Josh AKA Lone Wolf Speaks About The Dimming Of the Sun

After hearing Mike and Shaun speak about chemtrails and such, Josh sent Shaun a link to one of the videos he had done for Bitchute.  You can hear the audio to that video, right here on WTFR.

AND!  You will soon be able to welcome Josh onto the network (as long as his shitty timezone doesn’t fuck us over LOL) as he will be joining us with his very own weekly show on the network.

Dimming of the Sun:

An article talking about how they intend to spray particulates in the air in order to “combat climate change”. Yet they have already been doing this for years via Chemtrails! This is their way to get the public on board. Who knows what they have cooked up already….



4 thoughts on “Josh AKA Lone Wolf Speaks About The Dimming Of the Sun

  1. It’s far beyond Geo-crap and such. Don’t mind where the info comes from but listen to this one interview on a NY station. We here, I am, getting censored too much, blocked, banned, screwed with to be picky about my info gathering. It’s getting worse. Even mentioning peace is getting my ass censored plus other stuff. Local idiots are pushing more stupid crap than I can keep up with. Dangerous freaking times and most people, WNs, like some chaos creating shows do nothing but that, create chaos and division. Got too many shills and shekel lovers out there to deal with.

    The interview:

    Experts, etc., trying to sue. Even got the college scum and commies upset, the idiots. They want all this to happen and to shut us up.

    This is a test. Getting slammed by weird internet shit, blocks, and stalls, etc. They must be using those new algorithms. Wpress been blocking me from posting all over on my vet sites too.


    • I’ll spell it out if need be. The chaos freaks I am meaning are those like Grenade, her buddies, attacking all other WNs, at will, and over anything. No better than trolls, Jooz, and SJWs on Yucktube and now out to ruin Bit-C too. Then people wonder why we can’t connect with others, network, or meet-up with other WNs who are serious non game players. Having done the same thing like others have sewing total distrust among us whites not being able to trust.

      Americans in some areas are just like those in South Africa living in camps, being slaughtered, shunned, ignored, harassed, attacked, censored, etc., grasping at straws for help like a drowning person will grab anyone or anything around them for safety, to be heard, or not to drown. It can be labeled desperation 100%. Few are paying attention or taking others dilemmas dilemmas serious enough.

      Sin-aid is on the air unaffected by new laws but others or mere veterans with health care complaints or about corruption here, being censored to death including all the suicides, are shut-down, censored, banned? Seems the powers that be and Jooz sure love and enjoy their crap.

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