, etc. IE, the role of genders in relationships with males allowing females to discuss or focus on regardless of topic or show. Of course while they sit and censor, delete questions and comments they don’t like. We should shut-up and not have rules or much input. Because few females are in “the movement.” So some are saying to allow everything and everyone in. With the younger folks openly stating on seemingly larger platforms, fancy two-faced book writers, among others, with a large fan base, large subscriber numbers, that “Ethnocentric” attitudes have no place in WNism. (????) This is from those on both sides of the pond, both genders. Some saying we shouldn’t use terms as “my people?” I’ll stop there but there was a lot more… kissing of the ass, double-speak, appeasing of nonsense, two-faced attitudes to be seen, or heard. A lot of mumbling and trying to gather thoughts to “stay on the same page” too.

    Seen Yucktube/twitter channel posts go up, have their say, attack, then go down. Like Antifa types claiming to have seen the light and come to the NEW WNism. Now they are cute little blond experts on everything put on big time white broadcast videos. With male posters falling all over themselves with with compliments, cat calls, was never ending crap. Or that claimed they had to stop WNs from creating battles at the gun rally, then they shut the video/twitter down or is made private. That the few Antifa and others showing up didn’t get off their buses. (?) Easy to see what’s going on and seems Turner-itis is spreading and doing well sucking idiots, blind youth, Marx-feminist, and sheep in.

    Oh and we can’t forget the ones constantly begging for big dollar donations. Special memberships or joining something, forum, or a group to get special news or insider info? Many seems to have gone down the shekel hole, even those already bragging, doing, to having big dollar enjoyments and travels around the world. Getting to be total BS out there. Bitchute, Disqus, Dlive, all included. Agents, fems, fags, Antifa, Soros’ employees, the kiddies, all doing a fine job of infiltrating and distracting.


  2. Isn’t Mike’s wife jewish too? I think more than likely it was Mike and Tabs working together. Mike also has a weakness for X-ianity and the dogmatic cuck mentality that goes along with it. Or at least promoting it to the goyim.


    • I know that Mike was speaking to her each day as he told me. I also spoke to her each day, but I never had the feeling they were working against me. Although she could have been saying anything to entice him into her way of thought. Who knows? It doesn’t matter now does it. I now figure it’s a good thing they’re gone.


    • I have no idea if his wife is jewish by the way. That was never spoken of as far as I know. At least not to me. I would have remembered that and wouldn’t have had anything to do with him at that point.


      • I don’t think Mike is an agent or anything, but his ex-wife is jewish, as is his son. It was revealed back on Oracle by some host named Nemo(?) or something, and then in the response show he did on Renegay (that should still be up) he confirmed that it was true, but argued that it didn’t matter since his son had never practiced judaism or been in a synagogue.

        I guess I can have a groid son so long as I never teach him about Kwanzaa or take him to KFC…


  3. It was EpicKWJ who made the don’t assume anything comment to me. I agree, it’s a good policy to not assume. It was just an off the cuff thought I had. I don’t know the situation so it was a fair call.


    • Yeah no probs Sam. EpicKWJ is Jacko by the way. He ain’t the shallow type and just likes to give some advice here and there. I’ve met up with him twice and had a few beers and a meal. Not to mention some good conversation and laughs.


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