2019-12-21 Edition of the White Wellness Yule Special w/ Tabitha

On this special Yule edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • Winter Solstice – Transition and reflection
  • Audio:  Santa Claus -The Mushroom Shaman
  • Tabs reads an article to bolster the Mushroom audio
  • Pagan traditions – Tossing things into the chimney (Shaun’s Notes:  Like marijuana.  Ha!  Just joking…)
  • Audio:  Germanic Origins in three parts – Yule and it’s relation Origins
  • Foods that people like during this time of year
  • The positions of things such as Stonehenge and their meanings for Winter Solstice
  • Tabs invites Shaun on to speak in the last segment
  • WTFR plays some festive Yule music for a 3rd hour

And much more…


Shaun was thinking of the Shogun that was employed to maintain race and culture in Japan.

6 thoughts on “2019-12-21 Edition of the White Wellness Yule Special w/ Tabitha

  1. No need to get defensive, I know the abbreviation quite well. I’ve been to Washington. I was at the White House when they were preparing the stage for Trumps inauguration.

    For a moment there, I was thinking you meant the ben-wa beads. That would have been quite jew degenerate. You might want to think of changing your nick name.


  2. Did I hear Shaun say “bleep?”

    Never heard of such an abbreviation for that location.

    Sunshine of your love music. Think I just had a sixties flash-back. Kidding, never had one. LOL

    Think I’ll have to call in more and ruin shows with my hick voice. Not exactly radio friendly, appealing.
    (I’ll pay to keep the phone lines open. No use throwing the baby out with the bathwater.) lol God damned trolls.

    Fear is palpable and rampant out here in la la land. Whites afraid to talk it up online or off. Veterans are very fearful of speaking up, advocating for themselves, taking stands against the evil doers or over lousy veteran health care. Even though their networks of retaliations and life ruining are all encompassing (I know very well), why fear the scum and allow them to silence us totally? Little do they know there is no hiding or safe spaces from the evil doers or modern technology or from ease dropping scum bags and gubbermint scum-bag tyrants. So go for it and use what little freedoms we have left. What’s there to lose? What are they all gonna do? Eat me or other “thought criminals?” I got a “Long-pig” recipe for them too then. The freaks!

    Great show and info as usual. Puuurrfect topics.

    Weight watchers. LOL I got ashes in me beer.

    Did ya know the times of Solstice are the only times of year you can stand chicken eggs up-right on their end??? And they stay there. No I am not eating shrooms. I may be a shaman and empathic. Long lost decedent from Thor. I am called Sore. lol I tried to boogie woogie.

    Helped pass the time of day. TY Tabs and Shaun.

    Ducking… ducking… happy kwanza. LOL Oy vey!!!


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