16 thoughts on “New Audio Equipment For WTFR Is HERE!

    • Oh so, Jacko, JB, Shield Maiden, Carmel, Sam among 30 other people are “the Anthony Roberts of WTFR” as well MissCrumpy? Because they are all saying the same things as Set on the most part, except most of these people do it via email, some by phone. The rest of the audience just remain silent on it.

      Unlike Anthony Snobbits with tinea, Set doesn’t try greasing me up, he simply tells things from his perspective. Snobbit the hobbit is continuously licking grenades arsehole.

      Crawl back into the gutter from whence you came slug! You people can no longer do any damage to me. This has all become clear to me over the last couple of days. It’s all become entertainment.

      As Carlin said before he passed, “It’s all a circus and I’m just sitting back and watching the sparks fly.”


      • lol I just figure your mailbox is full and a bitch to go through. And seems so few care or dare to post openly. Or want to keep things more private for various reasons.

        Not at all familiar with any Anthony Roberts or much to do anymore with the others. Only one I know of is a guy over-seas that posts pictures of “trainspotting” or locomotives from around the world.

        Nope, I don’t grease others just my own stuff, cough cough, John Deere, vehicles, yard gear, etc. Don’t blow smoke. Don’t brown nose. Don’t stroke others to fit in. Don’t kiss or lick anything to fit in either. Don’t wax balls either. Jessica Yaniv, born Jonathan Yaniv, maybe, so I could nail them to a burning stump.


  1. You’re censoring everyone’s comments so you aren’t made to look like the fool you are! It’s truly laughable how you’re afraid to approve the comments that expose you!


    • No “Amber/Array” I am not. They have plenty of other places to spout their bullshit about me, as do you. Now squirm away like the little worm that you are. I don’t have time for your tard crap. Better things to do, such as take a shit.


      • Oh you do have time little Sean, lots of time. That’s why you make all your stupid ranting posts thinking people are interested in your drivel 🤣


      • Unlike you, I am working. I work from home, so I see comments as they come and go. I have a life! I’m saving to go to the States again. You should meet up with me some time. Ha!


  2. If you really wanted to be an entertainer shauny-poo you would be approving the comments that you’re censoring! Then we could all have a good laugh for real because you certainly are not that funny Shauny boy , just loathsomely annoying. How dare you a deprive your listeners of entertainment!!


    • LOL! Someone is butt-hurt! What happened darlin, did you and rengrenade get fucked? You hate me so much but yet you’re spending so much time on me here. Ohhhhh, poor wittle sweety is upset with Shauny! Ohhhh, here, stick these tampons in your ears so you don’t have to listen to me anymore. Poor wittle amby-pamby!


      • Shawnee Pooh I’ve done nothing but laugh! I have nothing other to do right now as I’m sitting on a train so this is purely entertainment for me against you! Lol butt hurt?! As if?! 🤣Have you nothing other to say you than my being butt hurt? You aren’t very good at insults Shawnee boy so I’m going to write that in your report card as an area needing improvement ✔️ Why don’t you regale us with tales of your piggybank savings and your big plans of your journey to the states ?! 😆 tampons in my ears?! 😅😂🤣 perhaps you should take your own advice ; let me know how it works out as I heard they don’t make the best ear plugs


      • Ha! You’re the one that hates my little snippets but can’t stop listening to them! Hence the tampons sweetheart. They must be somewhat entertaining for you if you keep coming back! The games up. You love my network!

        And why are you on a train? Can’t afford a plane ticket? hahahahahaha!


  3. It’s simply unfathomable that a white western male could behave as you do. So we listen for shock value. However this small beans event will dry up very soon and never another visit will be spent on your WTF network. Train. Yes shauny I’m riding on a bullet train country to country in Europe. I prefer it to flying as there’s more to see. You should try it sometime when your piggy bank has enough funds ♥️


    • Hahahahaha! Fuck you’re full of shit. A person that can afford to ride a bullet train from country to country in Europe does not waste their time on a person they hate so much. They’re better educated than that. You’re sooo full of shit tinea! Now, fuck off, because I’m getting back to work. I’m shutting you down whore bag. Say hello to tabs for me!


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