19 thoughts on “Josh Tries the Censorship Bullshit

  1. By the way, Mike was in a call with me when I recorded this and he laughed his arse off when he heard what I said to Josh. Strange that he changed his tune once the vagina got in his ear.



      • The funny thing to me is, Tabitha said specifically that she would speak about White Wellness but would speak about the chakra stuff on other blogs and I was fine with that. There was no reason for Mike to pull the pin at all.


  2. WTF a total mutiny cause people don’t, won’t, or can’t follow simple rules? Not getting their way? This is a bit different than how they were treated elsewhere, or the reasons why. Hell, most out there don’t seem to know, or living in areas to know/experience, what the hell real censoring, banning, shunning, restricting of information and news is. And that is fucking sad. Again nothing new. Maybe a trip to their local public library would help with a list of banned books or magazines they refuse to carry. Try ordering books or materials, WW2 stuff through Ebay from Germany starting many years ago, or Amazonian banned books or from other sellers, etc.

    Sounds familiar. An old Yucktube had, Green-aide I think, and friends saying all other, all other WN sites and forums were liars, false reports, phony, Zionist or Joo run. Can’t remember exactly what it was over. Well used labels for some so-called WN forums that had some Joo influence, even a Joo mod, but going on and protecting them reporting they were righteous and all others were phony like Turner & company. Again nothing new, same old crap from a lot of people through the years.

    Hell, I’ll never see unity in any form much when it comes to whitey or “Europeans.

    LOL Heck, put up a contract about what would be expected from possible hosts. There it would be in black and white, no squabbles. That would be funny to read some comments I bet.


    • Yeah you’d think that if these so called hosts had listened to my show, that it would already be a verbal contract Set. LOL. If anybody listened to my shows, they would KNOW that this chakra dot-head bullshit would not be welcomed here.

      I’m surprised I kept her on for that long.


  3. Funny how you didn’t include what I ACTUALLY SAID! Wow Shaun you’re a real piece of work! Do you think this is in anyway positive at all? You talk about white western civilization not getting along yet you too this crap! Gee…i wonder why no one can get along!


    • Nice try Josh. What you actually said “in your own special way” was that you were having doubts because you might have wanted to speak about the esoteric and such. And as a whole “in your own special way” that it’s a form of censoring.

      I’m not stupid bitch boy! You don’t create radio stations out of not being intelligent.

      Again, FUCK YOU! Go and suck Tabitha’s dick some more.


    • By the way shit bag, Mike had the same sour taste in his mouth about you that I did and still do. I trust you as much as I trust that there is a god. At the end of Mikes and my disagreement, he said, “I think your’e wrong about Tabitha” and then “we were right about josh though”.

      So whilst you are all sucking each others dicks, (including Tabitha’s) let that sink in.


  4. My heart chakra is saddened by this turn of events. Oh well, off to my local Swami for some chakra cleansing rocks. May as well drop by Chang’s for some needles and then to the local for some homeopathic fluids.


    • Meaning just what, Sam? Like whites aren’t supposed to use imported black pepper, use computers cause of foreign made chips and shit? Stop all trading or imports due it all being about foreigners or something? Learn anything or do trade with all others? No college or attempts at it cause Jooz control it all or lead sports freaks into being “team players” to make money for Joo owned arenas, teams, sports wear, to exclude others if we don’t have a favorite team or kiss the ass of some sports star? Let’s pray to Thor if sore, to Molech, don’t use modern meds or other avenues to heal or cure with cause they may be Joo owned or foreigner created? Can’t use critter traps in the woods like the falling 4 trap cause Indians used them too centuries ago? Better kill off non-white fire-fighters or tell them not to put fires out around you cause they are not wanted around… period? How far down the rabbit hole do you want to travel?

      The points are rules are rules and respect is showing some respect, not ego or control issues. Just like religious debates that never ends, so why keep doing it when the end game is division, zero unity. Those who could kiss ass enough, be tolerant, to get college degrees then thing they are something all-knowing and special… which is quite common. I walked away from “higher education” because I simply could not and would not tolerate all the dis-respect, attitudes, false teachings to expectations of being just like all the rest, kissing sport jock ass, Joo asses, bowing to the commies to feminist, appease all the activist, totalitarian demands to “fit in.” To fail and graded on ability to lie on test questions, do as expected, to being totally socially engineered in one way or the other? Deal with uppity niggers, Jooz, ignorant youth daily on top of tons of other shit? Many around just loving to fuck with white men or “boomers” non-traditional students, older folks to exert their powers.

