Iran Special Report w/ Mike Sledge

Mike speaks about the recent events taking place in Iraq and Iran and how we can connect the dots…



2 thoughts on “Iran Special Report w/ Mike Sledge

  1. Ahem. Good stuff. Ever hear of “Operation Ajax” and is not the first foreign nation that the USA or Israeli trash to invade, over-throw other’s governments, using economic warfare, urban warfare, to psyops operations, coup d’état s, etc. Wiki claims was the first, not so. Not much difference between our filthy nasty governments from Soros, B. Gates, any presidents (cept maybe Kennedy), etc., to the countless list of other scum of the Earth.

    Hate to use Wiki but here is part of it.

    We, (I can for sure) are seeing the rest of the nation and world… catching up to the open air prison camp, censored from cradle to grave, Joo/Masonic/evangelical/etc., owned and controlled…bottom to top (DC/Internationally)… Indiana. This old fucker ain’t kidding either and glad my days are about over on this screwed up planet.

    Won’t last long.

    Pity news isn’t reporting about other events happening to destroy countries, communities (worked well here for generations) whitey, our entire existence.


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