2020-01-05 Update For the Aussie Fires & Precautions

Make perfectly sure you prepare in the case you may end up trapped or without power, or both.


Below is a video of the smoke out front of my house.

And here is some of the exchange going between Vic Fire and the Fire Brigade Crews that I recorded from my scanner.


10 thoughts on “2020-01-05 Update For the Aussie Fires & Precautions

      • Anything more I can do from this side of the pond, don’t be shy, let me know. Stay safe, protect your goods and needs. Keep checking those winds like you’re doing. Going by news reports and shows people around there need to wear masks or wet clothes, anything. Damn it looks horrible over there.


      • Thanks Set! And Thank You for the generous donation Sir! I appreciate it! At the moment, all I care about is getting out of here. I think it will be sooner than later.


    • It’s stopped raining but it’s wet enough to give me some peace of mind. Some relief. I smell like smoke, look as tired as fuck but I have a smile on my face. I will never curse rain again!

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  1. Hey Shaun hope you are safe and well. Enjoying the new shows with Mike and Tabitha! These bushfires have always happened but according to my mrs sister who lives in Sydney the smoke is extreme and nothing like she’s ever seen. Get the fuck out of where you are if you are in danger mate.

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  2. Also here in WA there are fires closing the Eyre highway and there is expected to be shortages of temperature controlled medicine here. Food prices will also rise in particular fruit and veg.


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