      Shit, I got my Phds from those universities of hard knocks or the street. In multiples. And my student loans all paid off, which was for nothing. I don’t owe shekels for that shit anymore. Oh oh, all those bucks went to Jooz and foreigners too. Oy Vey!!!!

      One point being what it is we all NEED today, not mere wants, but NEEDS. Like communication, unity, UNITY, keeping super divisive issues on the side-lines. Do like the commies and Jooz due… side-lining their individual stuff, hobbies, religions, to “staying on the same page.” Even their TV news heads, all professionals, the celebrity types or think they are, those killing each other in foreign lands unite here. Mafia types supporting other mafia types or in the same Masonic lodges. We can’t???


      • Just checking Shaun, due to some of my comments and explanations. I can share, not afraid to speak from the gut/Thymus. lol. Comment, attempt to communicate, pick brains, or get people to do so which fails the majority of the time. Causes me to be wordy too. Not afraid of questions either. If not agitators or provocateurs some should learn to throw-out more than one or two-liners or use emogee shit.

        Too much out there happening to even dare mention. Still the niggers and others doing the “knock-out” games. White girls assaulted and such on campuses and nary a word about it on the news. Because of niggers and commie friends. I abhor news, or what they claim are real stats of it all over veteran suicides. Which they all refuse to report. Censored. Do people know the vast increase of our young white kids down to the age of TEN committing suicides they are so fucking confused about life, forced on head dope, troubles in school with gangs to niggers, sand coons, over a pimple, dealing with lefties etc. (WP screwing with me again) So-called “medically kidnapping kids for claimed medical issues, abuse, not getting vaxxed, or proud of white heritage too? We are supposed to live in the information age but censored from cradle to grave, kept totally ignorant about some realities. Makes me wonder just how many out there are actually “awake” or “awoken,” and what their priorities are. Or just what it is that pisses them off enough to keep some issues to the fore-front.

        Shaun, difficulties on this side of the pond. Can you send me a separate link away from WPress to the Shalk show listed here. Not many discuss or go into details about “communitarianism.” I threw that at my communist leadership here and they laughed about it. The word won’t even stay in my spell checker. TY

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      • Hey man, not sure how you sprouted all that from my comment 🙂 Yes it was sarcastic – you should’ve been able to pick that up. No, don’t have any problem with trading with or learning from other races. In Australia we made nearly everything we needed locally until Jew elites and our own lackeys destroyed our destiny. Hopefully we can recover from this turn of events. Nice to meet you.

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      • Well Sam. I am no mind reader and it’s easy to assume much especially from strangers, plus with a lot going on. Plus not knowing other’s types of humor or personality types or sensitivities, etc. Personally, even writing bitch letters to Washington DC or elsewhere with some included “sarcasm” it’s left within parentheses for clarification. Just like when trying to cast jokes or toy around I may add something like “ducking ducking” etc. To help get my point across. It’s also why I attempt to put myself in other’s shoes and circumstances regardless of situations or knee-jerk reactions from either side, mine included. If people fail to respond over some mis-understanding or ambiguous comment, to me, I will just be left thinking the worse of it or a strike at me. Thanks for replying to clarify things. Pleased to virtually meet you too. Yeah, we can and will recover from anything, unless it kills us.

        From I Ching. “Persistence in a righteous course brings reward.” (ducking ducking)



      • Yeah that’s the biggest problem these days. Because of all that is happening and all that has come about over the last week here on WTFR, it’s easy not to trust people and assume they are up to something.

        Both you Set and Sam have never set alarm bells off for me. Sometimes we just misunderstand what is being said. Chat is hard to define, because we can’t see expression or anything like that. We can’t even hear expression. It’s just text so it can make it hard.

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  5. Mike pulled the pin because he didn’t agree with Shaun. Simple, over & out. Hopefully there’s no rehashing it over & over again for months, cause that’s what the newage sewage couple does at the flat earth network, there’s more important topics to cover then past disagreements and
    ‘being proven right’ zzzzzzzzzzzz


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