2020-01-16 Edition of NWPCU w/ Shaun & Josh

Shaun and Josh fill in for Mike on News White People Can Use:

  • Furniture breaking fatties with kankles
  • Saying what we really feel rather than lying
  • Gay ebonics and gayness in general (flamers)
  • Gays that you didn’t know were gay – But does it make it right?
  • Bullies and how bullyism is needed but only to a degree’
  • Audio:  Rich Animals
  • Audio: Daphne goes over 7 Questions for Vegans – This isn’t a debate, it’s you’re life!

And much more!


Daphne Link

5 thoughts on “2020-01-16 Edition of NWPCU w/ Shaun & Josh

  1. I’m not against misanthropy – I’m against vegans denying they became that way due to veganism rather than it happening to them naturally from life kicking the shit out of them. Becoming misanthropic because ACTUAL people have let you down/robbed or raped you, & rendered you demoralized isn’t the same as a 19 year old vegan DECIDING to become misanthropic as a means of virtue signaling. This later turns into violent thoughts,. creeping into psychopathy i,e., VeganGains. Also, I think a person who naturally turns into a misanthrope just wants to be left alone and not be bothered. For this kind of situation, isolation can be enough to help them heal and not get hurt anymore. But for vegans, this isolation is not enough because it wasn’t just avoidance they wanted…. it was actually revenge.


    • Also remember, many of these vegans are not in fact becoming misanthropic; They use the word in the stead of being psychotic. A good example of that is a clip we played on Tabs show. They claim to be misanthropes but there is really nothing misanthrope about them. Rather, they have become psychotic because of their veganism and they just use the word misanthrope out of context.


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