2019-12-11 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk & Karin

On Wednesday 11th December, 2019 at 1900 CT Schalk and Karin discuss recent events in South Africa (loadshedding and the Harry Knoesen affair).  In the 2nd hour we are joined by Jeff Rense.  The discussion will cover loss of our freedoms, world wide, chipping of citizens, 5G and artificial intelligence.





One thought on “2019-12-11 Edition of RFSA w/ Schalk & Karin

  1. Missed Friday’s show dammit.

    Been trying to spread this show around but not going too well. Tell ya this. There are scum here in America wanting donations for SA but refuse to tell some truth about SA or discuss matters mentioned in this show especially about Trump or DC not having any way to help stop the censoring to not being able to help those in SA. BS. Trump and Congress could do plenty and Constitutionally and by human rights laws. Yes, they are alternative news sites and some with tight connections with SA or from there living in the states. Like large alt news sites from Austin Texas of all places and probably well known to Karin and others. But if you bring that up to those site owners it turns into a defend Trump and Israel at all costs side stepping the issues at hand or what is going on in SA. More BS. Seems Trumpster can not be separated from Israel over any issue. Then the Evangelicals and activist pour out of the woodwork to defend the DC Zios and King of Israel Trump. Then to Israel not having anything to do with Africa? Cough, blood diamonds, etc.

    This is just a cautionary note to those in SA and Karin trying to expose matters and get attention here in America. They may be, are, dealing with two-faced Christian Zionist assholes putting up a facade of caring. If not then why are they so afraid or refuse to put this info in with their programing? Oh, it may make Trump the Zionist king look bad. Then attack or ridicule me over SA issues?? WTF!

    I pull up to some idiots taking donations for Jews in Israel and Russia claiming they are starving and can;t get supplies for their stinking holidays. Also another table for toy collections for local kiddies, the illegals and refugees. I asked those smiling activist and Christians about some donations for white people in SA or maybe for those in the Gaza Strip even to look PC. Oh no, smiles disappeared. White people there asked for their problems and stole land from the “indigenous tribes.” Them getting murdered and raped is just “propaganda” or it would be on the news. Etc. They aren’t going to help those “Philistines” in Gaza either. Philistines? Israel is giving them all they need and want plus living well? Short statements like that made me drive off before I puked. Hope they enjoyed the signs on my vehicle the international commie scum.


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