2020-01-06 Australian Fire Fighters & Vic Fire

There is no amount of “tilting of the hat” that can be done toward these Good Men and Women.  A huge Thank You goes out to every one of you that have kept us safe during this difficult time.

Thank You to Vic Fire and the Fire Fighters that risk their lives every day!



5 thoughts on “2020-01-06 Australian Fire Fighters & Vic Fire

  1. I spoke to some of the Firefighters and the Fire Captains today, face to face. I shook their hands and said, “Thank You, so much for keeping us all safe. Thank You for everything you do.” I really think this makes a difference to them. They really are the unsung heroes. These hollywood stars get raised up, just because they act like a person they ain’t, but too many of our emergency services are swept under the rug the day after the fire is put out. It’s unacceptable.


    • It’s far from all over. Australia is still burning. It’s just over for my area. I spoke with some of the Fire Captains on the way out of the supermarket and one of them said that I was indeed at risk where I am located, I should be fine now, but as for others in other parts of Australia, it’s only just begun. At the moment, I can only hope that those that have lost their houses get some form of relief from insurance companies, that I am positive will try and get out of paying up.

      I also spoke with the Captain about people that water this down, (no pun intended) and he said the same thing as I did on the last show, (and I am not talking about Jacko in this case, I already said something about that on the show) “people that water these incidents down cause harm; follow the instructions that are given from your local Fire Precinct” and I hope people intend to do that.

      My next door neighbour and I seen flames literally just down the road from us only 3 days ago and it took 15 trucks to put that fire out. And people wanted to water it down as if it was no big deal. When a Fire Captain says it is a VERY big deal when a fire of that magnitude is that close, I take that shit seriously.

      I no longer listen to the stupid towns people that I heard saying “Oh you were safe in your area Shaun” seriously. They’re morons. I just nod my head and walk on, because they are not worth listening to.


  2. I understand Shaun, it’s a very bad situation, I do not live there I have relatives there so I can’t know. You did well on keeping your guard up because these situations should not be underestimated. I hope your house is safe in any case.


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