2020-01-14 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • 09 White countries pushing for veganism
  • True Blue Aussies chant “drag queens are not for kids” after a disgusting drag queen goes to a library to promote pervert faggotry to young children
  • Tabs joins the dots between (((climate change))) and (((tranny meat)))
  • Mastic oil comes from a tree that has a resin that is not edible
  • Shaun joins Tabs for a small time to speak about Misanthropes Vs psychotics
  • Tranny pork is coming to a town near YOU!
  • Diet has become very inverted – Especially since WWII
  • Audio:  Vegan Diet Dangers
  • Audio:  Vegan ANTI-HUMAN Compilation
  • Audio:  Bad Vegan Advice Compilation
  • Audio:  University students in hot water for publicly shaming drag queen

And much more!


7 thoughts on “2020-01-14 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

  1. DAMN! This might be one of your best shows ever! I really love how you and Shaun touched on dictionaries. I read the thesaurus for fun, I even collect them. The older ones and the newer ones can be compared for an expose that would rawk the whole world. Every year the dictionary and thesaurus get worse and worse and worse. They water it down and change it to become more politically correct. Whole words are being removed simply for SOUNDING offensive. Thanks for taking the time to do this podcast. I really enjoyed the whole thing. The clips you used were brilliant. great show, keep up the fantastic work!

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  2. Hello Tabitha!

    Just a couple of things: You lost me with the expression “tranny meat” (which, by the way, made me laugh a lot) What does it mean?

    I liked the observations that you and Shaun made about the mutilation and desecration of the English language in the name of political correctness. What is even worse is the destruction of hundreds, if not thousands, of books whose message goes against the official version pushed by the media and the governments.

    Excellent show. Looking forward to the next one


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