5 thoughts on “Update: The New Audio Equipment Is Installed Lads and Lasses!

    Ladies and Gentleman, over the last few weeks we have had some emails coming in about one of the hosts here. You know him as Gadsden. People are not pleased with him at all and there have even been things that make me go “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?” with some of the things he says on-air or even in the chatroom. So this is a good opportunity to make a disclaimer.
    WTFR stands for “Where Thought is Free Radio”, so what kind of network would it be if I was to fire somebody for having free thought? Please know that what any one host says here on the network, does not necessarily reflect what other hosts or the network founder are thinking.
    From now on, I will not be policing ANYTHING any host has to say. It simply does not work that way on a network where thought is free. So if YOU the listener or one of the other hosts do not like what any one host is saying at any given time, simply switch it off. Don’t complain to me, because I ain’t fucking interested. Just switch it off!
    When it comes to the comments section, please feel free to comment on the content, but if you are just here to insult the host that delivers the content, your comment won’t make it. Don’t like it? Tough SHIT! I don’t fucking care. There are plenty of other networks out there for you, I am sure.
    DISCLAIMER over and out!

    in case you forgot – You owe Bita an apology – Like now, dude.


    • In case you haven’t noticed, times change dude. When you have had to put up with so many fuck heads for so many years, you fast learn to rid people of your life. Now tell Bita she can fuck herself. Oh and while you’re at it, you can do the same.


  2. An observation.
    You talk so incredibly much on every single show about
    your noble & manly acts,
    yet in such a foulmouthed manner
    that there’s no way
    anyone with intelligence can believe or perceive you as noble
    or even credible,
    : By definition that is not what a noble man does.
    One wonders if your emotional mind has suffocated or stunned the mere logical .
    And no sir,
    by simply giving it names such as ‘Shock value or ‘ ‘Mock value’,
    you are not excused within in our white western value system
    We are ‘better’ then that, not ‘becoming’ that what we are fighting.
    Show it, or leave it.


    • Nice try. Who said I was “noble”? As I have said time and time again, tard boy, “I will stop the bad language, when the world ceases to become bad”. Same goes for being “noble”. When the world tidies itself up, I will become “noble” again. Now “kindly” fuck off! LOL. You people have more time to waste than I do!


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