What’s Done Is Done

Hey there Ladies and Gents.

People on both sides of the fence have been dumped in the spam box.  Even some of those that have said some feral things about Tabitha and Mike.

Listen for yourself because I ain’t going to be rehashing.  It’s time to get back to business.



8 thoughts on “What’s Done Is Done

  1. The fans deserve the full story. I was hoping you would have them all on live. What is Mike’s response to Tabs having him pussy whipped? And why are you going after Josh? If anyone is jewish I think it’s Tabs. I liked Josh and it seems out of all of them the disagreement with him was the most insignificant but you’re picking on him. Weak move Sean.


    • Both Mike and I were in a call and both of us had a sour taste in our mouths about Josh and even a little about Tabitha. But I refuse to waste anymore time on this Cody. Sorry mate. It’s time to move forward.


      • Cody when have I ever been any different? I was being comedic. This is what sux about chat. I always have a laugh when people spell my name Sean or Shawn, when they see my name on the broadcasts spelled Shaun! LOL It’s even worse when people face-to-face call me Shane. I start to laugh and say, “where did you get Shane from?”

        You will know when I am defensive because I will tell you to get fucked! hahahahah.

        Seriously, I’m going to have to start putting laughy smileys beside every post I am trying to be funny on.


    • If anyone is jewish I think it’s Tabs.

      If you go back & read the comments after she joined the network you’ll see many people were saying this right from the get-go. Many people thought this was blatantly obvious!


      • I can’t comment either way if any of them are jewish. I doubt it, because they all spoke very against the kikes. But nothing is certain. It’s simply a waste of time talking about it at this point in time. But if I find out either of them are jewish, I will reveal them in every way I can.


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