8 thoughts on “Middle Fingers In The Air

  1. I wouldn’t have known about this site if it hadn’t been for Tabitha. She is also one of the most interesting and intelligent people I have ever listened to. Renegade just got done treating her terribly and now this? It seems like Tabitha isn’t allowed to talk no matter where she goes and this is something I don’t understand, Mr. Owner of free speech network.


  2. By the way, you should see the negative comments about Mike after this via email and even Whooli’s Blog people. They are sending shit saying, “what a pussy, no wonder the South lost the Civil War”… That’s not coming from me. I will not speak ill of Mike at this stage because he has not spoken ill of me. Most of these comments and emails are coming from women, no less.

    It’s in my opinion, he mellowed to a woman because he has a soft spot for women and the girls are detecting that.


  3. From JB over at Whooli’s Blog – “you would think our people could and would respect the fact its your station and you get final veto and put personal butt hurts aside for the greater reason we are here, our white peoples survival and empowerment” Exactly. And again I ain’t attacking Mike at this point in time, but these are the messages I am getting left, right and center. People seem to be really pissed at Tabitha, but with Mike they are absolutely disappointed. Majorly disappointed and it’s mostly the Ladies that are.


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