Australian Fires Update North East Victoria 2020-01-09

Fire warning for those in North East Victoria due to a wind change and a heat spike.

We just had an SMS come through and warn us that we need to leave.  It’s not necessarily time for us in my area to leave but those in the Carboor, Carboor East, Carboor Upper, Cheshunt, Cheshunt South, Claremont, Dandongadale, Edi, Edi Upper, Hyem, Jarrott, King Valley, Markous, Myrrhee, Pieper, Rose River, Whitfield, Whitlands, Whorouly South areas should consider leaving now.

Be safe!


One thought on “Australian Fires Update North East Victoria 2020-01-09

  1. Authorities out west told people to vacate using a highway and certain roads to avoid the large fires there, forget the state but TWICE recently. Ended up jumping mountains, and trapping miles of people between fires, on a packed traffic jammed highway, in valleys. Can’t find the damn links I am searching for but here are some. One I can’t find the volume shut off button for.

    volume crap.

    A weird one. More than one weird one happened, happening. Other reports.. history.

    Older one. 2013. There’s a lot they don’t report about like off grid wannabees, homesteaders building in deep woods without clearing for fires AND no reports of the characters living in ‘tree houses’ in hot zones. Just reported on Yucktube types near-by or known them. Pity Yucktube terminated some channels, and mine.

    Some history and some truth never comes out.

    I hate censoring and blacking out of real news.

    Take care over there.


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