A Comment From Carmen

Ladies and Gents, a person called Carmen makes a great comment about all the bullshit going on here at WTFR at the moment.

Glad you kept your common sense. Too many Whites have bought into this new age shakra bs. Its a terrible distraction. This new age bs is all over youtube. It’s right up there with the silliness of satanism, veganism, flat earther bs, Madam Blavatsky and co lol. I’m rather disappointed in Mike though. Maybe he listened to too many of David in Texas shows lol. If it’s not christianity, it’s new age bs. Always a distraction for Whites looking for answers. Jews are still laughing all the way to the bank.

By the way, Robert Reyvolt over at RBN said a similar thing to me.  “New age Hindu Poison” and I whole heartedly agree.



5 thoughts on “A Comment From Carmen

  1. New Age was invented by the commonwealth cryptos. Sad our roots have been buried under that much bullshit. India has been a ‘spiritual whore house for hundreds of years’, even they are buried under the holy cow dung. Crypto Currency = New Age BS. and vice versa. That’s is not saying spirituality is fiction. Just so much bs these days, that the only question not soiled is ‘can you be quiet’
    all else seems to be ego-grandstanding. Mike i guess will roll on and be on the ‘laughwaffestrike’.
    All the best.


    • Yeah it’s the whole ‘can’t we all just get along’. No! We can’t and no matter how much people try to put a pink ribbon on it, give you a tap on your bottom and send you on your way, we still have a big problem.

      Purrr you’re right. Whatever spirituality there was in India a thousand years ago, has been long buried in shit and will not be revived. We need to focus on the task at hand.

      I am here to fight for White Western Man, Woman and Child in the here and now. Not a thousand years ago and that chakra bullshit, whether people like it or not, is now owned by mud people. Period.


  2. Hi Shawn, yes I’m a she lol. Was an early listener to renegade but moved on when David in Texas left. Moved on from listening to David as well. Too many chakras lol. You do fine without them.

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