6 thoughts on “Good Luck To Tabitha On Her Journeys From WTFR

  1. Well,you are in the same league as Kyle mate,Mike is gonna leave you in less than 2 months.He is a funny fella but aint loyal.White values and you?Joke.Keep talking about how enlighten you are:)Sad bc you had s/t good going on your network.God speed mate.


  2. Wowzer! Very sad news but just another old divisive topic that’s been going on for many moons. Like those over there, India/others, born with blue eyes, blond hair, un-common features, etc. So people want to research this stuff in depth more than I have. The old battle of who is really “Aryan” or not, the use of “cast systems,” aristocratic rule, to mob rule, or should be WN standards, and on it goes. Deeps subjects, divisive subjects, beware the rabbit hole that leads to darkness when more important issues of our days should be priority, constants or continuous, intermittently, what ever the words mean.

    That is why I adopted the disclaimer of ‘take what you can use or interested in, leave the rest.” I do. Some things I put in the library of my mind at different levels. Some are easily trashed, some are put on back-shelves for further research if need be. Priority issues, issues I deal with on front shelves since dust and cob-webs build up. Maybe some that others do not, can not, may ever in their lives understand or have any experience with. Some go on the WTF shelves like metaphysics, the spiritual, un-explainable, etc.

    Like “necessity is the mother of invention.” So is seeking knowledge on many things. Same goes if one is in need over medical issues, health, etc. Yep, I’ve researched and tried many things and disciplines. As a younger putp


  3. F-ing WP. Continuing. As a younger pup was unloading a flat bed semi truck of 90lb railroad rail. That is 90lbs per foot. Oops truck bed was rotted, slipped in a hole and a 30 foot section of rail got to have it’s way with me and landing on me. Just like a huge spring loaded toy of some sorts. Yep, I am a Wednesday’s child. Full of woes. Any hoo, ended up not being able to function well or straighten up, bent over frozen. Tried it all modern medicine had or could do, shots, electro therapy, traction, my old trusty chiropractors, every treatment know to man to the chakra business – opening-closing, etc. Pure hell for a couple years. Have traveled and taken classes, if possible, on all kinds of strange shit and beliefs.

    Oh oh, here comes some gook shit, a new thing at the time like artificial joints too. Acupuncture! Little known of in Merica then and totally unacceptable. Made more enemies of all sorts including those in the American medical communities. It’s absurd, witchcraft, not scientific, comes from “slants,” no insurance coverage for such hog-wash. Fuck, can’t please or appease everyone, damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Six treatments, 28 fine needles in my back, neck and around, each treatment pain increased with each needle stick. Six weeks later cramped up, stone hard muscles loosened, was back in my Volkswagen super beetle (at 6’4″ give or take and 250lbs), back to work and heavy labor. Plus my side jobs again. Works well for some… maybe others not so much, did for me. Not going to start bowing, turning Chinese, get surgeries to give my eyes a slant, or gonna focus on their history or ways either. Same goes with the chakra business, alternative medicines and techniques of ancient times. I’ll take what I can use and leave the rest.

    Points being life can lead us down strange paths and I don’t harp or discuss some issues openly or readily due to… creating chaos or division. I may have my say, input, experience then drop the subject. Especially if it keeps us in a rut, leads any down a rabbit hole, or not dealing with more present issues in need of discussion. Just recently slipping back into some music and comedy I refrained from, was distractions from other major endeavors, or not interest in for many many years.
    Wasn’t useful, priority, or needful for many years. Maybe just to create back-ground noise not paying much attention to like white noise.

    I rarely if ever discuss dying and coming back or spiritual matters since most don’t have a clue about me or of the other side. But everyone has their own truisms/truth/reality. Kinda like a Dannion Brinkley experience without any “gifts.” It always leads to the very old religious shit, control tactics and division. And I am not “religious.” Truth? What is truth? Where does it come from or claim to be from?

    Hence, this old dudes well grounded firm pessimism. Lose communications on any or all levels, the ability to agree to disagree and get back on track, throwing the baby out with the bath-water over many issues, loss of information, unity, etc. Oh well, the Sun may come up tomorrow (I’m waiting for a false flag nuke to occur), as the world turns, stomach churns. Nothing shocks me any longer, well accustomed to disappointments and various losses. To me it’s just another SNAFU. Like America is FUBAR. Fucked up beyond any recognition. Situation normal all fucked up.

    In ending the really really sad part of it all is… local commies, lefties, Antifa/Zio/globalist/union fucks and the rest have a mantra, even reported on public news and from all political parties while they game people. “We must stay and are on the same page.” Yep, heard it in person between GOP and Dem types while together in town hall meets, patting each other on the back smiling, imagine that. That includes church types, “professional action committees, chambers of commerce, academics, media, and many others. They have their major differences, arguments, self-serving agendas, country clubs, social cliques to Greek societies. Jooz, Muzzies, commies, suits, Mexiscum, mafias, gangsters, coons, foreign militant trash, anyone claiming to hate elsewhere sure do get along and support each other in my locale. Got to admit… they have and do in reality stay on the same relentless pages. And also why they have evil networks covering an entire country to deal out retribution, to help their own, to network, to keep us whites apart, to censor, instilling major trust issues among us, prevented us from group-ups, to meet, to fuck up people’s records, to flag, to do whatever to us from bottom to top, to ruin some of us in every way imaginable, etc., we do not. Anyone care to tell me I am wrong?

    Don’t really understand her hard standing on this like with the “Judeo-Christian” types or those on the Trump bandwagon thinking he’s gonna save us all or help white people in some way. It’s just sad.

    Rant off. G-day.

    LOL PS. Ya know there is a test to see if acupuncture will work on a person or not? Four small needles one each between the index finger and thumb, each hand, one each on inner foot arch. If it works it’s like exactly like drinking down a twelve pack of beer real fast and feeling funny and goofy, happy kind-of depending on pain issues. I was drinking a lot back then too.

    Oh well life goes on. Good fortune and health to you and yours Tabs.


  4. Shaun but was she for accepting race mixing between whites and Indian mudbloods? Or was just sharing some information on ancient Indian culture? Because even Ben Klassen talked about ancient Indian cast system and the same was for Hitler. In any case we should be for white western civilization indeed.


    • No she wasn’t for the race mixing between the muds and the whites as far as I know. That was not my beef with her. My beef was this whole India chakra crap. If she had a half a brain, she would know that people will read that as today’s India, only to have White Nationalists all around the world telling her to fuck off and that’s exactly what was happening. I had so many emails coming in about chakra Indian bullshit and I can see why.

      In any case, this network is not based on that shit. I am here to deal with today’s problems we have as White Nationalists and preserving our White people. I’m not here to speak about what took place in mudshit India a thousand years ago.

      Stay cool.


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