2020-01-17 Edition of TCTA w/ Setfree, Mike Sledge & Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, the lads speak about a great many things off the cuff.  We don’t need to mention specifics on this particular episode because it was spontaneous on the most part.

Listen, learn and be entertained!

Setfreehoosier:  “Free range Goy. Yep. LOL Open air prison camps. Show em some buttocks for IDs.”

Stay cool!


One thought on “2020-01-17 Edition of TCTA w/ Setfree, Mike Sledge & Shaun Surplus

  1. You guys crack me up. Great stuff from Josh. I really hope people listen to the warnings of the great trap coming. All it would take for hell to break loose is an agent provocateur or some nut-case on head meds like most shooters have been in the past. So much info has been deleted from the net, alternative news sites flip-flopped and stopped reporting on false flags… with solid evidence proving it. Then hard censoring on social media long with YuckTube ‘terminating’ videos showing crisis actors and how they collect them all just like ignorant protesters in the street getting paid by the likes of Soros, and others, not knowing what the hell they are out there supposedly protesting to not knowing shit about any of the issues at hand. BLM, ACORN, anti-free speech clowns on campus, hating on white folks, protesting for Greta Thunberger, etc.

    They ruined one major whistle-blower

    “Kiss illusions good-bye.”

    “Winter Watch.” Then people wonder why all the hard censoring? I lost tons of info and Yucktube vids over this and more. Several showing replays of actors in other events also being brought in by the bus loads. Media, the powers that be, focused on people like him to ruin, threaten family, to destroy. Why aren’t we supposed to question or demand proof?


    Take it for what it’s worth, leave the rest. Why even cop videos against Halbig have been terminated like other ‘false flag’ events have? Also show a bit too much evidence? Why did the “Crisis actors guild” come out against shooting event whistle-blowers, citizen reporters, activist admitting to being “actors there for the money,” Or paid to be there when the illegals were marching burning our flag years back, or against Halbig, Charlottesville. Like Snopes, major media, claim all truth. Boston bombing, like with others, some definitely were killed. Who the hell is Snopes to have sites closed or Face Book accounts closed because they disagreed with some info or reports?

    Oh well deep and dangerous subjects.


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