8 thoughts on “And That’s a Wrap

  1. Seen and experienced this most of my life. I already left a long rant about stuff but people won’t listen or ponder about what is being said. They also won’t debate some issues like a decent, honorable, rational, white person/human being. It’s hit and run then back talk and attack relentlessly. It’s all over place and not just WN sites either. Even with gardening channels to farm shows, hunting/fishing, and more. Some of the PC shit and wanting to control radio shows or forums are so bad the hosts or their friends get banned from various expos they have attended for many years or show-casing various items. Farm, hobbyist, to bee-keeping gatherings. Doesn’t matter the topic or issues. Others feel they need, want, or deserve to control others any way they can. Male, female or 57 other kinds of sexual labeling doesn’t matter.

    1. This network, platform, show, is your baby you put blood, sweat, tears, time, worried about, and dollars into. Your rules, desires, etc. Not mine or anyone else’s to push our own agendas on. She is your puppy, your rules, to run and control. Just like all others have had to take similar stands if no compromise was possible.

    2. I’ve been an island for a long time due to this kind of crap and more. And it’s fine with me. I don’t have to bow and please others, a group, clique, gang, club, or a female companion with the honey-dos, or try to pacify in some way. I can’t keep me happy let alone others or some with some issues of their own. Or to do whatever to “keep momma happy at home,” Or else no-body will be happy like the old saying goes.

    3. Shows many out there seem to be ‘living high on the hog.’ Threat free, easy living, safe, may not have experienced much in life yet, been insulated from some realities, may not know what’s happening around them due to ignoring contemporary problems, cognitive dissonance, head turning or easier to discuss other issues leaving today’s major issues in the side lines. May need to get some priorities written down and see what they come up with, share it openly, and about just what or who. Or maybe get out and do more or see more. Every town, city, community out there has it’s negatives, secrets, un-reported news, corruption, white people abused or left to die in some hospital/home dealing with abuse from some foreigner, scorned something, or nigglet, etc. Not going to learn about such things living the 9 to 5, focused on the home life or being a home-body mainly, or staying in their own little corner of the world if young and healthy enough to get out and do, something, anything, side jobs, hobbies, volunteer, hood-watch, etc.

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  2. From JB over at Whooli’s Blog – “you would think our people could and would respect the fact its your station and you get final veto and put personal butt hurts aside for the greater reason we are here, our white peoples survival and empowerment” Exactly. And again I ain’t attacking Mike at this point in time, but these are the messages I am getting left, right and center. People seem to be really pissed at Tabitha, but with Mike they are absolutely disappointed. Majorly disappointed and it’s mostly the Ladies that are.


  3. Glad you kept your common sense. Too many Whites have bought into this new age shakra bs. Its a terrible distraction. This new age bs is all over youtube. It’s right up there with the silliness of satanism, veganism, flat earther bs, Madam Blavatsky and co lol. I’m rather disappointed in Mike though. Maybe he listened to too many of David in Texas shows lol. If it’s not christianity, it’s new age bs. Always a distraction for Whites looking for answers. Jews are still laughing all the way to the bank.

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